, so we figured this was a good time to do a review. We will talk about durability performance. How well it does tricks in the air how fast it is, how fast it accelerates and how easy it is to drive this little dirt spot is just from where i had the sticky stuff for uh for an onboard fpv camera. Well, show you a few clips of it running. We have put quite a few miles on this by now, so well, show you what weve learned this is maxs primary car were gon na rank this car in a few different categories. One through five five stars is really good, and one star is really bad. I do think its a pretty good looking car. They call it the destroyer, even though it is the hbx 16 890.. This is also pretty much the same car as the sg1602. I will also have a link in the description to these vehicles so that you can purchase them. If you want to, it does have a wheelie bar. It comes with the body clips that have a little plastic pull tab on them. The pull tabs definitely make it easier to remove them, but it also makes it easier for them to come out during crashes. We have lost all of them, so we just put regular body clips on the layout is really simple inside. Obviously you have your motor, your esc. The power button is here on the side, its push and hold Music it beeps, and then you turn on the remote and it beeps again and its ready.

It is four wheel drive. They do make a brushed version. This one is brushless im going to show you whats broken on this. This is the battery. It comes with its actually a lithium ion its not a lipo, but it will take a lipo, its just a very small battery case. This is really about as big of a battery as itll. Take the 2s lipo didnt seem to give it that much more power. This is its still 7.4 volts, barely bigger than my thumb, its, not a very large motor, but for the size of the car. It does have a pretty good amount of power. Yes, because its pretty fast yeah and it has a different remote ive – been pretty satisfied with the remote it has. It has your steering, trim, steering rate and speed. You can turn it down for um younger children. If you want and theres the steering servo its mounted with three screws and a plastic bracket, everything is plastic on this car. The axles, of course, all the arms, the knuckles, the rear axles, are the axles themselves. The dog bones are metal, but the outdrive cups and the wheel cups are plastic with. That being said, none of those have broken on this before, but they do make metal upgrades plus we do send this off. Some pretty good jumps, sometimes and performance. Wise acceleration is pretty good. Top speed is not bad. We have not done a speed test on it, but i i think it probably is somewhere between 17 and 20 miles per hour, the rear tires, even though it is four wheel drive.

The rear tires are wearing out quite a bit quicker than the fronts he does like doing a lot of donuts with it on the concrete on the dirt and the other reason the rears are wearing out is because it does do wheelies. This thing will pull a wheelie so performance as far as driving pretty happy with um. What i dont like is the suspension. The shocks are absolutely terrible on this thing. The shocks seem to absorb pretty much no impact, so it just bounces its hard to land. Now, with that being said, none of the shocks have ever actually bent they just dont work. Well, this does much better if you jump it onto concrete, because its so lightweight that if you jump it in the grass, the grass stops it so fast and a lot of times it just flips forward, and sometimes it does front flips and not does whack flip. I mean thats correct. It is really hard to do backflips. I dont think ive gotten this to do a single backflip, except for hitting it up against the wall or the back of a ramp. I have, however, gotten it to do a front flip, but its its difficult, even with the even with the high ramp. I cant get a good front flip out of it as far as durability goes it handles these jumps great honestly, nothing has physically broken, except for the wing and the front of this battery case.

This small plastic wall on the battery case is loose. The only problem with that is when you go to tighten the strap. It pulls on that because thats what the strap is attached to ever since that plastic battery tray piece broke, the battery does plop out easier after landing or not landing. Some jumps nothings actually broken on the steering. A uh small, tiny little screw came out its small components, but yes that piece you see moving up here is supposed to have a screw in it. Its an odd screw, its not really a standard one, but i am looking for a metal upgrade for that piece. Im not sure if its out there they do have upgraded shocks for these ive heard that they help. So that will be something that we that we do in the future. You can see here its got its seen, a lot of crashes and a lot of scratches and this little screw is bent up pretty bad, but nothing else is broken besides that wing and that battery box, maybe duct tape Music. I would tell you how easy or hard it is to work on, but, like i said, weve really never broken anything on it, but everything is just is very basic should be very easy to work on its all phillips head screws. Suspension performance is uh, a two and thats being generous thats. The biggest problem with the car is the suspension 100 biggest problem that little screw that little screw.

That came out the problem too ive tightened it up several times, and but if you tighten it too much, it binds the steering. You have to keep it a little bit loose. So definitely a bad design. In my opinion, driving performance would be better if the suspension were better its pretty easy to control, except for just under hard acceleration. So i think im going to give it a 4, especially because with better shocks i do think it would be easier to control. As far as taking off and landing jumps so im going to give it a 4 on the on the driving performance. My overall conclusion is that its a fun car to drive its a really good one to learn on, especially for kids, because if he accidentally runs it into somebody, it doesnt really hurt because it is very lightweight ill. Do a quick size comparison for you. This is a fun car theres things on it that could be improved, mainly the suspension and the steering linkage. The wheelie bar works really well it. It is relatively easy to control, except for when taking off at full throttle. There will be a link to this car in the description below if you are interested in purchasing it. I would be curious to know what you thought of this review, also, if theres a specific car that you would like us to review in the future. Put it down in the comments, let us know, and we will try to get to that.

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