Today I am going more mouths and amazing thing. So this is radio control car it. I think it is an super speed car. So today I am going to unbox this and see what what features it has. So let us go for unboxing, so the name of your car is classic. Stems radio control car. So let us unbox it and see what what features it has the box from the car. Now we are going to open it. We had fun. Now we are going to put this: is the car whoa it’s, an red colour, car it’s, so beautiful? We should open this group’s scroop, so panda car. We are going to open this car and we are opened also. So this is the red color car for putting battery. We should take out this tree, they had given a say for this tree screws. Let us keep the car in the side and let us open the remote of the car in this remote also, we should have like this. The scoops we had opened us too. This is the remote controller of the car. It. The remote controller can go forward backward right or left okay, so let us go to the simulation of the car. We are going to open the simulation now inside the simulation box. We have got one charger. Let us keep this in the side inside we got the battery now, let us put the battery inside the car. This is the screwdriver.

We had opened a car car and we will put the battery inside. We had poured now we had put the battery and we will put the back cover of the car. We had put the back cover. Let us keep this car in the side and put the remote controllers battery. We had open this now. These are the batteries. We need two batteries here we put the first battery here we put the second battery, we had put all the battery and red color signal is coming, so let us do a test of your boot of the car, so we are so. We are now controlling the carnot is control. The car whoa Rama speed is going it’s working very well that’s. Why I had leave red color signal. Also, stop Applause is working very well now, so this class is serviceable. Control. Car rupees is 1900, so you can buy it from any store or online shopping for 10.