Lo conseguí de aliexpress. Se trataba de 400 libras y básicamente es esto es lo que es una especie de mi tipo de revisión de la enfermedad. Mostrarte el coche. Ahora este es el núcleo aquí, es un 1 8 Escala, como dije, tiene gustos de trabajo completos. You know what yeah sorry as i was saying: it comes with a full working light kit as ill just switch them on there. You get two settings on this, so its the first setting. Is you switch them on and everything just flashes like that, as you go around your front and relax switch press the switch again on the dumbbell rc remote that you get with it six channel ill. Tell you why, in a minute and then that just sets the lights continuous, you also have steering and indicators its full of proportional steering. So you can go as slow as you want as fast as you want its not the best sitting down like that, but im sure you get the idea its pretty quick um, the other two. The other thing you get with this is lockable disks and two speed. Um, your two speed is on your third channel there, so you press that i dont know if you can hear it thats the gearbox changing from first to second, so youve got a crawl speed and then a fairly bit of a quicker speed and then the two On top are for your locking front diffs, so yeah put it down and you press, i dont see the light, comes on and theres a little squawk of bloody servo in the background press, the other one i dont know if you can hear that, but the lift Dips a lot im, not gon na make it go off because, como se puede ver, this is my table for now, pero de todos modos, this is like, He dicho, just a basic sort of quick review.

Video of this car, its a yikon 4082, and it is off just show you the inside very quickly. Oh actually, i might be able to show you the thats. The transmission so ill show you that working there, you go high, Velocidad, low speed and then your diff servos are here and here front and back so front, Oh, No, that ones the rear and that ones your front now, theyre both locked Music and theres. The same kit that i put in there you go, Pero, como se puede ver, it comes with all fenders, oh as well yeah. It hinges the shell hinges, como se puede ver, and then its got. It sticks down with two magnets at the front here, which you can see there and there and then to hold it down when youre on the trail, this screws into a little pin just through there and into the top of the shelf. Just there express just another quick thing: the car does have a sewing kit now Music, i dont know if you can hear that. Bien, it doesnt come with the same kit. I fitted the sound kit once it has arrived, so i dont want to mislead anybody. Pensamiento, Es decir, what that it comes with at 7k, because it doesnt either that afterwards Music, Music fresh morning Music rough again, i dropped the phone. Bien, i didnt drop it. I did something lets just stop the recording and then i dropped it so, Música, Aquí, Música, 100.

. Música, the grass oh stole it again, Music point this way: Música, Adiós, hes got up here all right, en, im impressed but its over measuring for us and then look at this. Venga, sí, what a beautiful day to be training, boys and girls: Venga, sí, Música, así que la música, so its beautiful up here, you know what im mostly impressed with this yikong 4082 en, loving it this isnt a review. This is just a me, trailing video that i keep cocking up, not keeping on everything but ill show how this is out. Well see. Oh a little bit up here, ive got somewhere special to go in a minute Music. If i can find me where i think im a bit lost Music, Uh, Música, Música, así que la música, Música – oh thoseare all Music Music, so so Music Music, me dont, think were gon na not put a little bit of help.