Shipping came in a uh. Well like that, not really much packaging, but it’s not really important. What matters is the truck that came in pretty good. It was uh covered in the styrofoam packing and all that, other goodness um yeah. I got this on sale for like 100 bucks and uh said 112 scale, but um. It depends on what you compare it to, but um yeah, the truck i got was in silver it’s, the only one they had in the u.s stock. They had an orange and a blue. I only got the silver but uh it’s, not bad. Looking it’s a little scuffed up, but i went to go: try this and it’s uh, not bad. Um comes with a guess: a traxxas imitation controller comes with a two speed or two sided handling. So if you’re left or right handed, you can use it. It’S got a throttle control if you want to uh proportion. Your your throttle, it’s got this little key. If you have a kid, just leave it in the green for slow and red for normal functions, it’s got the trimming and then the reverse switch for steering. So if you want to go left to right right to left it’s uh that’s, how you do that came with that, you need the batteries for that, but that’s all right also came with the small little lithium ion 1500 milliamp doesn’t specify the c voltage or the C rating but it’s okay, um what i did buy with it um was this let’s see one this race star, brushless motor let’s, see let’s, see 28 100 kilometer kv rating 28 45 sensors because uh this is the motor.

It came with it’s a tiny little rc aircraft motor, i mean it works, but it’s uh not as fast as i would want it to be so that’ll be for later, but in terms of functionality, this truck has well supposed to have bead, lock. Rims is what it showed in the diagram and the instruction, but these are just plastic um, it’s, uh, it’s, okay, rubber gets the job done. It’S got two completely functional, rears it’s, quite nice in case any of them somehow break it’s got the battery case in here, which is actually kind of big for what it is, because you take the motor or the battery, and just put it right here and it Slides all the way in there, so you can fit a shorty pack lipo because here’s the regular lipo. This is a 2s not really going to fit i’m going to need something smaller, but yeah it’s. Quite a big space for a battery case also has um on the underside. You’Ve got double independent, rear or front suspension, it’s a camel leader, so you don’t have any suspension here it’s inside of the actual thing, but it works. You also have a solid rear. Axle has the sway bar set right here and it’s got it like one or two adjustments for the suspension right there and underneath in the actual body post there’s like two placements. If you want to move that um dips are actually kind of locked, they put a lot of diff oil or diff grease in there it’s, okay it’s a little stiff for turning it’s, also got functional flooding, uh flood – oh my god, mud flaps, my bad um.

What else got a fully built, uh cage it comes with the drivers inside the body is secured with eight or ten mount see. Four eight yeah it’s held down by ten screws, it’s a little annoying to get inside, but it makes sure your body doesn’t, seemingly fall off or break it’s got the bumper in the front, protect to your front the actual inside right here. These are light, uh, damn they’re for lights, light buckets there you go light buckets, you got front light buckets and you have rear light buckets right underneath this. So if you want to put lighting on it, you can. I just decided to put the stickers on because i don’t have any available what else uh not really much uh size comparison, let’s, see since it’s 12 scale, but compared to a tamiya. This is a tt02 it’s 10 scale in terms of touring cars because it’s the same wheelbase or width right there. So you want to do anything with that. That is information for you to know and compared to the actual 10th scale short course it’s a fairly lot bigger compared to it there you go let’s, see really small, but if you want to take it to a touring racing with touring cars, it’ll be pretty good.