He used an 11 turn. They were out of stock, so i figured i’d try a 12 turn. I got the 0.5 millimeter spur gear conversion, but for the scx 24 i don’t know if i need that, but i got it. I got the shapeways mount and these two little screws here fit perfectly to mount. The surpass motor those two little screws are actually out of the parts kit for that guy dog food dish, the um one, two, four: zero one: nine wl buggy. I got a kit to replace that little metal bracket on the front there and the one on the back. It turns out. The brackets are not gon na work, but the screws that came with it are perfect for this. What a great thing so here’s, the uh shapeways i don’t, know if the part number or anything helps but it’s the it’s for the surpass motor. For these i got the furytek lizard, the adapter plug that goes on the end of the lizard, so you can plug in a brushless. Surpass motor what’s up let’s get a look there. It is boom oop it’s upside down. Ah, you already know what it is um if anyone’s asking where i got these uh. Oh, this is straight from shapeways. This was amazon. Those were ebay. This was from fury tech’s website. I don’t have links sorry. I also don’t have a computer to edit any of this right now currently because of something unfortunate but that’s.

Okay, we’re gon na make it work we’re in the rv staying here temporarily and we’re gon na get it all hooked up into the jeep rubicon and hopefully have a fully functioning, no issues, fury tech, brushless, 24 scale, scx24, probably just time lapse at all and uh Yeah let’s get into it. Since i don’t have a computer, i don’t i can’t edit the time lapse or anything. I know there’s a function on my phone for that, but i just uh i i don’t know how it’d turn out so i’m. Just gon na do a i mean if you’re interested in sitting, i don’t know how long it’s gon na take, but if you’re interested just sitting here watching me, take this apart or you can skip ahead – or maybe i won’t even put this in, but i am Gon na show the part where i install this so actually i’m just going to strip this i’m going to cut the video feed and strip this down to nothing and then we’ll start filming all right. So we stripped it down to just basically a chassis with a steering servo on the front. We were able to get the drivetrain unit out, so we got the motor the transmission, the transfer case, whatever you want to call it so we’re going to start taking this apart and figure out how to mount it to this, with this guy, all right so let’s Bust this thing, apart while i’m doing this, i want to thank all you guys out there.

Um the amount of support and just kind words from everyone has been awesome. I appreciate all of you very, very much um yeah, not a not a great situation to be in currently for those of you that know what’s going on with the house and stuff. But i will say all things considered: it could have been much worse, um, but yeah everyone’s been super. Nice super awesome, just really really cool about the whole thing, and i want to keep the i mean. I’Ve been doing this for what almost four months now and i’ve uploaded a video every day. I just want to keep it going so we’re gon na keep trucking right along with this i’m having a good time. I hope you guys are having a good time these videos aren’t as high quality or anything, and i know a lot of you out – there will probably either comment or just know that yeah, it doesn’t really matter right now, i’m doing the best. I can, and i appreciate that if you don’t like it that’s fine too, you don’t got to watch. I make these videos because i enjoy making them and a lot of you enjoy watching them. If you’re not having fun watching it, then i mean there’s, a million other rc youtubers they’ve got some cool stuff going on right, it’s kind of nice, though i will say you know right now, currently i’m just sitting here talking to myself, but i know at some Point somebody will be listening and uh it’s fun.

I can kind of just chat with you guys vent a little talk about whatever shoot the breeze, so i should have paid attention at least i’m filming this um. I don’t exactly know how i got that off or what i was doing. I was just chatting away. I believe i got to get the motor nope that’s a different size, it’s, probably the next size up um. I got to get the motor out of here and i think this plate right here, bolts right to the shapeways one. I always think yeah. I just need a you know: quick refresher, i’ll watch either two fmrcs or whoever’s video there’s, quite a few people that have done this. Then i forget to i start filming i’m like well we’ll, just wing it so that’s what we’re doing just winging it man that’s. What it’s all about so this goes just go. Keep it now. This goes here, there’s a bolt to it like this here here here. This piece is the one i’m replacing right. This is the new one. Probably i think yeah – and this i think, turns against. So does it go on the outside? Oh hang on hang on, i think we’re onto something here. Does it go like this? Oh, maybe maybe some of those holes line up. Does it go like this all right, guys, i’m, pretty decent at winging it, but i’m gon na have to pause this and go check. Someone’S video.

So i went and watched a video by uh. The username on youtube is dr owen. He has a really good breakdown on how to switch the surpass motor over. So i had to take this plate off here took that off, and then this mounts like this. So you only need this piece right here and this becomes the new plate it bolts to so i got to bolt this back in there and then get the gears in there so let’s do that real quick! Are these all the same length? Okay? That was the other part that would have sucked, because i wasn’t paying attention which one came out of where classic classic not paying attention. I always do that. Okay, so, oh, oh, oh, hey! There! We go i’m gon na slide this into there i’m, just gon na start screwing all these back together. Music again, i can’t speed up the footage i don’t have anything to edit with. Maybe i can i don’t know i have imovie on my phone, so hopefully i can maybe speed some of this up, but if not let’s just chat what’s going on. Tell me about your day in the comments below tell me what you’re uh, if you’re eating something while you’re watching this. What are you eating? What are you snacking on i’d talk about for lunch? It was delicious anyone else. I’Ve talked about right now or today. Let me know really excited to get this thing going.

