Our family is of the mindset that we love this country and uh were really excited to celebrate and so were going to celebrate with you guys by blowing up some stuff. Here we go. Is there a red light? Man we live all right, guys were readying. The rig here it is the armor vortex. I got to go ahead and get it prepped for where i want the gopro to live. So when we do this, video well get some footage from behind. Hopefully, thatll be cool camera guy, extraordinaire hes, all decked out for the occasion definitely feel like theres a lot more america going on its even got socks with flags hanging out of them. Tape and rolling candles equals fun Music and do this there. Our patriotic car is ready right were powering it up here. Lets go through all itself checks. Do a quick test, make sure to work tonight. Applause Applause lets get this thing out for some action. Mr america. Over here, getting the ramps ready, my wife is moving the cars aunts, loading up the jumps, dominics dragging hoses Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, all right, so that was uh. It was all right. I thought it was gon na be a little bit more spectacular, but i never timed the jumps to have the roman candles actually firing when it was in the air. So uh were gon na try again the pinion came off or the spur the slippers slipped or something i dont know and uh.

I dont know if we have time to fix it. That looks good that one Music Music that was way better Applause coming at you guys, sorry, Music, Music, Music, all right doms got the fireworks lets, bring them back here. Further, these ones are called freedom reigns, Music, Music, so Music, wow, Music, Music. Ah, well that one was our rollover, one with the uh roman candles, but we had fun doing it so well see how it turned out in the video when we get to it. But it looked cool in person. Lots of bangs lots of fun lots of adrenaline.