This is an amazing model. It looks fantastic out of the box it’s a nice big 86 inch wingspan and it flies amazing the way that it flies. It presents much like the full sized airplane, it’s, nice and responsive on the controls and it’s just cool. You know we went through. I gave you guys an assembly review, we went through and did a full repaint and weathering video, so i wanted to finish it up and give you guys kind of my information on how i set the model up now in terms of the model itself. I’Ve got the robart air retracts in here. I do recommend those uh, they work beautifully, they’re extremely reliable and they hold air for weeks. If not months, uh the airplane’s been sitting for at least a month now, and it still has air in the system be sure to check my assembly video on how i did all of that. For the power system, i’ve got a scorpion. 55, 35 160 kv motor powered by 12 cells, 7 000 milliamp hour batteries and that’s made by two spectrum: 6s smart, 7000 packs wired together in series, and then i’ve got a bela 2014 four blade prop and that power system pulls this airplane perfectly it’s, like the Perfect amount of power, it’s got great, verticals it’s got great speed, um, and so it it really helps and it’s got a nice sound to it as well. I do have a sound system in the airframe as well, which you’ll hear in the flight videos for the servos i’m using the high tech 645, and so i went for the digitals on all of the primary flight controls, so ailerons, rudder, elevator, uh and then i’m.

Using analogs on, like the flaps, the retracts things of that sort for the receiver, i’ve got a spectrum power safe receiver in here and that’s powered by two 2s life batteries, a 3 000 milliamp hour, a piece all model airplanes have an expiration date. But having that redundancy on the receiver is highly recommended uh, the other thing is i’ve got a full bomb drop capability. You can see, i’ve got the full stores on the airplane. There are payload releases in each of the larger pylons here, and so i cover the installation of those in my assembly. Review and i’ve got a whole assortment of 3d printed bombs, and i cover that in my weathering video i can actually drop the center line tank if i choose and so having. That capability has been a whole lot of fun. With all of that said, let’s talk through some of the setup uh, the cg and all of that um for the cg itself. There is a fairly wide range provided in the manual and i ended up setting my cg at the forward location, which equates to 125 millimeters, as measured from the wing root leading edge aft my power system batteries are pushed all the way forward in the hatch area And then i have my receiver batteries velcroed on top as well, and that gave the cg perfectly. I didn’t have to add any additional weight or anything like that. There probably is some room to move that cg back, but i’ve been flying it there and i’ve been really happy with it.

Interestingly enough, there is a bulkhead inside the fuselage that runs all the way across through the fuselage itself that aligns almost exactly on where that cg location is so to cg the airplane. I actually simply just removed the hatch and picked up the airframe from that bulkhead, and it was slightly nose down all right, so you can see in the video that’s how i cg the airplane worked out beautifully and i’ve stuck with it since then, now, in terms Of the controls i like to set up multiple rates – and i like to have individual rates available to me for aileron and elevator. I settled on my mid rate for the ailerons and my low rate for the elevator and so for the ailerons 15 millimeters up and down with five percent expo for the elevator 12 millimeters up and down with six percent expo and then for the rudder. I’Ve got 30 millimeters left to right with 25 expo, and this airplane will actually do a beautiful knife edge super easy with minimal coupling for the flaps i’m at 30, millimeters at the partial flap and 60 millimeters at full flap and there’s no elevator to flat mix Required at all, which is really nice and really simplifies things flying the airplane. I can’t say enough good things about how this airplane flies. It honestly is one of the best flying warbirds that i have flown all the scale maneuvers you want to throw at it.

It does beautifully and it looks great doing it. The airplane has a nice wide gear stance. So, as a result, ground handling is quite easy, especially for a tail dragger warbird. I haven’t experienced any tendency for ground looping at all. The tail remains nice and responsive through the transition from the tail flying down to the ground, and so, as a result, it’s really easy to keep it on track tracking straight down the runway, which is a huge benefit also on the take off the airplane tracks, really Nicely you do want to you know, with a big prop on the front kind of advance that throttle slowly read and react accordingly, but the airplane is extremely responsive through the entire takeoff maneuvering in the air. Uh loops rolls immelmann splash any kind of military type maneuvers. The airplane excels at and it looks again just like the full size maneuvering around now. Interestingly enough, you know the airplane flies beautifully. Clean, it’s, nice and quick it’s got great performance, but with the external stores there wasn’t really a huge difference in the performance. Maybe a slight reduction in the top end speed, but vertical performance was virtually unchanged. I didn’t notice any difference. It is worth noting, though, with the centerline tank i did need some additional up. Elevator trim. It was about four to six clicks of up elevator needed, so that is something to keep in mind. If you plan to fly with uh, the tanks on you will likely have to add some additional trim to it.

I will say you know the airplane looked great flying around clean, but the stores totally changed the look of the airplane in flight. It just made it look right. A skyraider, especially that operated in vietnam was loaded for bear, and so seeing it flying around with the full stores and having the bomb drop capability is a whole lot of fun to have as an option all right. So let’s give you guys. The clean flight uh, followed by the full storage flight with the bomb drop and then we’ll, come back. We’Ll wrap this up. Where’S the smoke Music time remaining. Four minutes: Music, um, hmm Music – is i didn’t find that right. I never could get my uh banggood one to time right either. I got ta work on my timing. All right so let’s put some let’s start putting some bombs on this thing. Then we’ll film, another flight for you. Yes time remaining four minutes bombs away, uh! Ah. Well, there’s a little bit, but i think okay pushers. They got lucky all right guys. So there we have the legend hobby a1 skyraider. This is without a doubt my favorite airplane right now, uh. I would fly it every weekend. If i could. That being said, i really can’t say enough good things about the model uh. It goes together nicely. It flies wonderfully it’s extremely fun. I love the looks of the skyraider they’ve, characterized it perfectly on the airplane and so yeah it’s it’s an awesome model that completes our series on the skyraider uh.

I am gon na get a whole bunch of flying in with this model. I can’t wait to get take it out to some events, hopefully with it being 2021 uh. We can get some events happening again because they were all canceled last year, that’s it for this video guys thanks. So much for watching don’t forget to follow along on social media at the rc geek subscribe, be sure to check out legendhobby.