Man, yee sky. I can tell you you have a winner right here and look at this e sky. I am a very, very long fan of your helicopters. I mean its over a decade. I used to make videos of e sky helicopters. You know honey bee and king and those were nice helicopters im very, very happy that east guy is back with all new technology. Look at what a sleek sexy helicopter right here, the 300 week 2. It says on the box: leds high resistance, tough and durable canopy or shell super stable, with 6 d, o f, f, x, z, flight controller, that is all new brand brand new flight controller. They have developed for this helicopter and dual rates as well, and then look at that right. Here, 310 millimeter in length and 88 millimeter in height its a fixed pitch helicopter ready to fly in this box with everything that you need to fly. It first thing: you have a detailed user manual right here and you must be wondering what that is well. This is for you to strengthen your shell helicopter shell or, if you damage the helicopter shell, you can repair with this. So first lets take out some little little things im very, very happy that i got three batteries right here. Thank you very much esky for sending three batteries. These are 320 milliamp, 2s 7.4 volt batteries, okay, and then we have a battery charger right here. Usb based battery charger, which gives a one amp output, so battery should charge faster compared to the older slower chargers.

Then we have extra blades tools and yeah. Thank you very much. They also sent me gassner, aa size batteries, four of them and we have a tail propeller and behold the main beauty coming out right here. I wish i could play the airwolf sound. It does look like airwolf in a sense with the color scheme, but look at that. What a thin an aerodynamic profile looks really like a shark in the air right. Okay, they also have like shark kind of fins right here so were gon na. Take a closer look at it and i can tell you its a little heavy, its not like that lightweight helicopter. It does have some quality components in there. I would say down here we have the mini e sky, new radio controller nice. I would say i like it its small and fits in my hands like its designed for my hands. You know so we have throttle rudder forward backward left right mode, two on off switch, trimmers, okay and motor arm and disarm switch and dual rate switch. Very simple radio, nothing very complex about it now now this is a beauty man right here i am really excited and very, very happy to see the east sky is really developing, something something really new and fresh right here. Okay, so we have. This is a fly bar, less fixed pitch helicopter, and what you want to notice is a brand new design right here, which is very, very new.

You can see like a complete system right here. These connecting rods are coming through inside this swatch plate piece and the main blade holders they are all like integrated in one design looks like a very realistic thing right here. Okay, then we have a switch around right here and once you turn it on, it will always uh initialize its gyro. Look at that man. I am really getting excited and there is no landing gear. Just have these fins on which the helicopter sits really nice and they said the canopy is also very, very durable, but still, if you break it, which you know because its a two piece canopy coming from left and right, might want to install those canopy repair tapes. Earlier so that you dont cause much damage and back here we have a tail motor, okay, tail motor, driven, uh, three blade propeller and a little bit of uh. You know metal strip or metal, pin to hold the tail from hitting to keep the tail from hitting the ground right here now, how do you install the battery well down here you have a battery compartment which you can open by unscrewing this one okay, one moment Give me a moment it should open – and this opens down just like that – look at that how beautiful they did design it really nice this time. So it does open all the way down here and they said it will open 90 degrees.

But i dont want to push it too much inside. You can see right here. The mechanism motor is right here, i believe, but the battery connector is right here. You will install the battery here and put the battery uh balance plug down here. So it will not. You know hang around inside again a very nice considerate design here, okay and after that, once you strap the battery, you close it and you know, tighten this little screw here and you are good to go beautiful isnt it. I mean really look at this sleek sexy design right here. Okay, so i dont want to talk more. I have shown you radio as well. Okay and other accessories lets start uh charging the batteries and once the batteries are charged, lets give it a flight right. Over now i can tell you this helicopter is probably not designed for this match wins but again im willing to try it im the motor using this switch and youre good to fly here is your dual rates and trimmers. If helicopter going around see lets see how it goes and how stable it is, so once you arm, the motor will start spinning the main rotor at very low idle speed, and then you can, you know, take off by giving it more throttle. Wow look at that. Its actually handling these wins man. Look at that nice. I didnt expect it to handle. These winds looks like a shark flying shark in the air kind of like air wolf.

