Now before i go into the hoodie products, this is the hudi tape. It is quite expensive, its about eight dollars for five sheets uh, but the sheets are incredibly thin, so theyre not really going to affect the weight uh of the weights that you add uh. Before this tape. I used to use this tape, so this is just a blue backing its a gray color, its a double sided tape made by gorilla, glue or sorry, not google glue gorilla gorilla like the gorilla tape makers of gorilla glue. I just cant find the roll also. I would show you the actual name of the roll, but it the backing is that light blue color its its very thin, not as thin as this. This is much much thinner, uh, but its better than the double sided uh 3m, which tends to be thicker. Although 3m will work as well 3m, you can find different thicknesses, for example this ones not that thick but again compared to this, which is thinner than paper, so consider that now uh weights. Well, i am going to be honest. You can buy something like this. These! I do not remember the cost, they were perhaps five dollars, maybe six four five six dollars so quite inexpensive and you get uh eight per strip theres a total of six of these strips. So you get 48 weights and these are all seven grams. So each one of these is seven grams and theyre very close to seven grams.

Now this i removed the backing seven grams Music 14 grams. Now this is a hoodie weight. Now, do you have tape on it? Now, 15 grams of the tape is negligible. If i grab some of the other weights now heres the disadvantage to hoodie weights theyre about 23 a weight, so i have four weights here: Music thats about a hundred dollars right, so thats a disadvantage now im. Obviously, rounding up uh right: it would be less than that 92, but still close enough at the tape thats. A hundred, if youre an area that pays taxes on purchasing items or goods well, just the weights would be about a hundred dollars so thats something to keep in mind for weights a hundred dollars, or you can buy this for very little now these other weights over Here they are steel, but one of the things that i theres a few things that i want to show now, if youre brand new getting into the hobby. This is probably going to be your choice, its less expensive, if youre getting into it once youve been in it for a long time. Uh. These are steel. These are tungsten, so tungsten. The density of tungsten is 14 15. Perhaps grams per cubic centimeter versus steel is about seven or eight, so these are twice as much uh as far as the density, which means that for the same size, the tungsten is going to weigh double now, im going to try to weigh this with the tape.

So once youve been the hobby a little longer or maybe just have a very large budget, these are almost four millimeters thats, including the tape i am applying very soft pressure, see if i apply more pressure to tape, compress it it would be less now. I am going to try take a measurement without the tape uh, so the tape is adding approximately a millimeter. Ah based on this depends on how lets see here we go thats the difference. So what that means is its going to have a center higher center of mass? Is it really that significant, probably not ill, be honest uh compared to something like this now? This is less thick, its 2.7 well 2.66, which again compared to this. Let me try to see if i can remove the tape three, so these are much taller. The other thing to keep in mind is the following: now okay, so this is the part number for the hoodie weights, like i said, theyre about 23 dollars ill go ahead and stick these two here, so this is a total of 14 grams. This is 15. notice. The size Music, quick note, so the tape i just used scissors cut the tape cut into strips im sticking the weights here ill go ahead and take this off. You dont have to be exact at first, so i just lined it up with this edge, but the rest of the edges need trimming. You can actually just take your just a blade.

You could use scissors, but then im trying to have this appear on the camera, but you would just run the blade here. Just like youre cutting down and thats it youll get just a nice little finish, trim the other side. Usually, you want to go the same same direction for everything uh, but this is all you have to do. You can trim the edges, trim the corners thats it. I need to trim this other side. Music go with the edge corner and thats. It just need one more corner: Music, thats. All you do Music, so thats. The reason why you may want to consider tungsten. Now, i will be honest: if you want inexpensive, tungsten, just buy the pine car kit so for pine cars theres these little weight kits that you can buy. The thing is theyre different shapes uh. They may or may not work for your setup. So its up to you but thats, really the less less expensive way way. Uh you can buy im trying to remember a pack of for less than 20 dollars, maybe about 15. You can get probably close to Music 90 grams 60 to 90 grams. I want to say about 90 grams, perhaps uh theyre, thinner sizes, different shapes they have holes in them, so you can drive nails through them. So maybe you can just use tape or even put a screw through them, because some of them come pre drilled so that tungsten its a little rougher.

