I’Ve been wanting to do this for a while now and i finally got around to building these wheels and getting the paint job and the body done and just i don’t know just making a cool looking vehicle and that’s. What i want to do with this. So the body i got in the mail a few weeks ago right here, got it nice and green got the race line. This is the baja designs sticker kit on this one. I got the race line sticker kit. This usually would go in the white body of the super rock ray and i’ve been wanting to do a lime, green body. For this thing for a while, and it came out absolutely beautiful as kevin would say. Absolutely epic – y creo que, es, going to look great on this thing plus to go with that are these badass saw blade, wheels dual blades right here, eight blades, all together, He, been wanting to build these for a while. Ever since i did the x max video back in the summer time so now, we’re gon na put the dual blades on here. Get this thing get the body on it. Get this thing, looking sharp giggity so get this thing down to the lake on the ice. Dave is going to wait for us down there. He just got his ice rink cleared off. We have a lot of snow on the ice, so it’s not open, like it used to be it’s, pretty much just a snow field.

Ahora – y ya sabes, there’s some ice rinks cleared out here and there so we’re going gon na get this thing all spiffed up, get it sharp and shiny. Looking and it’s just gon na be awesome guys. I think it’s gon na be a nasty ripper Music. So let’s get the blades on this thing. Get this thing Music. Are you seeing this thing right now? It is unbelievably awesome, so let’s get the batteries in it and we’re gon na head down to the lake dave, hey mikey good, to see you, you made it thanks for getting your ice rink cleared off no problem. Brother looks good, yeah walk down. Ámalo un vistazo: it’s windy here a little bit windy a little bit chilly a lot more windy than my house how’s your day, good good! So far got it built it’s together, nice it’s, hermoso. I got some gasoline: oh dude, Vaya, oh no, stand in front of that thing: eh she’s a beauty isn’t. She that is cool nice paint, job that’s, pretty wild, looking mikey. So this is the first time i’ve actually driven it guys. So i’m excited dave’s. Excited i’m excited look at this spare tire. Vaya, Oh, she sounds like it. It might hurt if it hit you yeah, Tú no, want that thing hitting you i’m, so excited about it. Oh good thing you got dooley’s on. I thought it was a wheel. Oh, es, just a spare.

Ah fooled us, we lost a spare it’s. All right still got one that’s. I thought the wheel fell apart no way these dualies are certainly helping with the traction that’s for sure it’s. Definitely doing a lot better it’s compared to the one blade is definitely more agile, Uh. Keep it going, keep it going, keep it going. Tengo ta, say it’s a little bit scary. It is you don’t want to get too close to it. It’S beautiful from afar Music slo mo Music Applause, Música. Bien, what happened like i broke: a drive, pin uh the hub’s still in there there’s a pin that goes through your axle shaft. That goes through your hub and holds your hub on. If you give me 10 Minutos, i’ll run home and fix it right on. You got time, get her fixed all right: Bien, mikey! You made the necessary fix yeah, i got the wheel back on there. I tried filming the fix guys. The problem was my cameras. Were so cold when i took them down in the workshop that just kept steaming up and fogging up on the lens, so i just didn’t worry about it. So what i did i lost that drive pin, so i went home cut a piece of allen, wrench or allen. Key put it in the hub and uh. It works just fine and she’s back ready to go to business and since that one broke like that i’m sure, maybe another one will break within filming here.

But you know what let’s not worry about it. Let’S have some fun: Bien, it is vicious Music, Música uh. I can’t believe it goes through all that snow like i know, Es una locura. What do you think mikey? I think we’re gon na call it a day right there dave yeah before we wreck anything else, Sí, having a hard time guys with the uh running through that deep snow or just packing so much snow down in there, and it just keeps turning into ice. You know the little arms in there that run your steering, rack and everything they’re just getting packed solid. I can’t steer it to the one way mikey. I think you did a great job on those uh on those dualies. He certainly put enough work into it anyway. Give us a thumbs up. Tell your friends if you want to see some more videos doing some different things, guys throw some ideas. We got the ice for a while still so, if you have some ideas, what you want to see with the saw blades, let me know in the comments below sweet so sure, like subscribe, we’ll catch in the next video yeah, i got the hockey rink cleared off. Do you play hockey yeah? Bien, Estoy, Canadiense, you have to oh cats, some countries they send you to join the army for a few years in canada. They make you play hockey it’s in the criteria. Sí, would you say there’s about two feet of ice here now at least yeah? Venga, sí, you could drive your monster truck on this.

Venga, sí, maybe one year that was pretty good that’s it you just stuck in the car stuff. He hooks and goes getting the thumbnail there mikey trying to it’s hard to get your lighting and not be in the shadow yeah. We got some good shots in there. Creo.