It is the sg 160 1603, this one, maybe 1604, they do two different types. This is my favorite i’ve, converted this to brushless, already i’m, going to show you how i’ve done it i’m going to talk a little bit about some bits and pieces on this truck. So a little bit more info compared to the last video now i’ve been able to have a proper look at it i’m going to take out speed running on 2s, then we’re going to speed, run it on 3s i’m going to show you drifting around and just Have a general play about let’s get in closer and let’s have a look so this one which looks a little bit like the uh unicorn the mustang and then you’ve got this one there’s links for both of these in the description very nice trucks and even in Stock four little 380 motor um, 7.4 volt lithium ion battery do about 26 kilometers an hour stock, which is plenty fast enough. However, if you watch this channel long enough, you’ll know that i’m, a big fan of getting brushless systems in things to make them a little bit more usable a little bit faster, and that is what i’ve done to this. So we’ve got a little 2440 can in there so it’s a bit smaller than the brushed motor that came out 3500 kv with a 2s lipo in there. It is definitely or more than likely going to give you more speed than this 380 brush one so sabrina hobby.

One i’ll leave a link to that in the description it’s only about 15, like 12 pound, or something like that. I’Ve got a 60 amp sc. This is just out of my spares drawer i’ll, try and find a similar one, but running the motor. This size, there’s loads of options there of the cheap, like 35 amp esc’s, which will do probably just the same job. You might not quite get the same speed out, but if i can find it, i’ll leave a link to that because the stock one comes with a five wire servo i’ve swapped it to a three wire. This is the um it’s, actually a wpl metal gear survey. I use these in a lot of stuff cheap, but effective. Servos plenty for this i’ve also got a slightly longer survey hold on here. To give me a bit more steering angle we’ll talk about that in a minute, something i didn’t mention the first one, because i hadn’t taken it apart. Although i mentioned it’s got metal drive shaft, so it’s got cbd’s at the front dog bones at the rear center. Shafts metal, the actual gear, so the diff and the spur gear are plastic. I’Ve had them apart and i’ve loosened the gear. I’Ve loosened the diffs off slightly because they were a bit tight, they’re still a little bit tight, but you don’t want them too loose. So just loosen them off very slightly um but yeah. So plastic diff gears not ideal, but it looks like mod one gearing and then plastic gear.

So quite strong gearing and the only other thing that i’ve done on this i’ve done whatever you’ll be able to see in. If i get it close enough just about just there on just about there on the bottom arm, there’s a little uh like little notch that limits the steering so that’s your stock steering angle, and then you can get slightly more by um cutting that notch off there. The only thing so when you do it station, it sometimes locks out, but when the wheels are moving i’ve tested it it actually doesn’t lock out at all, so you’ve got slightly more angle. The other thing is, i don’t know if you can see it on there. We’Ve got a bit of toe out now i did show in the original video it came with um a set of spare steering links now the spare ones it comes with actually slightly shorter, which gives you a little bit of toe out which allows you to again To have that extra steering angle, which is better for drifting, so i’ve put the shorter ones on here, removed the little battery bracket that holds the battery um like connection stuff on removed that dremeled, a small slit in there put a velcro strap through it. So now i can fit bigger batteries, so i’ve got a 2 200 milliamp hour live page to go in there. 2S and i’ve also got a um nanotech 1.8 milliamp hour 3s to go in as well.

I don’t think i mentioned, but converting this to with this brushless motor was as simple as removing one two, three, four, five, six, seven screws, the whole top bit comes off. You undo the motor bracket from the bottom, the motor comes out, and it goes straight in and the pinion fits straight on the shaft to be aware of the shaft size, it’s, not a stock 3.175, that a lot of the brushless motors come with it’s, the smaller Just over two millimeters 2.1 or it might come up as a two mil shaft that did actually catch me out a little bit because all the spare brushless motors i had were 3.1 uh, 3.175 mil shaft. So i had to go scavenging and found this remo hobby. One, which is ideal and, like i said straight, fit and just a few screws to remove wpl servos, a straight swap as well with the three wire and i’m running it with a radio link transmitter receiver, because i’ve got a gyro in there because that’s, the only Other thing you’ve got to be aware of: you will lose the um drift function or the gyro when you swap out so get a get a receiver with a gyro in it. There’S some cheap options from dumbo rc out there i’ll leave a link to them as well, but i’m using the radio link for mine, definitely a pretty easy conversion. I didn’t have to cut anything apart from, i cut the hole for the battery strap other than that.

