It is a kit, so we get to build this thing now. One thing that i’ve been confused about is built for a 540, but guys have said that, yes, a 550 will fit some guys will say no, it won’t so i’m gon na see. If i can fit a hobby wing, fusion 1800 kv in it. If i can fit that motor in it, well guess what any 550 can fit. I’Ve been told you got to do some trimming. So while i build this we’re gon na see, if that fits, take, a look got. Ta tell you. This is the most i’ve ever spent for a kit. Ah, so i did get the black version, so the axles will be black i’m. Not planning to beat on this, so we’ll just have to see how it works out as a class. One i’ve had a lot of vanquish parts, but i’ve never had a vanquish vehicle. So this is the first oh i’m. Opening it upside down. Hang on! Oh look. We got neat things all right, so there we go um interior, which we will be required to have an interior for class one this year. Um these axles are nice, aluminum huh, all right, um tires appear to be already mounted neat and here’s the body um. So far, i have not been impressed with this body. Uh, maybe i’ll like it more now that i have one and here’s all the goodies. Wow okay shops are already put together: that’s nice that’s that that’s gon na make this thing quick.

Let me see oh geez. This feels like 12 pounds must be the links i was about to guess: transmission there’s, the transmission. All right does have an overdrive. Now i will tell you this right here. Is the belly uh my buddy mike place? He loves these things and this right here the way this skid is set up to protect the motor really works out great man. You can hit a rock up here and just slide all the way down now it’s got some bolts, fake bolts right. There probably cut those off just to make things slide a little bit more that’s, a transmission. I was talking about a few seconds ago and here are a bunch of bolts, ah the instructions all right now. As far as the build goes on this um, this isn’t a brand new vehicle it’s kind of old to the market, it’s been around the block a few times so basically i’m just going to go ahead and put the thing together, go ahead and get the transmission Or wherever i’ve got to go to in the steps and i’m going to show you guys what gets my attention so as far as full on detail, building and all that lots of videos out there and they do a lot better job at it than i am So i’m gon na show you guys what i find interesting. So the first step is that front axle, and i noticed this right here already look at the top piece see that it’s keyed to the knuckle.

That is awesome. I like that this piece here is nice. Very nice and yes, it will be greased along with those open, bearings and i’m pretty sure i haven’t confirmed it yet, because you know my first real vanquish here that these are regular 10 2 gears. So we can do updated, um overdrive gears if we want i’m. Just simply putting it together by the book, it has keyed threaded inserts in the sea hub. How awesome is that i got to give it to vanquish very, very nice front end. It does have that one shim under the under the drive shaft, and you want to use that because you don’t want that pinion going in and out, because it will mess up the mesh and can make it not run as smooth as it can very nice piece. Very impressive, the bottom of it looks pretty smooth in case. You happen to rock this thing out. You know you can it should slide over? I mean it’s got a few edges, i mean if i had the uh silver ones or something if i was really compete. This hard i’d probably take a file and just round that a little bit but uh very nice piece building the rear axle. There are two of these spacers. They are not anywhere in the book. I have looked in the package you find this, so basically you end up with that which keeps the hex from rubbing on the end of the shaft.

So nice little spacer goes in there back axle is done and beautiful i mean just beautiful, not sure what that’s for guys comment down below and let me know uh, maybe take it out by hand and put a few drops of oil. Maybe a needle dessert fitting to just kind of pump. This thing full, i don’t, know anyway, let me know down below so this is where i’m at right here guys. This is not a super light, not even close, but i got ta tell you guys. The plastic feels great: the chassis is plenty beefy and um impressed very impressive. I like it. There is a whole lot of transmission to put together step by step. Oh boy, i’m assembling the transmission and something looked a little bit familiar uh. This is actually a kimbra 46 tooth spur gear, so the kimbros gears will work. I mean granted i’m going to put the factory one on, but yeah um. This is an option just in case the motor i use is a little bit too slow, maybe okay, so i’ve got it bolted up with the 15 tooth pin gear that comes on it with the 1800 kv motor and the class 1 tires. That may be right on the money so we’re going for it and, as you can see, we’re also going for it with the fusion um let’s see how it fits. You know if it fits. I ships god. Yes, well guys, everybody watching this is probably laughing right about now, but yeah the fusions out there is so much.

