Today we have a first look at the brand new zd racing dbx07. This is a 1 7 scale, 6s beast of a desert, buggy unboxing an overview coming up. Music. Welcome back and this time to our first look video this isnt a review. The review will come next week with its running video. For today, we just wanted to get it out of the box and show you some of its really cool features and if you like, seeing some of the latest and greatest rc products make sure to give this video a like and subscribe. So you dont miss our full review. The dbxo7 is a one, seven scale completely ready to run. Four wheel drive buggy. It comes in two color options: it comes in the blue and black, which is the one that we have here today, and it also comes in an orange and black version, and it claims to get 80 kilometers an hour right out of the box. The box was packaged really well with no damage in transit. Theres lots of foam inside to keep everything safe. There is a little bit of assembly required. You just need to put the wheels on and an optional wheelie bar. So in the box comes the instruction manual which you should read: zip ties: extra battery, straps double sided tape; an optional wheelie bar screws, servo horn adapters, a tool for your nuts two lipo batteries; a battery charger, your radio and, of course, the zd racing dvx07.

For a quick size comparison here, we have a next to the zd racing dbx10 a great little 110 scale, buggy now beside a more true to 110 scale. Lossy laser nut, awesome off road buggy and you can see the dbx07 is still a little bit bigger. Now we have it beside the ex07 chassis youll see they look very similar, but there are some differences. There. Trust me starting off with the exterior and this body absolutely blows me away its so nice with the metallic blue touches. We have a full roll cage here and all of the panels are attached to the roll cage, even really cool details like the little window net. Things to keep your little men inside weve got an exhaust down the side here and even fire extinguishers which we hope we dont have to use and then weve got two body clips at the front. Weve got a full light bar at the top headlights, tail lights and the lights have 15 different settings now, looking at the tyres, they feel really nice and they are foam, filled theyre vented through the rim, and they are also glued to the rim yeah, and it Came with this bag of screws that you they have these little holes for like bed lock wheels, but those holes go into nothing and these screws screw into nothing, but in the pictures it showed these as actually being in there. So its really strange, i dont know, am i missing something here or i want me to just glue these in the holes or these kind of like an afterthought im, not too sure, and we also have a functioning spare tire on the back feeling the shocks they Feel, okay, they do have good travel, but i think they may need a little bit of tuning.

Maybe more oil and the shocks are all fully metal. Looking at the bottom, we have a four millimeter thick metal chassis. It has a hole in the middle here to allow any debris that gets caught in your gears fall out anyway, its time to see whats under the body. Now i know what a lot of you guys are saying: youre, saying joanna: this is the ex07 well yeah in a way youre right, but youre also wrong. This is the dbxa7 but its. There are a lot of similarities, but there are still some differences, but were going to start off with the electrics. So this comes with a surpass: uh 42 82 2000 kv brushless motor and thats fan cooled with two fans and a heat sink accompanying that we have a 150 amp esc now. This is like the ac that we hit on the x07, keep a close eye on it. If you dont know what im talking about, you should go check out those videos, we may have needed a next fire extinguisher and uh powering the system. We have two three cell lipos: these are five thousand milliamp uh 35 c discharge with t connectors, so you get two of them that comes with the car, which is really cool and youll notice. We have two servos one for turning and one for the brake, which, in my opinion, is a little bit gimmicky. I really wouldnt really use it much, but you might use it.

Let us know in the comments below do you use these uh mechanical brakes, so weve got a 25 kg servo for the wheels and then thats a 15 kilo servo for the brake. Looking at the drive train, this is one thing thats been beefed up over the ex07 weve got thicker center drive, shafts and thicker axles as well. Weve actually got three separate dog bones in the center for the center drive, shaft and weve got a front, rear and center open differentials, and that center differential also has a metal casing. Unlike the ex07, which had plastic casing – and of course all the gears are middle and there are full ball bearings throughout this rc car, the shock towers look really beefy. They are five millimeters in thickness, both for the front and rear shock towers. It has two massive center chassis braces to help keep that chassis, nice and straight and before anyone says in the comments. Oh zd racing. Oh its rubbish, bro, the bell toys all this cheap stuff, no, its, no good, its, no good, hey just stop for a minute! Go watch our ex07 backflip video well leave that link in the description below because we backflip the exact same. We did some enormous jumps and the car is in perfect condition. Somehow i have no idea how the chassis didnt bend it or anything bent. So clearly, these chassis braces work and the plastics on this car uh, similar to that of the x07 as well.

They do have a slightly different color to them, theyre a bit more grayish on the arms, but they are identical in size and shape the front. Bumper is also plastic, its very rigid theres, not much flexibility in the front. Bumper, so itd be interesting to see how long that holds out theres heaps of adjustability. You can do to the position of the shocks the camber and the toe of the wheels youve also got front and rear sway bars to help with that handling, which you know everyone. I need a lot of help with its got a lot of metal and all the parts that you want to see it too youve got your steering, racks and middle the hubs. The middle youve got these uh thick middle hinge braces. So you know from looking at this car and knowing without experience of the x07. This should be a pretty tough car, but you know, of course, were going to be putting it through its paces to see how tough it really is and if theres any concerns. I have with this car theres, probably two things: first, the esc, whether its going to blow up or not – and one recommendation i have for you guys – is to add a cat pack to the esc. It may just help with its light were going to be running. It completely stock, so youll know whats going to happen very soon. Finally, the roll cage and some of these accessories are the exhaust.

The plastic im not too sure how tough and durable its going to be when out bashing – and you know our driving. We do a lot of crashing, so were gon na see just how well this stuff holds up uh next week. So what are your thoughts on this car? Do you think it looks awesome? Let us know in the comments down below. As always, this buggy will be linked in the description down below, for you guys, theres, also a kit version or a roller version, and that means its this rc car, but without all the electronics. So that could be a great option for you. If youve already got spare electronics lying around or if you want to do your own sort of custom, build and from experiences chassis should be a very tough and good chassis to go for were going to have both the ready to run and the kit version linked Down below with a discount code, by the way so make sure you dont forget to use the discount code if you dont want to miss this first run. Full review make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the bell so youre notified exactly when we post it. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like if you didnt, give it a like anyway, make sure youre staying safe out there on your rc adventures.