This car reminds me of the Lego. Why? Because Lego is based on parts built together. Just like the Fiat., We start from the car’s turbo. It’s from a well known company called Garrett. The suspension is from Koni. The exhaust system is Record. Monza and the front brakes are Brembo Moving on to the most important part in the car. The gear box. 5 speed, Robotized Automatic Transmission. It’s available in manual, but not in the GCC or at least here in the UAE. The Robotized Transmission is a sequential gear box, like the BMW M2. If you remember, On the first gear, the car is stable until you press the accelerator, like you are driving a manual even when it is automatic. It’s called a Robotized Transmission, because you feel that there is a robot that shifts the gears manually. This makes you enjoy the driving more, although you are not doing anything. Even with the automatic when you leave it on auto. The gear box is weird because you do not have a P button., You have the N R 1 and AM buttons. You know the N and R buttons the 1 is D and not first fear.. The AM are for. When you move to the D gear, A is for automatic and when you press on it again, it shifts to a manual gear, so it doesn’t shift alone. The maximum RPM Transmission is 6300 RPM. Perfect shift is 6100 RPM for the automatic RPM Transmission.

The engine shifts at 5700 RPM. If you want a glimpse of the Record Monza Exhaust put the gear on 4 and remove your leg. It may not be so loud, but its nice. You feel that the engine is at the back. The noise is loud, I can hear the motor and the exhaust from the back. The best thing is that the isolation consists of the glass at the front and the 2 side windows. You can hear anything else at the back, whether its bumps exhaust gear shift, The car has 2 modes, normal mode, which is similar to comfort, except that it is Koni and sport mode.. It makes the steering stiffer instantly The feel of the gas pedal changes. There is more power on sport. Mode. The exhaust is slightly louder. The transmission is more aggressive, giving you a better response and more fun with the drive Regarding the engine. Specs 1.4L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine 180 horsepower 230 newton meters of torque.. These numbers do not seem that high, but if you compare it with the weight of the car, looking at the power to weight ratio. The car is 1000kg. It is very light When you put the 180 horsepower and 230 newton meters of torque on this weight. It gives you the power of a car that has 360 horsepower and is 2000kg.. You will feel the speed and enjoy the drive without fearing the speed. It will give you the feeling of 180 horsepower on a light weight car.

To prove that the weight of this car matters with everything I will have to leave and see you later. The 0 100 of this car is 6.9 seconds. We will switch the AC off turn off the traction control and put it on manual race. The best thing is that the launch activates on its own, Looking at the exterior of 70th Anniversario Abarth 695., The longest name you can see on a production car. The special color Monza green.. This is a celebration of 1958 when the Abarth made 6 titles on the Monza circuit To spot an Abarth with the word Abarth written on strange spots in the car. First on the grille. If you focus on the grille on the spoiler in the rear end on the door from the outside and on the door sill, as well as on the gear, the seat and the screw of the floor, mat Not only Abarth but also the logo of the scorpion Which is found a lot in the car, starting from the hood, the screw on the roof, the four rims and the wheel that adjusts the car seats. You need to open the door to see it as well as on the pedals and breaks, but that is a combination between the Abarth logo and the logo of the scorpion. Looking at the front end, the headlights are Xenon, which is very basic and below it. There are daylight runners which are yellow. When you turn on the lights, they turn white.

. The fog lights at the bottom are also yellow.. The are 17 rims fitted on 20540 tyres for all 4 tyres For the 70th Anniversario. You will spot weird details like the color of the fenders that go along the rear end, the word Abarth and the squared patterns on the roof in green Monza and the color of the side. Skirts.. If you do not like the Green Monza color, there are 4 other colors Moving to the rear end. The taillights are not LED, but are U shaped, which suit the shape of the car? The quad tips of the record Monza, which are small and seem cute, but they are not. We are always against small ones, but they suit the size of the car. There is something important in the rear end, which is the Ad Assetto Variable Spoiler.. It is a spoiler. We know that all new spoilers go up and down depending on the speed.. Here you do all this manually.. There are 12 positions up to 60 degrees to help adjust the cars downforce.. The best thing is that Fiat gives you the tool that adjusts the spoiler, like the tools found at IKEA Let’s check out the interior. There is nothing emptier than the Fiat 500 Abarth. To prove this steering wheels usually have all the controls.. Here. You only have the volume, mute voice, commands, call options and the track button for songs and radio stations. What is nice about? The steering wheel is the combination of leather alcantara and carbon fiber, Commenting about the chamois or alcantara overtime with the sun, the material changes and the feel of it disturbs me.

