We’Re going to build this we’re not going to mess around waffling on we’re, just going to lay it out and crack on with it. If you want to know more about this, buggy i’ll put a link up here, go check out the unboxing, where also cover some of the history of it and then come back when you’re done, but obviously don’t just go. Stay also hit that like and subscribe button. If you haven’t already as it helps the youtube algorithm, find the channel right, let’s, lay it all out and crack on and get it done well, laying out everything didn’t take very long at all. This is going to be a bit of a breath of fresh air. After the intense build of the xvo1 that i’ve just done, if you haven’t seen that i’ll put a link up here, go check that out um i’m going to paint the body i’m not going to leave it black plastic. I have actually got some metallic black and a clear lacquer, so i will do that on this build, so that will stretch out a little bit more right. We kick off on page four number two, which is basically the chassis, and we put the steering in one thing to note is that the battery position sits at about a 45 degree angle, which is a bit of a novelty, never built a chassis like this before So it’s going to be a bit more interesting for me, so let’s crack on and get it done.

It doesn’t look to be too many pieces in this kit. I think the suspension is probably going to take me. The longest right, let’s crack on the steering links are a fixed length in this kit, obviously being a very basic one. I’M guessing. You could probably change this out for some adjustable ones if you wanted to adjust the towing and toe out now. The bumper goes on with four screws two longer and two slightly shorter. What you don’t want to do is drop the long one in your drawer and then you have to take everything out to find it. Not that happened to me obviously now before you know it. The front is almost finished and you turn your attention to the gearbox. Even though this is a basic kit. Don’T use the plastic bushes spend some money and upgrade to bearings. The gearbox is as simple as it comes, so it shouldn’t give you any trouble whatsoever. Hmm, now being that this is a very entry level kit for tamiya. It will be interesting to put this around the bugrad track against the wl toys equivalent. Now you need to set the pinion to be 15 millimeters, but you can double check as once you fit the motor to the gearbox. You can see your alignment in the hatch. This chassis can definitely take more power than the standard silver can. This now, as i was fitting this, i realized i’m missing a part. One thing: that’s impressive about this kit is about 25 minutes after you started it.

It starts to look like a car already check this, oh i’m, sure at one point or another you’ll spill. It everywhere i have many times. If you make a mistake, don’t worry just have another go at it now: there’s lots of myths of how to do dampers and what’s the best way as long as you keep it consistent and do exactly the same on all of them give the time to let The air bubbles escape then set the piston to be about halfway and then seal them up. You don’t want any resistance or push back or sucking in the piston. You want it to be neutral. I know i love you. I love you. I couldn’t help myself, so i put the wheels on early. I do that on all my builds, no patience. Okay, so we finished building the chassis. Well, almost, unfortunately, i seem to have misplaced a part. The little tiny cover that connects to there, which is the d part uh, forget the number d. What is it d5 is completely missing and i have no idea. I went back and i watched my unboxing video and it wasn’t in that either. So i honestly don’t know whether it’s me and i’ve just thrown it away, it’s only a small bit thrown it away by accident or lost it or it just was never in the kit. In the first place, i honestly don’t know um, so i carry on building it anyway, i’ll source, a replacement.

If anyone has got a d5 part for a dt01 comment below i mean worst case scenario, i can always make something or glue it in place. It only holds the bottom of the gearbox in it doesn’t it’s, not like. I have to dismantle everything so yeah. So if you’ve got one of these, let me know, as far as i know, it’s off of all the chassis, so someone might have one. I did find one on ebay, but being that the kit’s, just over 100 pound, it works out coming from germany to be something like 27 pound and that’s kind of crazy. I might as well just buy a brand new kit, so never had a part missing from a tamiya kit before but like i said it could well have been me. I honestly don’t know right we’re gon na carry on anyway and now we’re going to fit the electronics let’s keep going so i’m sure a few of you will notice i’m using a 25 kg servo yeah that isn’t, probably the right kind of servo to use in This but it’s what i’ve got a hand. I will set the end points before it just rips the steering to pieces, but it will do for now. Obviously, if i decide to keep this, i will swap it out for something a little less beefy there’s plenty of room for your electronics, so you won’t be struggling as you can see. The stock steering needs a little bit of attention, so there you go that’s pretty much done.

