If you’re new here please consider, subscribing and hitting that notification bell hey today, i got a truck that was sent to me by flyhall uh. This one here is a 1 10 scale. Upgraded version, so it has a brushless motor in this one uh. It also comes with two bodies, so you got a pickup body and a truggy body so i’m going to go and test this out outside and see how well it runs, and then also i want to do a speed test and then stick around to the end Of the video and i’ll do a quick, unboxing, all right, everybody we’re going to go and take this thing for a test run and i’m going to do a speed test on it. So i went ahead and velcroed my sky rc, bluetooth, uh gps meter on here. Also, i wanted to point out that i notice in this kit at the end of the video i do an unboxing, but it didn’t come with any strap right here, so you can put both batteries on here. So i just put a piece of velcro on this holder clamped it down, and then i used one of these velcro straps from another vehicle that’s similar to this. So that way, this uh second battery stays on here, snug, so i’m gon na go ahead and plug this in i’m running it parallel. So let me go and plug this guy in turn it on all right, then i’m, going to turn the speed, uh gps meter on start getting some satellites here.

By doing that, i’m, just going to go into my phone, go to my sky rc, so it’s, gps and glonass, all together so i’m. Going to start. Let me actually put read get that out of there track. It says poor signal so i’m waiting for satellites, while that’s doing that i’m going to go ahead and put the cover on this cover on and then put my clips on then i’ll get it all ready. We’Ll go for a speed run all right. I have enough satellites. I got 10 satellites i’m going to press track on there and we’re going to do miles per hour on this and so it’s going to start the test i’m going to go ahead and turn on the controller, all right, it’s flashing, oh it’s, flashing there – and let Me go ahead and turn on the rc car. There make sure it’s working there. We go. Oh wow that hits the body see that, so you got to definitely be careful when you’re, making sharp turns yeah that’s crazy, let’s go ahead and set this guy down. Give it a little run, there is no low or fast rate it’s, just all one speed, so let’s test this guy out. Also, i was going to say, is i went ahead and put or went around and tightened all the wheels all the lug nuts were loose. So, every time i get a new vehicle like this, i always tighten up the lug nuts on them.

That’S full speed, so it’s, not very fast yeah it’s. Definitely hitting the body, definitely hitting the bite right. There, it’s bad it’s binding up right there. So so, when i make a left, it’s binding, so i’m gon na have to take a look at that real, quick and see what’s going on all right. So i’ve been thinking this body a little bit what i’m gon na have to do. Since i lowered the suspension, is uh i’m gon na have to get some new body posts and raise this body up a little bit. So i get some clearance either i’m gon na have to cut a little the fender well out right here, but uh. The other side is just fine, so i don’t know why that side it’s, like the whole body, shifted over to the right. If you could see that so almost like these holes, weren’t centered right, i think that’s what’s going on but anyways it’s an easy fix, i’ll! Let it grab and dig this. No big, no big deal i’m, not worried about that. I’Ll! Just watch the left hand churns. So let’s go ahead and press track again and i’m going to press start and see if we can get a reading again here, it’s starting to get dark out it’s the only chance i got to run this thing, there’s full throttle those shocks make a big difference. I tell you because those uh friction shocks were terrible. It would already flipped over this thing, sits really low pro.

As you can see all right, the body’s just catching a little bit see left handed binds so i’ll just watch those left hand turns i’ll. Make easy turns to the left until i can fix that yeah, as you can see, lowering it the wheels are buckled in just a little bit, so i may have to go and get a little bit taller oil shocks for in the front, so these ones might Have just brought it down just a little too much so pretty easy fix. You guys shouldn’t have that problem with just the friction shocks that it came with, but i just wanted to have some oil shocks on here, so it sticks to the ground a little better. I don’t think we’re gon na get that much of a speed on this one, but it sure hits these bumps a lot better. You can see on the jumps there. Okay, let me get over here, get lined up, so this is gon na, be full throttle right here, so that’s full throttle not very fast for brushless. I thought it was gon na be a lot faster than that. Let me go ahead and stop this let’s read yeah 19 miles an hour that’s it so it’s, pretty much the same speed as that gp toys uh that i just reviewed that s 920 in the s 921 pickup. So the trucky version and pickup version. Those were brushed dual motors ‘0 motors this one, just one single brushless, motor and it’s, not very fast at all.