. I drive without touching it with my hands to the side., But the design of it is nice.. It’S, sporty., The plus and minus pedals are nice and are of good size. The screen does not have many details that would disturb you.. It is divided in two looks one for the sport mode and one for the normal mode.. The whole screen is digital and shows you the basic options: the petrol, the water temperate for the sport mode. What is annoying about the screen is the placement of the button that adjusts the settings of the screen. I can’t reach it, especially when driving The trip button lets you change the g force, trip, mileage and fuel consumption Moving on to the middle part, the screen? U? Connect. It’s, simple Radio, media navigation, phone settings and trip are the only options There are volume and tune knobs and a button for you to mute, an incoming call, a back button and a button where you can switch the screen off and on which is actually a Brightness button Down, you have the sport button, hazard lights, fog, lights, AC, which is not a dual zone.. There are 10 buttons and the traction control. What really annoys me are the windows like the Wrangler.. The controls are in the middle, but whenever I want to pull the window down my hand comes onto the door first., There are only 2 buttons and it is a small car. I dont get why the buttons are far apart.

They are far apart.. They should be closer Down here. You have one USB port, a power outlet which is a cigarette lighter receptacle, which is something really old. There are many manual things in the car.. Firstly, the hand brake is manual, a classic, which is something that I like, rather than a P button, which you know I dont like It’s a hand brake. So it should be that way. The seat is fully manually adjustable. From under the seat. You can move it front and back from the side, you need to open the door to adjust the seat.. It is impossible to do it with the door closed.. The seats are Sabelt bucket seats with the Abarth logo and the Italian flag Beats audio sound system and, in my opinion, dont play anything other than RampB from the 1990s, which is nice and old, school. Its perfect for the size of the car. The legroom is better than other cars that are bigger from the outside.. I wouldnt say that you would be able to sit. I sat when you were sitting in front of me.. We might not be comfortable but its fine, But you could sit in the back for a long road.. Both you and the front seat passenger will be comfortable, which is a plus for a car of this size from the outside and inside The boot space. I cant comment about that: its a boot space Moving on to the things that should be in a 2021 car but are not in here.

For the safety features we dont have the adaptive cruise control blind spot, monitor pre collision lane assist.. Anything related to assist is not here. And the basic thing the cruise control is not here.There is no key, less entry or start engine.. I understand that they want a classic car, so there is no start engine, but what about the key less entry? There is no arm rest, which is annoying.. There is no sunroof, which I dont mind.. There is no rear camera, which I mind., But with a car of this size you dont need one., But its a standard feature. This car is track oriented and is a track edition of the Fiat 500. But why are the little things not there Give me 3 things that you like and dont like about the car. The 3 things I like is how it looks from the outside. I have no comment, which is something that rarely happens. The sound of the exhaust, the look of the seats is nice, The 3 things I like the sequential gear box, the sound of the exhaust and the look of the car from the outside. With all the details, the small rims, the checkered flags, the spoilers, the colors.. The third thing, which is unexpected, is the 1.4L. That would do all of this. The 3 things I dont like the AC, which is, I am sorry, is made for the weather in Italy and not made for this weather, and the problem is when the car is not moving.

It gets hot, which is so old and unbearable in this weather. The second thing there needs to be an arm rest because, as I talk, I will put my hand like this, so you need to give me something.. The car is small In the Mini. There was an arm rest, its small, but it was fine. The third thing, the turbo lag, which is very obvious. I will leave the most important thing till the end. You started to laugh because you began to understand what I am talking: about., The cars engine. They can give it much more.. I wont tell you 250 and 300 horsepower. We talked about the weight to ratio regarding the power, but 180 horsepower could have reached 200 to 220 horsepower.. It would make a difference and be better. We are not opposite each other, but I am trying to say that it is good that this is what they gave with 1.4 L engine. He is saying that a car like this from Abarth, could have had an engine with 250 or 280 horsepower, which would have been better in the market. The second thing is that its front wheel, which I dont like in all cars. A four wheel, drive and the engine, would make a difference, giving it a better launch and the 0 100 would have been better, even with 180 horsepower. Although its handling and stability is nice, but it would have been better and can even be compared with a Golf R, It would have been a completely different car, even if the horsepower remained as it is.

The third thing which you positively talked about.. First, I will talk about the cars transmission and the sequential gear, which is fun to drive This gear. The online forums that I have seen show that the gear would sometimes disconnect.. It is made of buttons.. If you choose 1 R AM or anything the gear is still N, Although it tells you that it changed.. This problem is ongoing from 2012. People, with this car from 2012 and 2013 face the same problem. Ahmed relax Just wait, Relax. Everything I just said: the sequential transmission is what let everything slide Abarth.