It all went straight in and it works i’ve, given it a quick test, it does work nicely. Let’S go out, let’s, give it a run and i’m looking forward to doing a speed test on not just 2s, because i want to see how much more we are than stock, but also let’s, get this 3s in and see how fast we can actually go and Test them plastic gears out right, let’s, go right, then let’s do a speed run first before we do that there guys i drink a lot of coffee i’m. Not advertising for mcdonald’s let’s. Put my thumb over that am i drinking a lot of coffee? If you want to help support the channel and buy me a coffee there’s, a link in the description you don’t need to sign up to any programs or any plans and stuff like that, you can just simply go on there. Buy me a coffee, mcdonald’s white coffee is my favorite don’t. Send me any in the post, though, or by email, all right, calm down, choo choo, Music, okay, who counted the amount of carriages on that i certainly didn’t right speed, run let’s just get the make sure we are driving straight, not sure we’re going to be doing Any 3s runs it’s pretty hard on 2s. I think it’s because of geometry, where i’ve got it set for a bit of drifting, but anyway let’s try it that’s better. Oh, we might be able to run 3s actually it’s just twitchy at the start up Applause.

Oh, i reckon 35 kilometers an hour 40. Not bad we’ve not quite doubled the speed but that’s not a bad speed for going to esther that little brushless let’s give it another run just to double check. Music i’m gon na go the other way. This time, let’s go all the way out there. Radio link this radio link transmitter has got a really good range on it. It’S really wet. Today i reckon we’ll be able to get a 3s in there Applause right then. What are we talking? 40 again just to confirm: oh there you go 40 kilometers now right, let’s throw a 3s in give it a try. Then we’re going to switch back to 2 and get some drift in them right. This is where it’s going to get really twitchy. Now, on 3s lovely little drifter, though, once you get the hang of it, which oh hello right, stay away from water, went a bit funny then i’m sure we get more than 40. If we can. Oh hello Applause, oh we’re, not working guys. We’Ve killed the receiver Music right, i’ll be back. We are back in the game thanks to the uh heating in my car, so let’s try and give this thing a run on 3s and let’s avoid the water. Oh, that was a uncommanded acceleration. Then, oh here we go i’m just gon na go for it. I think i got full throttle. That was not a very clean run, but it was 58 kilometers an hour.

So there is a little bit of success, not success. Success um with 3s, the thing’s crazy. We need a dry day a very dry day to try this out, but let’s go for one more. Why not see if we can get 60 kilometers an hour that was sketchy very sketchy. That was better. Oh just curb slap, the curb that was good. That was a good run, come back here, nice and sm smoothish. Did we get more than 58 yeah 60 kilometers now we’re going to leave it there? This is getting sketchy i’m going to put 2s in try and get some shots of it. Drifting it’s a little bit slippery though, but we’re going to give it a go. So the question is: can we drift it now, bearing in mind guys i’m now driving one handed, as you can see, Applause it’s definitely much more manageable on uh two f’s than it is on three. Definitely, i still think it’s a bit slippery in this uh conditions, though, to get any real sort of control. You need to just feather the throttle really lightly and still spinning out of it turn the gyro up slightly. Oh that’s, a bit better a bit better with that gyro turned up it’s all about practice: i’m crap, as you can see it drifting, but it’s all about a bit of practice. Finding what settings work for you and just go with it. I mean there’s people out there that can drift crazy drifting without a gyro, but not me this thing’s nice so much better, much better on brushless, much better, so it’s how that farm.

Then plastic gear is running 2 and 3s. Obviously i didn’t give it. Obviously, i didn’t give it too much abuse on 3s, but seems to be holding up pretty well the decent chunky plastic gears mod 1. I think, like i’ve said so so far so good and i will keep you updated there’ll be more videos of this to come. Not sure what else we’re going to do maybe put some custom links on it, so we can adjust the geometry a bit more, and so it drifts better i’m going to keep practicing the drifting next time. I hopefully i’ll show you it with a bit of control.