It is an Excalibur model. Rs.150 EDP, plus this model just hit. So this came out. You know this month. Late in 2013, so this is gon na, be their model going forward from the end of this year, of course, through 2014. So the next model comes out now. This model here is a really good piece and I’ll. Tell you why I think it’s a really good piece number one. This is for the guy who wants to no nonsense. He doesn’t want to know about a whole lot of fancy. He just wants to get a remote site in his car, something that’s gon na work. Reliable that he can see and hear is working and can do expandability in the future. Should he choose it to do so. This system covers all those bases. Now this system very cool number one look at the module nice, how small compact this is. I mean this thing is half the size of my hand, very. What a joy to install I mean, especially from how these things used to be since used to be huge monsters with gigantic relays. Everything now is so miniaturized. There is no external relay satellite system or D stuff, just very nice, straightforward right, there’s, a 6 pin harness for your power ground admission start accessory outputs. All that crap. All in here is all your regular standard stuff for horn honk light flash tach input ground. You know all the regular stuff supply ground pin switch grounding type.

They also give you a hyper blue LED, which is really cool, because this can show you the diagnostic features of the system. Should you have any trouble, so you want to know, recall information on the system here, nice, one clean main harness for all your primary secondary connections, which I was showing is a smaller harness located to the side of the primary ignition and power harness now on the Side, the green plug – this is something worth talking about that four pin plug is used for expansion such as with this. This one here is it’ll make a car link. This is actually the new model just came out the car link with the plus it GPS that offers vehicle tracking and geofencing, which is really cool. Now this one here, if you were to just use that with a smartphone app, you could use this to trigger this unit to start your vehicle with one of the supply, two outputs. Should you want to use it if you don’t want to use it it’s, okay, but down the road just know in advance that you can get the car link it’s very cool nice full feature. Definitely worth me telling you about so I’m doing what I’m supposed to do over here. Nothing, really exciting. Just a programming valley switch! This is your primary harness again all quad! You can see Omega, never jinx out. They never gave it that shitty wire, like some of these other manufacturers, they’re doing these days, always good stuff, this stuff that I come to expect from this this company that’s.

Why? I talk about a mess? Why I waste my time reviewing them, because I actually like them I’m, like you, know some other companies like, I see, certainly a lot less about now. How do we use this thing? What are our choices? What can this thing do? Let me tell you real quick right here: I got a Ford factory key. This is probably from one of their little SUVs and one of them kind of deals and on there you got you lock your unlock, your horn and you have your trunk release. So with this Ford, I happen to know, for instance, and you might have the same kind of problem when you want to start your vehicle. You say well how how I use this factory key, which has all the channels already devoted to a function, to trigger an external module such as this very straightforward. This system will allow you to take anywhere from one to multiple per pulses to trigger it. So, for instance, you can hit lock lock and that would be enough to trigger the system to come on or you could do unlock unlock, which I wouldn’t suggest. But, however, you could because this one has an auto relock feature. So in some cars, when you hit lock lock on the first lock, it’ll, just blink the lights and on the second one it’ll might give you one of those really loud, annoying conks and drive you and your neighbors insane now there’s two ways you can go around It you can go lock, unlock lock instead of for three pulses or you can do unlock unlock ins and have this thing do a factory reimpose after the car starts? If you want to go that route, whatever you want to do, but that’s how this thing works, of course, you could trigger it with something like this.

As I mentioned very small, these things are very forgiving to learn how the car runs. They work really awesome on voltage sensing tax sensing way better than it than he ever did so that’s cool. As far as some of the features I’ll go through that super quick, you could program this thing to remote start anywhere from five to twenty minutes, it’s programmable. Any setting from five ten fifteen twenty minutes remote start light output, confirmation you can make it steady or flash. It has a horn, honk volume output. So that way, when it remote starts, it will not only visually show you that the vehicle is running by flashing the lights in the vehicle, but it’ll also do a horn honk to let you know audibly that what’s going on this has ignition locks for the when The key is on in offices just a car. The carjacking feature unlock with trunk release, which is useless, but most are activation. Like I was Tonya, you can do anywhere from one through four presses. You can program the pink white which is ignition to to do accessory. Second slaughter or ignition right in the module without doing any extra wiring any extra relays and inertia parts. None of that just does it. It’S got tack, high and low input settings standard text setting and you could also do just both are sensing which is cool. So if you lazy, if you can’t, find a good tack, you got that too.

You got plenty of outputs for bypass modules, plug them right in you could adjust your crank time door, lock. Outputs it’s got a remote start, lock control, so you can do like the lock out to start like I was telling you it has a built in turbo timer. So if you have a turbo type of vehicle, you got that data port protocol, which is bright, pin built right in there. So, if you’re doing a no mega or a night data link type of bypass plugs right in there. What a joy and also this feature has a voltage feature so that way, if your car actually hits a freezing temperature for too long too much of a length of a time, you can actually program it through the supplied buttons that’s in the kit and it’ll start And actually defrost itself by itself without any use from you, and this supports, I data like to way as well as you could hardwire the bypass gets so hey. What else can you ask for great price lots of expandability does the job. I love it. So if you’re, looking for a good remote start and on to the factory or whatever is the case check it out, this is my review of the rs.