Okay: here we have the power craze shift: 24. little 124 scale, buggy 2.4 gigahertz. It is only rear, wheel drive, so just two wheel drive, but it is ready to run. It says performance, shocks and 4×4 suspension we’ll check that out and high speed vehicle. Yes, this is pretty fast, actually i’ve seen videos of it. Here we have our transmitter, nice, foam grip, steering on and off switch, and then it does have a high and low speed and also digital trim, and then it does take three double a batteries. Also in the box, you’ll find an instruction manual, a usb charger and another set of tires. So here is the shift 24. It does have a lot of flex in the back there um the front does have suspension it’s, just real little springs right there. So the suspension for the rear is just this plastic here flexes, but it does have a little spring right there on each side on the bottom. Here you have your on and off switch, and then there is your charging port where you just plug the charger right into there and then plug it into a usb outlet. So i want to check out the proportional steering and throttle it does come with leds front and rear the rear isn’t lit up. Maybe once i connect the controller yep there we go, we got tail lights, we got three led lights up top there. So let’s check out this proportional steering, oh that’s, actually really good.

I mean look at that. That is really good, steering i’m surprised, and then we have the proportional throttle. Oh and then, when you, when you turn a direction, the turn signal goes and when you go in reverse the taillights get brighter. I can’t believe this thing is: like 22. we’ll check the speed switch here: okay, oh and the leds get brighter when you’re in uh. In a higher speed – and you can tell the difference in the wheel – speed don’t know if you can hear it on camera, but wow it. It seems like this thing would move pretty good, so this extra set of tires that it comes with they’re, exactly the same size, they’re, exactly the same, tread the difference is the black ones are a harder compound and then the gray ones are a softer compound which Are supposed to give you a little bit more grip on smooth or slipperier surfaces like hardwood floors or stuff like that, but i can’t wait to get this charged up and take it out and run it around. I have a little special guest, i must say he’s, probably my number one fan. He also has a shift 24, but he has the red one so we’re going to take both of these out and run them around and have a little fun together. Here we go Music, we have the power craze shift 24 here and yeah. I have the red one, because the red one is my number one fan there.

He is hey nice shirt, okay, so we’re gon na turn these on here and he’s gon na run around with me too so come here, the leds they flash until you get a bind and then when they stop flashing, that means you have a bind. So let’s run these around here on the so i am in the the low rate it’s pretty quick, even it’s, even quick in the lower rate Music, but let’s switch. It let’s switch it to the high rate. Oh it’s, a little quicker. You can tell you can tell a little difference. These things are pretty quick, so i pretty much covered everything during the unboxing with the the tail lights, how you get the yeah, the turn signals you see them flashing there. Oh they handle pretty good. I love the proportional steering all right. You ready for a little drag race. Ready Laughter, go hey! I cannot believe that these things are only like 20 well, 22 dollars; Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So that was the power craze shift 24 and yes, it does come in red and blue, and these things are pretty cool for the price under 25. Definitely worth it all the stuff that you get with it proportional steering proportional throttle. I mean the led lights just the list goes on it’s hard to believe that these are under 25, so i am gon na give one of these away.

The winner will have the choice between red or blue. If you want this to be to give away for the month of february, then go ahead and smack that like button, because the rc at the end of february, that has the most likes is gon na, be the giveaway i’m. Only picking the rc with the most likes that will be the giveaway, so you might see other rc’s on the channel. I am not giving everything away i’m, just giving the one with the most likes away so that’s, where you come in it’s up to you to determine which one’s going to be the giveaway for february. So if you want to get yourself entered then all you do. Is you comment down below your comment? Is your entry so i’m only pulling comments off of the video of the rc with the most likes? So you might want to check out some of the rc’s and get some comments in on those, because you don’t know i don’t know we don’t know which one’s going to be the most liked rc. So you want to get an entry in on all of those. So you have a chance to win one, but good luck to everybody who enters in the giveaway thanks for watching, but i hope to see you with the next ready to run our feet.