Ahora, most the time when you’re getting into rc racing, a lot of people are going to buy new. personalmente, i don’t i buy a lot of used stuff off facebook, marketplace, ebay and so forth. So the biggest thing with that is there’s a couple things you really want to look for when you’re buying an rc car, first and foremost when you’re buying an rc car. Look the pitchers over really closely make sure it’s what you need or want say, if you’re trying to go race off road, you want to get in a 10 Escala. Buggy. If you see a traxxas slash for sale, es, not what you need for that class or say you’re looking for an electric vehicle for a class, and you see one for sale, Es decir, Nitro, obviously it’s common sense, but a lot of people get confused when they’re. Looking at stuff so that’s the first thing to look for. Segundo, once you have found a vehicle that you need for your class and that you like the looks of and look okay in pictures when you first get the car home, usually they’re not going to have electronics, so we’ll talk about that different video different time. First thing you want to look for when buying a used. Rc vehicle is transmission. This is the most mechanical part of an rc car. Without electronics it has gears in it could have anywhere between one five years so forth. You always want to check your transmission and your differential first.

What i like to do when i get a new rc car is i’ll, take it out just like, so this is a b6 with an s with a b61 transmission in it. It’S got a ball diff in it. Uh no it’s got a gear diff in it. Sorry what i’ll always first do is i’ll grab the rear and just roll it nice and slow and easy make sure. There’S no hiccups in it make sure it’s spinning and can hear the gears. Girando, como se puede ver aquí, it’s turning the spur gear, everything is spinning appropriately and there’s. No hitch hiccups in it it’s always really good to do. Primero. Second thing i like to do is come right over here to the right, Trasero, grab it and spin. Usualmente, when you do this, you’ll have both tires, will sometimes spin when it’s hooked up and when the gear is not hooked up, which i will detach the pinion gear. Real quick to give you a demonstration with no gearing attached to it whatsoever. When you turn one wheel, the other wheel should spin reverse when it’s a ball when it’s a ball, diff they’ll spin together when it’s geared. If this is bald, if it is, i forgot when it’s a ball diff, both gear both tires should spin together, nice and freely. Nothing is messed up. This one needs cleaned, which is why you hear kind of the grinding noise, pero en general, this transmission is fine to show what a gear diff will look like.

This is an sc61 with a sc modified carbon fiber chassis um. But when you grab on to one wheel and the other with your opinion gear attached, you turn one wheel one way and the other wheel should spin the other way. This means that all your gears, inside of the differential, are working correctly, Hay, nothing broken inside and basically, everything is working, fine and once again grabbing both wheels. Everything spins nice there’s, no hiccups inside the transmission everything’s great. Those are the first things that i always look for when i’m buying a used rc car, and i get it to my place before i even touch outside with it, because it’s always really frustrating you buy a used car, throw electronics and it won’t play, and then All of a sudden stuff, isn’t workingand i have an example of that right here under my desk. This here is a traxxas slash which one of my good friends wants to get into rc racing purchased. He purchased it used from a guy that raced at the track. We’Re gon na be racing at the guys that it hadn’t been driven or worked with in a couple of years. When i first got it, i knew something was wrong with it to begin with, just because the diff was moving around a lot. When i first checkedand i told themi don’t know how long it’s going to last played with about 10 minutes outside and Music.

Como pueden ver, we have some issues we don’t have any spinning going on with the other tire and it randomly will stop spinning at the spur gear. So this transmission has problems as an example and you grab onto it and it’s it’s, Mal. So just be careful when you’re buying rc cars, you don’t know what the if you don’t know the person that you’re buying it from yeah. You want to make sure that everything is working correctly inside so, Como dije, it’s just a quick video.