com so everett decided that he wanted to buy an rc monster truck with some of his money. So this is the one that he chose. He ordered it off amazon and it came yesterday, and so we thought wed give our first impressions of it. So what did it come with everett? It came with some stickers and two batteries for the monster truck and a charger. Okay, so the batteries are rechargeable and they go into the actual truck and then what about their remote control um? It uses two double a batteries: okay and we had those all right. So what did you you put the stickers on the actual truck already um Music yeah, but theres a protective shield around it, uh huh? Okay. So what do you think? Do you like it so far, yeah yeah nice, you like it! What are some things that you notice about it um? I noticed that on the bottom uh its potential protect it from water. You can put water, you can run it through water and whats cool is you can take off the top and you can buy one buy a new top and put it back on and put the new one on. Is that easy to do easy to take off? Uh i mean yeah pretty easy, take those off okay, it just pops on and off with the little pins yep. All right, you want to give it a test drive. Do you think its pretty fast on on the remote theres? You can have it on slow and normal normal is probably for outside.

You can go really fast if you well. I noticed a couple things when you were driving it, especially in the house, is that the truck beeps every time? What every time you pull the trigger? No, it like, if you like, if youre backed up against the wall, itll stop beeping if youll keep on going backwards and it beeps. When you start it up, when you go and go its weird, because you have to double push it forward to make it go backwards, what about the wheels? You said something about the wheels were squeaky, okay, Music, theres, the beeping all right drive! It forward drives really good through the grass got some headlights that shine Music, oh thats, kind of a bummer that it flips over easy huh and also the cool thing about it. If you cant back up, if you cant back up, then use stealing lev, you can push that backwards and if you turn it that way, if you turn it that way, it doesnt turn that way. Itll turn like that. Oh okay, on this one theres a lock inside and its really hard to how to get a rock inside. I dont know it was just in there wow. It was in the box. Apparently so youve had it for a day. Are you glad you got it? Yes? Yes, one other thing is cool right here. If you lose this, you can also use this. What do you think that is meant for? I dont really know? Okay, maybe we can look it up.