I want to take this thing outside my wife’s. Parents have about an acre of property here and they got some pretty cool stuff to climb on. So if we can get this running, we’ll get some footage of this climbing on some stuff too. Maybe i’ll do that in a separate video after i get it all together once i make sure it works just because i’m i’m strapped for content. Currently all my projects i had going, i had a lot going open, put on hold temporarily that’s. Okay, you guys probably can’t even see this now it’s just me talking, while you’re staring at a table – that’s not very fun, but we got these four long screws back in so we’re mounted up now we replaced that metal plate with the bracket from shapeways boy. The lighting in here is bad too, so we got to get the new cog on here there it is that was held on there with this guy put that back on there. Maybe it feels like yeah it’s going on sideways. What the heck i feel like that’s wrong – maybe it’s not maybe it’s on there, now, okay, it’s close enough and then what goes on here, what’s that oh that’s, this okay cool, so that goes back on there. We don’t use this anymore. Let’S get the let’s get the surpass motor set up. So this is the 12 tooth pinion from hot racing slide. That down probably needs to be towards the bottom of this motor.

I imagine i’ll leave a little space, so it doesn’t rub just in case, and then this goes in here right, so let’s see so that’s gon na. Is that deep enough too deep? I don’t know i think it needs to slide down the uh, the shaft of the surpass a little more really butted up against that bearing there, okay, nice and tight turn. So that goes in here. Another thing that i, when i was testing these screws to mount this thing i noticed, and some people might not be confused like i am these two holes here – are closer together than these two holes. These are further apart, so these two further apart holes are the ones that you want to mount in this hole and in this movable slider hole here on the side. You could probably do a third right here on this as well, but i don’t have a screw for that. So i’m hoping i don’t need to, but we’ll see i’ll be right here guys i got this screw in and this screw in they’re not completely tightened down, but i wanted to check the gear mesh. So oh it’s going to be where’s the lens it’s going to be hard for you guys to see that. But i wanted to make sure it’s a nice tight, good, looking gear mesh, but also i didn’t want it so tight that it’s like like you, can really hear it rattling or anything this one right here.

So it looks like oh, maybe, a 12 tooth won’t work or maybe that’s just too tight, yeah let’s back it off just a touch there’s two two spots in this metal gear that just feel rough, but i think we’re gon na be okay. There let’s see if we can spin this yeah there’s two teeth on there, that are pretty rough i’m, hoping that’ll wear out it spins, really nice and smooth until it hits like those two or three right there. It just kind of chunks – and i can see that they’re a little rough on the inside there, but that’s all right, it’ll work itself out eventually smooth them out grind it till it works grind it till you find it grind it till it works okay. So then we just got ta mount this shaft back on the other side, all right that shouldn’t rub against the surpass motor there, or at least i hope it doesn’t who knows: okay, oh geez, i’m, not even on camera. I’M. Gon na point you guys down. So you quit missing so much stuff. I don’t even know where the camera’s pointing i’m all messed up guys, but i think i think we have a fully functioning setup here. I think we’re good to go. We just got to figure out how to mount this back. In the truck – and i believe i believe i don’t remember how or where it goes that goes there that goes here, yeah, okay, let me bring you back over, so what what were these for these tiny little? Oh, these went in the motor okay, i’m gon na put these back in this motor, because this motor is still good.

Who knows if i mess something up or break it, so put these stubby little chunky screws back in this motor that’s, not the right one. These are the ones that require the other size. That’S right put these back in here, put it back in the parts pile stuff to not throw away. If one of my other stock ones burns out, i got ta back up. Okay, i am going to mount this in the truck i’m, not gon na film. It it’s i’m already got like way too much footage, um and then start wiring it up and stuff. I’Ll come back to you when it’s already in here. I think we did the hardest part. If i run into anything that looks difficult, i’ll bring you along alright guys. I got the surpass motor mounted in here um i don’t have suspension or anything. I just want to test to see if this works, if it does i’ll button it all up, but currently we don’t really have anything here. We just plugged it all in. We got a battery hooked up i’m going to turn this thing on and see. If it will play nice with the surpass motor, so okay turn the remote on okay, we got steering. Oh, i got ta change it to brushless in the all right guys, so we got it switched over to brushless steering works. The frame is like really loose and it’s kind of hitting right here so i’m just going to bend the frame a little let’s, give it a shot.

Oh that’s awesome. Oh this wire was hitting it. I was like. Why does it feel so jumpy, oh so cool? We got it working guys. We got ta work, it okay, so i’m, just gon na end. The video here uh i’m gon na get all this buttoned back up, find new places for all this stuff, but i’m, so excited that that works. The mesh feels good other than those little pieces. I might have to pull that out and file them just so it’s a little smoother, because whenever it hits that chunk of gear it like spins, super smooth and then goes you know it just kind of rubs on it. So awesome we got it going. We finally got a brushless surpass fury tech scx24. Now i just got to finish it up uh. I will finish it up and then the next video will probably go crawling with it or something i’m, not sure, but thank you guys so much for sticking with me. Thank you for the great comments. Um i’m super excited. I am so close to a thousand subscribers. I think i’m, like six away at the time of filming this. So thank you guys.