It is opinion, okay. I guess i kind of unlock my mailbox. It is the opinion for the sentence – oh my god, i’ll get the other mail later. I don’t need that right now. All we need is this: oh i’m, not wearing shoes, but this is what we need to finish. The install of the motor on the sentinel, so let’s go ahead and finish the install all right. So here is the new pinion slides right on no problems, but now i need to get this apart, so i can mount the motor in here and then set the mesh and we’ll be all good to go alright. So i have this right here and i just need to take these screws off and actually it should be just can i just pull it out. Oh this screws in a little bit. Take this one out once i get this apart once i get this apart, i just had to line up the motor see. I could take this part and put it right here and then i just have to line up the motor all right. So i just need a titan, the pinion down where the set screws – oh they’re, right here: okay, whoa! Sorry, i hit the camera, no all right, so i just need to tying down these set screws all right. Now that i got this the pinion on everything’s good, lock, tighted um, i need to set the mesh for the motor.

I need to have these wires sticking up, so i see one screw i’m just going to get the screw holes lined up there. We go there’s. One set, i can still move it, so i just need to know that’s that mesh it’s pretty good right there. I still have a little bit of play. Probably can’t see it as much on camera, but still some good play. You don’t want it too tight, because then that will strip your gears and stuff so still got some play there. Now i’m gon na put loctite on the other screw. Tighten this one down. Okay, now that that’s tight it shouldn’t move i’ma. Take this one out and put some loctite on this one: okay, still good play there, not too tight. Now i can put this back on and tighten up these screws, and then this will be ready to get thrown back into the truck all right. So let’s slide. This piece in pretty sure it just slides it back in like that, because there’s two this needs to line up, though hmm, let me see the splines on the spur gear need to line up with the splines on the diff, so that’s. Why it’s a little there? We go that’s in all right, so now that this is in, i need to put the center drive shaft in, and this is probably gon na. Be the trickiest part. I think, because i need to like. I should probably put this side in first, because i need to compress this all the way down there we go, but this bearing needs to be in that slot man.

There we go there we go. That is all in now. Next, oh crap, that’s. What i didn’t do. Okay, i need to take this out again. I forgot there is okay there’s this piece. Actually i didn’t even need to take that out. I don’t know why i did that there’s this piece for the battery hold down like that. This i don’t need to take off now. I just need to screw the little red piece in with this screw right here. Okay, oh now, that that’s in battery strap is in the other battery strap. Oh crap enema come on come on; okay, that’s, it Applause! Okay! I think everything is in i’m, pretty sure that’s it um. I just need to correct correctly put in these batteries calibrate the esc, and then i must also charge up a battery and we’re gon na take it out onto the street and see if we blow up um the differentials all right so before we do take it Out i need to calibrate the esc, and i have the little page here next to me. So first i need to hold full throttle, then turn it on now that that’s on i’m gon na go full break and then yellow d led. Now i let it go into neutral Music. Is that it i don’t know if i did it right all right so yeah i did do it right, it’s, fine, um, now, let’s, take it outside and uh rip it around all right.

So 4s! Oh gosh! Can it really oh gosh? This is so scary, oh gosh! This is not safe, um don’t know why i did this it’s not safe, but you know whatever it’s, only like a quarter throttle or like a third, oh god, this thing it’s not safe, it’s, not safe. This is definitely not safe, not safe on the street right here but um i don’t like well. This thing is not going to be safe, i’m just kidding, but it is very fast and i was barely pressing like barely pressing on the throttle. You guys don’t understand that was barely pressing on the throttle, like even with 3s. This thing was really fast and now 4s bigger motor, bigger battery it’s. Just insane like i don’t. This is the fastest rc car i’ve ever seen that i personally have this thing. Go probably 60 70. I don’t know something like that. We’Re gon na have to try and speed test this thing, because this thing is insane well that’s, gon na. Be it for this video guys, if you guys enjoyed make sure you have a like comment, subscribe hit that notification bell and i’ll see you guys in the next video.