No creo que esto sea normal. Youe gon na encontrar la tienda en algún lugar. Creo que encontraron esto en la parte de atrás en algún lugar.. El control remoto requiere cuatro baterías dobles, no incluido encantador y encantador agotamiento, drifter contenedor de agua contenedor de agua coche requiere 6a baterías incluidas para el intento de reemplazar antes de usar sí. Pruébame, Creo, theres a dude in there all right. Bien, Aparentemente, the six double as are no good, because theyre a try me feature whatever dude thats a lot of damn batteries, eso es una locura, Loco, double as wheres the rechargeable six double as thats two 18650s. Dios. What is up with these people? Theyre, stupid double as okay, so the other side open up, gingerly open the torn box me: oh bien, ow that thank hurt: Bien, Bien, heres the instructions unscrew and pull down awesome 77. The remote does not look like something that is yummy to use water container. These are just snapping, so we have a water container um all right, so our remote switch just plugs in okay. Gracias. What is this ooh girl all right, this area, or something apparently its not that much fun all right. Bien, lets put some water in there and we need to get this screwed up. Jesus tight enough. Damn holy crap. You got ta love things like this jesus christ holy christ that does not come off easily, all right going here, obviously pit crew. What i understand is: why is this got a spot like this and not those new unusable ones? Sabes, and all you most of what you do is you dont pour much gas, but you certainly spill a lot number three.

No. Bien, what the point of that plastic crap is. Let me know why you use the screw, because this thing just snaps in place it snaps in place with these buttons, why you need a screw stupid. Is your light? Oh that lights up? Oh, i say that is on interesting. The zero is on okay um. I think the thing going on here is the water cant displace air. In the thing, so it doesnt pour out. Tienes ta, squeeze it yeah. You cant pour if you dont let air in its called physics: ciencia, Bien, Hay. The end button lets see what happens its interesting. The weird rear wheels are: what turns demo? Okay need. Uh, i need more room. I need more room man.