I would have to trim off the plastic to make this go that uh. It would literally be into the bearing and just not going to work. Ah bummer, oh well, let’s try something else: the homes crawl masters pro 550 10 turn that actually barely touches, but i think with a little bit of trimming, this will actually fit let’s. Try something else. The crawmaster sport 550 pretty much the same thing with a little bit of trimming. This right here can go. This is the hobby wing axe r2 right here, the 540l ding ding ding. We have a winner. Now this is a 2800 kv. It might be a little bit much for this particular vehicle, but i’ll try it. I also have a 2100 kv and a trx4 um. I may do some swapping if this one proves to be a little bit too much, but this is the motor i’m going to go with right here inside the transfer case on both sides. You have this really nice inset piece right here keeps the gear stable, nothing’s, going to flex very nice, and here we have the transfer case, the top input gear, the one right there in the middle of the screen is 23 tooth and the rear output is 32 Tooth the front output is 30, so that’s, where they get the overdrive, now there’s a little threaded piece right there, there’s. Also in the transfer case. You can see that little bar right there that lines up into there to add more stability, um very nice transfer case guys very nice, and that is not much grease it just simply, as i spun the transmission over making sure everything was free, it just simply traveled All the way around very nice and there’s a transmission it’s, a very nice piece i do wish.

I could have fit a full 550 in this, though, without actually trimming, but this right here, as you guys, can see the gap um, the 540l motor by hobby wing fits beautifully. So that is a transmission and it is uh, certainly got some weight to it had to make a little bit of an adjustment here. I had good turn this way, but here this right here was actually hitting the head of the bolt, so i used a flat head, countersunk bolt and counter sunk the bracket. So now i have full turn both directions. Well guys here it is i’ve got things kind of zip tied down for now um. I drove this just a little bit inside and it certainly got some torque twist to it so uh something i may want to put a sway bar on the back of it. Like i’ve done on so many others uh i mean it is it’s a beautiful truck. Putting this thing together was time consuming um, but hopefully the shocks worked out. I mean they feel. Okay to me got ta, do something with that and i may add a little bit of glue to that down there a little something you know, but anyway, you guys want to see the body right. I did not go fancy on the body. I just simply uh spray bombed, it it’s, a very simple white paint and the reason that i went with a simple monotone style paint.

Look i even put the stickers in there is because it’s supposed to be a uh. You know like a class one, so they’re usually they’re, not very flashy. At least i don’t know. Maybe they should be these wheels and tires um. They leave a lot to be desired, but um for the first drive video. I will give them a try because well, i kind of need to now i kind of messed up on something most of you guys can probably tell this. I tried to do a cover up on it. Um, you can see right there and when we get to the back you’ll see, i don’t know why i didn’t pick up on this. But, oh, let me see here see the rear. Tail lights, see all the clear around them. Yeah, i put the front headlight masks on the back and the back ones. On the front. I have taken a sharpie marker and tried to doctor these up, so they don’t look too bad. Oh man, so anyway, um let’s go ahead and get this wrapped up with my little stand up routine. Well guys that was my build of the vs410 pro um first time with the full vanquish truck, as you guys should know, maybe a couple little mess ups on it a little bit here and there, but uh it’s, a very nice truck. The plastics are nice, the aluminum is nice um. I do think i’m going to need that rear sway bar i’ll just mention that, because it is a little bit on that right there but outside it, may be a different story.

What to find that out so um. I didn’t want to sticker it up too much, even though i do think i need a little bit of something in here, but uh just want to keep it kind of plain. You know not so flashy or anything like a like a class 2 pro truck or something you know just wanted to keep it simple, um these wheels and tires. I can already tell you they’re, not gon na stay on here. Um they’re, just not plus this – is gon na, be my class one competition truck. So all this has to come off anyway, so but anyway, guys um. Hopefully you like the video. Hopefully, i may have showed you a few things that you might want to know if you’re still watching so, but anyway, guys check that description. There are affiliate links, ama and ebay, amazon and horizon um use. Those links make sure you’re subscribed and thank you all for watching guys if you like what you see hit that like button hit, that subscribe button and ring that bell. So in the description, there’s a link to become a channel. Remember if you want to become a channel member it’s, a very simple two dollars: five dollars, ten dollars or if you really got some money 25 a month, it’s a simple way to support the channel so get that and i am doing monthly giveaways for members. Only so you might want to consider it so guys here’s, those links make sure you subscribe.