I haven’t got a receiver, yet it hasn’t arrived, but everything else is in just fitted the body to make sure it would clear the motor mounts, the motor wires. Sorry, uh yeah very simple, build super long that has got to be. I managed to bodge it a little bit and put a servo horn in its place to hold it in, and that will seem to do until i can get a replacement part um front is very soft and back is very hard, so i’ve got extra amount extra Spring clips at the front and i’ve got nothing at the rear. The i love the geometry, it’s classic sort of grasshopper stuff. Obviously, it’s got oil, so that’s a step up in the right direction. I do like the sl slopey look of it when you look at the body on its own. It looks very bulbous, but once you actually put it on the car it’s, not actually as weird looking, they could have if they’d have actually shaved it down a bit. More and had this further over made, it look really sleek, but there we go so what’s. Next right, we’ve got to prime up the body. So i’ve got some plastic primer, so i’ve got to key it and get rid of all the oil off of it. Then we’re going to prime it and then i’ve just picked up some shadow black pearlescent spray paint, which is which is happening to be forward from the local car garage and i’ll, have some lacquer afterwards to lacquer it when it’s done so right, let’s get on and Get the body done with a good paint job? It just comes with time and practice.

You want a nice key, so the paint will bond to the material i’ve had it many times where it flakes off. So you have to experiment to get what works best for you, then a good primer and then go with the paint and then the lacquer afterwards. Okay, so i’ve done three coats of the black metallic, then i’ve gone over it with three lacquer coats and the last lacquer coat is now drying. It’S touch dry. I used a hair dryer to speed it up, but it’s not hard. Yet if i put my fingernail in it, i can actually dent it. While i was waiting, i cut out all the decals now a few of you have said that these are a bit of a pain because they’re backed onto a silver backing that, if you don’t cut perfectly to the line, you actually get a silver border. What i did is i actually cut around to give myself a silver border tried to keep it even so that when you mount it it gives another layer. So i quite like that, but a lot of people have found that that’s a bit of a pain to try and cut right into also painted up the little radiator. So that’s ready to go in and i weathered it a little tiny bit to give a bit more of a pop for the details so right as soon as it dries i’ll fit the decals. So that’s what’s coming next, because these decals are printed on a silver kind of plate, cutting them out and fitting them was super easy.

You won’t have any troubles fitting these at all and before you know it you’ve pretty much built your kit and i have to say this one has grown on me quite a bit right. I think we’ll call that one done well kind of i’ve still got to paint the driver, but i’ll do that off camera, as i want to edit up this video and get it to you over the easter weekend, uh once you’ve painted one driver, you painted them All, but it takes longer than you think what did i think of the car? Well, i think tamiya really nailed it from a box art point of view. If you go back and look at some of the original ones, i can’t say i’m a fan, but the livery that they’ve done on this one. I like it. I like the decal colors and i like the black. It improves what is kind of an ugly looking car. I do like the way the gearbox hangs out the back. I think they should have made the body more sleek. I think the actual chassis itself is lovely and long and sleek, and then they put a bit of a bulbous um body on it, a bit of a shame bit of a missed opportunity, but uh from a look point of view. It’S. Okay, i i can’t say i’m a massive lover of it, but it’s not as horrendous as some of the original ones the gold wheels.

I definitely like that that’s kind of a thing i like, as you can probably see from over here, so can i recommend it? Yes, i would recommend this: they are pretty cheap, i’ve, seen them for 107 pound delivered. So as an entry level buggy, i think it’s a good good way to go very easy to build. So if you want to build this with someone who’s younger, definitely this is the way to go i’d say this is actually easier to build than a hornet or grasshopper to be fair, and i thought it was slightly more modern. I don’t know if i would go for a grasshopper over this one. This has got oil shocks, whereas the grasshopper is not so this is probably edging the grasshopper, whether it’s better looking the grasshopper. I don’t think so. That’S very iconic um so comment below.