But that is a less expensive option than hoodie keep in mind. Hoodie uh theres a name to the product thats. One of the reasons why youre paying a higher price uh, so here we go so the size of this were looking at about 19 millimeters by 16.3. Roughly so again, what was it 19 by 16.3 16.5, so its just a smidge water 19.. So the other one was point: zero. Five, this ones point eleven, so theyre about the same length, this ones just a smidge wider, so in other words, in the same amount of space that you can fit one of these weights. You can fit one of these, but you get just over double the mass with the hoodie tungsten weight than you would with this now. Something else to note they do make a 10.. The 10 is about two thirds of the size, which makes sense they do make a five. Now. The five is about the length of the ten but a little shorter, so it would take up about that. Much area and hoodie does have the dimensions online. So if you go on hudis website, they have the dimensions there now for the, i believe, its the 15 and the 20 grams. So you can get a 20 gram, 20 grams, close to 30 for the 20 gram, uh low profile so 20 to make low profile its much thinner than this. It is slightly larger, so its more of a square but its much thinner and they do have the low profile 15, which again its a little bigger uh.

But you could use that now. The lower profiles, one of the advantages depending on the car that you have for example, say you had an x ray t4. This is an x4 but say you had a t4 with the different arms or the yokomo bd10 or the bb 11, which is the new one with the actually. I think they replaced the arms on the bd i dont remember um. I would have to look that up, but those are so low profile that you could actually fit them. Underneath the arms uh just take the droop screw move it up, stick the weight in there and then your arms would not be it. Wouldnt interfere with your arms. Really and then a set screw would actually touch the weight which the weight would be strong in the chassis. The only thing is youre now at making the chassis stiffer there, because its a larger surface area of tungsten that is coming in contact with the chassis so thats, something to consider, but back to these weights so lets just say: you have an x ray x4 uh Mugen has very similar front suspension, so the serpent im trying to remember how many others the point is. These will fit right inside of that wishbone. So the wishbone suspension right in here and they will not interfere with anything. They will not even be underneath the arm. They will be between uh everything and im, trying to see if the camera will pick it up, but so, as you can see right, there see its not even close to the arm.

The front is going to be the challenge. Well, maybe there you can see as well its not touching the arm, so you can place the weights right there, almost just below those differential cups, the output shafts and you would have your weight. So this is one of the things to consider again its very very expensive, but its very dense, very compact. So again, these are 15 grams, Music, 15 grams that takes about the same space as two of the sevens, which these are 14. uh so again for tuning thats. Something to consider there is a five that five is a tiny little thing: uh theres, a five that you can get as well. So again, these are some of the options uh. This is the part number for the tape. Again, this is eight dollars its expensive, but its quite a lot of tape. Uh the other option, which is less than this, would be to get that gorilla tape that has double adhesion. It has a backing thats, this blue color, once you strip the backing its actually a gray, the tapes, a gray color i cant seem to manage so im like well, maybe the cameras picking up some of the gray uh. Yes, it is all right, so you can see the gray thats the gray, and this is a thinner option, very strong, very durable, but it is thicker than the footy tape now theres other brands that make this. I just dont.

I cant remember off the top of my head, similar things, but thanks to consider it all depends on where you need the weight for some vehicles. It is extremely difficult to find a place. Some of those low profile weights. You can actually fit right underneath the servo here, some of them you can fit here under here, but if you are balancing the weight of the car you dont want to be limited to where you can fit the weight. Maybe you want the weight up front. Maybe you do want one in the rear, so these weights, because theyre so small theyre, easier to find a location to place. So yes, are these expensive, i would say extremely expensive, theyre extremely expensive. Are they worth it once youve been doing this for a while and its something that youre passionate about, and you love doing, and you continue doing, i would say yes: is it something that you should do if you just built a car for the very first time And youre going to race for the very first time and you dont know whether or not you are going to stay or leave the hobby probably not, and the reason. Why is thats going to increase the cost and then the question is: was it worth the money to get in so spending money like this on some of these items, you do once youve been in the hobby longer. Why? Because at that point it is worth it its so fun its worth spending the extra money uh.

Would i buy these again? Yes, of course, i, of course i would buy them again. Uh. Is there another option uh an identical option that im aware of no? But if you happen to run into one, please put in the comments below and when i say another option, i mean something that is this neat because again pine car weights, the tungsten pine car weights, theyre. Not this neat, or at least the ones that i have seen, but still you can share what other preferences you use again if youre getting into it. You want something inexpensive. This is probably the way to go, but this is my comparison on the weights and my review on the hoodie weights and the tape. The tip is actually very strong and i hope this will help you make your decision and i hope you get in the hobby or if youre in the hobby stay in the hobby and just have fun. Thank you very much for watching.