Let you know what i think of the kit, so stay tuned hit like and subscribe to support the channel Music, so Music welcome back to the channel adam from rc action. Australia, as you would have seen in the intro there, we have got our hands on a fighter: buggy rx memorial it’s a spectacular looking kit, so on today’s video. I just wanted to run through um the build i’m not going to build it on the channel and on the video. A few other people have built these already on youtube and it’s a very, very basic build, and i actually have built a mad bull which shares the exact same dto dt01 chassis on the channel previously. So if you want to look at how to build the chassis you can head over to one of those videos where i’ve actually built the exact same car with a different body, so i’ve addressed a few things before we start. I have taken roughly around about two months out just to sort of get away from the hobby and concentrate on some other things in life, which has been great, so it’s awesome to be able to come back and kick off with a very, very nice special edition. Tamiya kit now, in that time i have actually been buying and selling some other cars, and i have also been doing a few other custom, little jobs that um have been mounting up um, so we’ve got some some super hornet bodies here with some different colors and Whatnot and another one that i’ve been experimenting with, is this one with some egress decals, so i’m still part way through working out that so yeah lots of stuff that i’ve still been doing so i’ll? Bring that to you in the very near future, plus some other kits and cars that i have purchased so back to today’s video, the fighter buggy rx, now, first off, i really want to congratulate tamiya with the box art for this car, although they didn’t really present It as a special edition car inside the box – it was kind of you know typical, reread thrown in the box and slap the the box shut.

But i must say that to me i have done a fantastic job of making the box like a you, know, paying sort of tribute to that memorial and the 25th anniversary of the fighter buggy rx. So, as you can see, beautiful box design um carries forward. Basically, around all the corners and then we’ve got more of your typical box. Art picture on the side there. So yes, very, very pleased with um to me is effort that they’ve put into the box, and i think that that may be what separates this car. In years to come that the the box itself will be, you know, quite desired in a collection or for the resale value, just as much as the um to me is choice to sort of have the gold and that foil backed decals, which basically complement the box. As well, in my opinion, so um, how much does it cost? So i this one here, i think my friend picked it up just over 200 from a local hobby shop here in newcastle frontline hobbies um, but i have also seen some other hobby shops on ebay. Um yeah fluctuating around that 200 to 214 dollars, so they’re, a very good entry level, cheap kit and i would probably recommend buying this over a grasshopper just because i guess they’re around that same price point nelly and i’ve even seen some graphs, hoppers and whatnot selling On ebay at the moment, at 250 to 300, so for 200, this represents really good value.

It’S got the oil shocks plus it’s a limited edition memorial buggy, so i think it will sort of in years to come. We’Ll probably have more value to it. So enough, on the value side of things, if i had to rate it as a one to ten on the build it’s, definitely probably a three or a four or probably not even that it’s, basically a grasshopper design chassis, more of a laid back sleek grasshopper. We do have the oil shocks, which is a nice addition. I’Ve built one of these before on the channel it’s, the dt01 chassis and the mad bull has this, but the mad bull didn’t have oil dampers so nice to see that tamiya have upgraded that um. What else can i say, we’ve got the tble o2s speedo in there, so nothing fantastic and still not the 04 s that i do believe is going to start to come out in some of the newer kits um. This kit goes together quite easy. I pretty much the first couple of steps you have everything built by the gearbox and then the gearbox is very simple as well, so i would recommend it to a beginner and i also would recommend it to an experienced hobby hobbyist because it just is a very, Very nice build, but at the end, very rewarding so that’s my review on the build itself um. Some of the negatives um from this car is to me. I could have addressed the slop in the steering and that pretty much just comes from the um.

The steering, servo and connection points there to me it could have really done a like a ball joint with an adjustable arm there. I have seen people do that as an after market custom upgrade. So you can still do that if you want to um, i did that on my mad bull actually and it got rid of majority of the slop out of the steering and what else i think to me. I probably missed the mark too, just to top off a special edition car. They put. The silver can 540 in there, which you know, is probably going to be a pretty suitable car motor to do this car just to go and have a little bit of fun with paired with a lipo or something like that. But i really think that if it could have had like a gt tuned motor like the um big wig, had like a with a gold color sticker on it. That said fighter buggy, rx memorial or something like that. So i think that’s probably a bit of a a missed opportunity by tamiya but then again that’s an opportunity for us um to probably upgrade, and there were some stickers left over in the kit that said fighter buggy rx memorial. I do believe so. You could even put that on a um, a tuned motor and and make it a little bit custom and special yourself, the body itself um very, very easy. Um. The decals were not difficult at all to cut out and they actually went down quite easy on the body as well, so not a very difficult body to to stick her up.

The driver figure it’s, just a typical to me, a driver figure without the arms. I think that’s, probably another lost opportunity for this car to me. It could have put like a um, a nova fox type of driver or a bigwig type driver that had arms, or they could have gone all out and put like an avanti driver that had the cockpit and the steering wheel. So um a little bit of room for improvement there from the visual aspect, because when you do put the body on the car you’ve got these sort of large, open windows to the side and the front and it’s really just look it’s missing something so um. But then again, that’s for us again to put our little custom, touches on and probably upgrade those driver figures into the car, so um yeah. Let me know what you think if anyone else has got one of these out, there chuck some comments down below. As i said, i haven’t run this one yet not sure if i will or i’ll just give it back to its original owner and let him sort of run it and scratch it up. I guess, but all in all it’s a fantastic looking kit, um yeah, so i’ll leave today’s video there hopefully you’ve enjoyed, and i will be back i’ll, probably post a video every week to every fortnight, just because yeah personal circumstances and i’m a little bit time poor. At the more at the moment, so we are approaching that 2000.

Subscribers so make sure you hit that subscribe button and smash that like button as well and we’ll get up over that 2 000 subscribers very very soon. So thanks for watching today and i’ll catch you on the next video until then i’m going to just take a look at this car and enjoy every aspect of it.