This is doug body projects here, with an unboxing of a 1 12 scale from banggood to xlf 03a let’s get to it. Here we have the manual you’ll notice that it says brave the box behind. It says the knight the reason. Estoy, bringing this up is that there’s different variations to this rc truck, depending on which version you buy some of the parts, are not interchangeable to include some of the mechanical parts and body parts. So i just want you to be aware of that and just make sure you do your research, some of the tools that you receive in your tool: bag, es, a small phillips screwdriver, a t wrench to remove your tires and a set of body clips. Just in case you lose them. What i thought was unique is that they give you a light housing bar to install top of your truck. Sin embargo, they do not give you any led lights, so that has to be an additional purchase. The power adapter that i received with my purchase was a european plug, maybe that’s my fault. I live in america. Possibly i just missed that drop down menu. The single battery that’s included with the rc truck is a 7.4 1500 milliamp t style, connector battery it’s a good size it’s, not too thick, and it fits the battery trailer pretty well. Moving on to the clear transmitter to this rc truck first impressions, it looks cheap. It kind of feels cheap, but it does have the power on and off switch on the right hand, side and it does have the left and right trim.

So the trim knobs on the right hand side too, and it does work pretty well. The steering knob does have a foam outer insert so that’s, actually nice kudos. Para eso, Sin embargo, the forward and reverse trigger actuation is not the best, but you get what you paid for let’s go ahead and pick up this truck and take a closer look at this thing. One of the first things that you’ll notice in the front is the fog light housings. They do accept, led lights, but they’re an extra purchase to the vehicle. The shocks are friction shocks, but they do accept oil. From my experience they do leak. What’S nice, Aunque, that the front wheel hubs are metal. Sin embargo, the rear wheel hubs are plastic, so just one thing to be aware of the friction shocks they may do well on flat surfaces, we’ll see how it does in terrain. When i do the testing moving on to the side here, looking at the side profile, i do like the body style like the arches. It reminds me of a toyota. I do like the rack that’s going off in the rear end and you’ll notice that the wheel hubs, como mencioné anteriormente, are plastic instead of metal like the front side, here’s another shot of the body, as you could tell to me, at least it looks like A toyota like there were some toyota stickers on there and you got yourself like a rc toyota truck let’s.

Adelante. Take the body out first impressions. The first thing i noticed is that this thing is laid out pretty well very minimalist. Yo, like that there’s potential for upgrades it does come with metal gears, the brushless motor, at least on the box. Este es un 2838, but i did a little more research and find out this motor is actually a 4847 Tamaño. Motor. The ecu that’s included is a 30 amp ecu and the steering server has metal gears i’m going to show you, the body tray there from what i hear, it’s it’s very similar to other brand style battery trays. It works really well. The battery that’s included fits perfectly in this battery tray compartment. So i don’t see any issues going over rough terrain. Let’S take a closer look at the shocks. They do look good on the vehicle itself, it’s made of a hybrid material, plastic and metal. It does not come with oil, so you have to add oil to it, but for my experience they leak so that’s. Something to be aware of. I do like the tires that come with this vehicle. I do like the tread pattern. Yo, like the wording on the side walls i like the gunmetal rims that come with it it’s nice that they pre glued it and does come with foam inserts i’m, no estoy muy seguro, Creo, just the combination of the tripod and the gunmetal. I really like the combination going on here.

I want to get some close up shots. This rear rack, that’s pre installed onto the body itself. There are mounting points for the light bar system and the body itself actually has a hole in it. So you can route the wiring system down to your electronics, so overall, first impressions pros body, Estilo, Estoy, really digging the body it’s, what drew me to purchase vehicle in the first place. I also like that for around 100 i’m getting a brushless system i’m liking. The tire rim combination that comes with this vehicle i’m also liking the layout of the electronics and how it actually locks in place the battery. I also like that it includes metal gears. I also like that the servo’s metal, which is kind of nice, No, have any too many cons of this vehicle at the moment. A couple of things is the transmitter not really digging the blanc style of the transmitter i’m, Además, not too optimistic about how well the shocks will do in rough terrain other than that i’m. Pretty excited to do more testing in this vehicle and kind of report to you guys my overall thoughts.