You know winds are pushing, but look at that. It has enough angle of attack and because of that sleek aerodynamic canopy its actually cutting through slicing through the wind without any issues and going forward at very good speeds, actually picking up good speeds as well, really nice and stable. I can tell you look at that: hands free huh, and this is outdoors because winds are pushing it but indoors. If you set the trims its going to be very, very stable, look at that completely hands free. All you need to do is control the throttle and im really happy. The e sky did not put altitude hold in it because we all need to learn throttle control when it comes to flying helicopters and having to have this helicopter, which can actually handle this much wind man. Look at that a lot of wind coming now having to have a helicopter, beginner friendly helicopter that can handle this much winds outside and its still, this much stable beginners are going to simply love it. I mean you can learn to fly with it and you can enjoy flying it indoors and outdoors without having to wait for good weather. You know no winds, unlike any other helicopters, which actually requires no winds. Outdoors man. This is actually handling much more wind than i expected so youre gon na have a lot of fun outside man. Controls are really nice. I mean now im flying at high duel rates, because im outdoors and winds are a bit higher, but the still controls are really superb.

I have no problem controlling it in these winds and when i want to hover, i can let it tower any way i want just need to control it, given that all those wins nice and quiet man – very nice helicopter. I can tell you that look at that controls are really nice and gyro is absolutely solid here. So im just gon na put it against the wind, the gyro, like the tail perpendicular to the wind and see how the gyro is behaving without touching the rudder. Okay, now im just controlling the throttle and roll, as you can see, and tail is still in that direction. So is really nice and solid. One moment, let me put put it to one more test. I will put the tail against the wind and see how the gyro holds it there. Okay, now, the tail is against the wind one moment. Let me control it its a fixed pitch helicopter, so you have to have a lot of throttle control here. Fine throttle control. I look at im, not touching the rudder and its its actually not turning around so the gyro hold, as you can see, is really nice and solid. See this much wind coming slapping it up and down, but still the gyro is nice solid, very solid hole. Man, yi sky – i can tell you you have a winner right here. If this beginner helicopter fixed pitch helicopter can fly in this much winds, i can only imagine how much fun i will have indoors.

You know i can only imagine how much fun i can have indoors and how stable it will be indoors. Oh, i hear thunder people so rain storm is approaching also its giving a lot of flight time on that 2s battery thats, a small 2s battery and its still flying look at that giving a lot of flight time love it. Man look at that. I can tell you, i am an aerial helicopter fan and this has kind of air wolf, shape and kind of sharky sharky body im very happy im very happy. They went with this nice sleek design, because this really helps this really helps in the winds. You know. Look, i can go against the wind just push a little forward and i can go against the wind so lets do this way. I will turn off the uh turn down the dual rates okay hold on. Let me bring it closer to myself, okay, so dual rates off or lower dual rates, and i want to say if i can still fight the winds or not a lot of wind coming as you can see, you can probably hear it as well, but its still Look just a little push forward and i can still go against the wind even at low duel rates, and really look at that. This much wind and tail is in the wind, but i dont have to do anything on the yaw. It just holds its tail there very solid tail, gyro man and absolutely very, very stable.

Look at that hands. Free im, just controlling the throttle and winds are pushing it back, but this is really very stable. Helicopter look once the wind comes down. It is really very stable man. I can control it very very well. I can tell you that, oh my big horn, im really sorry. We crashed that you can watch the video on my channel as well im still flying, because i want to see how long the battery actually holds it in the air, and i absolutely love the controls and against this much wind im still flying it on low duel Rates, i can still go against the wind. This is absolutely awesome. Okay, now my throttle is gone, so i had to land it because battery is dying and all you need to do is quickly disarm and then disarm. So i just swapped the battery, because i want to show you a good landing again. The same winds are still on same levels. As you can see, helicopter really performs well man. I love it. Oh yay theres a thunderstorm coming today so comes more wind. Pushes the helicopter back and now i have to give myself a challenge to land it properly come on helicopter. You can do it and there we go successful, landing disarm. Thank you very much. You sky, for releasing this next video stay tuned for indoor flights. Come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it.

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