You guys so a little bit of a shame on there. I thought it was going to be a hair faster, but let me go ahead and start this. One more time go to track and start got to watch that sharp sharp hand churns yeah, that’s that’s, pretty much it right there. I could tell it’s full that’s that’s. Basically it i didn’t need much room for this one yeah 19 miles an hour. You guys so let’s, read it again, yeah 19! So that’s it all right. Well, i figured i’d, try it and see how it goes, but uh it’s not a definitely not a speed demon but it’s a good little basher, especially having some oil shocks on there being able to hit those bumps like that. It’S, nice and smooth. So you don’t have to sit there and have it flip over yeah, nice and smooth. Now i just got ta fix these uh shocks, put a little bit taller shocks in the front there, and in the back and we’ll, be good to go. It’Ll be a nice! Nice little basher you’ll be able to do some good jumping with it Music. So the braking’s – not bad, braking works pretty good one more time here. Full jump back up here, car coming so the brakes do work pretty decent i’ll check this one. Last time you guys read yeah 19 miles an hour that’s it that’s as far as the gears will take it it’s maxed out so 19 miles an hour, it’s, not bad.

You guys, you know, i’m, not going to sit here and keep running in circles, because this will get you 20 to 30 minutes of run time. So putting those springs on there definitely lowered it. As you can see, this one sits up, sits down a little too low, so i’m. Definitely gon na have to adjust that shock up here, put a little bit uh longer shocks on here and then i’ll be uh good to go and it won’t rub, but yeah good little trucky, guys it’s, not a speedster, but it definitely uh it’ll. Definitely get you. Some bastion going and plus two uh being brushless. You know it’s gon na last a lot longer so this one i may just have to put a change out the gearing and and put a bigger motor in here and then put a single uh, uh, esc and single receiver in here. So that way, you know we can bump this up by putting a 3s in there. I don’t want to try a 3s right now, just because i don’t know uh, you know what the amps are and even if it is a 60 amp esc, i don’t know you know if it can handle it because there’s a lot of 60 amp esc’s that Just fry right, when you put a 3s on it, so all right guys stick around for the unboxing that’s coming up. Next, hey everyone! Thanks for sticking around to the unboxing i’ll! Try to make this really quick here this one! I went ahead and changed out the stock shocks that came on this.

They were just friction shocks i opened them up and they were empty. There was nothing in it, so i went ahead and put my own shocks in here. So let me take off this cover and, as you can see here, i did go with my own oil filled shocks, so i did go with their springs. It is a little stiff. I probably could have went uh and maybe uh cut a couple of these springs off right here. A couple of the coils but it’s not too bad it’s a lot better than the stock friction shocks, because this thing was all over the place. I didn’t show it in the video, but i do have gp same pretty much almost the same truck right here and that thing was bouncing all over the place because it just had friction shocks as well. So i went ahead and swapped those out and definitely is a lot better. You guys so um, pretty cool it’s got a it’s got a little uh small kv motor, but it’s it’s, not bad. It does the job and uh. You do have three wire servo on this. They did give you extra uh horn and links so um that does come in the package and then, of course you got the truggy version, so here it is and then you can go and mount the wing on there. So that way you can have the trucking body on there and then, of course, your mounting pins.

Here, you can go and uh put that on the back uh. This one here does come with some extra pins, phillips, screwdriver and, of course, your tire tool here is in there. So pretty much everything you need. There is no extra gears uh. The screws are in here for to be able to mount that fin down and stuff. So they have it in the package here. You do have a dual battery system on this one. So the batteries on this one are 2s batteries and it’s 7.4 volt and it is 1600 milliamps, so it is going to run in parallel. If you want so, you can put this connector on there dean’s connector that will run both of the batteries and double your milliamps, but it will not double your voltage, so it’ll still be 7.4 volts, guys so there’s. That and of course, you’ve got your owner’s manual here, full detailed in there. You do have this little foam piece here. That’S got sticky tape at the bottom and now go in your battery tray, so you can run just one battery. If you want you guys, you know if you just want to run one battery, but if you run at least two batteries you’re going to at least get 20 or 30 minutes of run time, so that makes it pretty nice you do. They do supply two balance chargers, so all you need is your wall adapter, so you just have to.

I usually use my iphone adapter and plug it in, but with these batteries i use a hobby grade charger, so i do recommend getting a hobby grade charger. I use a tenergy i’ll leave a link down in the descriptions for that plus, of course, the pickup but that’s what i use so that way. Uh both cells get uh balance charged evenly with this one. Here it is uh supposed to be 1 10 scale so to me, it’s kind of a big 112 scale, because one tenth scale, some of the ones i do have – are definitely a lot bigger than this, but you know it’s still pretty decent size. It runs good. That’S all that matters uh the kv motor on this i’m, not too sure what size that is. So if i do find the size i’ll leave it up here on the screen with the esc, it is a two and one esc, so they they did not do a receiver and esc separate. It is together you guys so, but it does have a nice working servo really smooth, as you guys could see on the run out there um this size of this uh esc i’m, not too sure offhand, but i will definitely go and leave it up here on The screen so, but i just wanted to do this quick unboxing, i didn’t – want to take up all your time. Pretty basic. Like i said, i upgraded the shocks, which is definitely a must.

I would definitely go and put some oil filled shocks it’s ten times more better than those friction shocks. You do have uh just a basic controller and uh. You know nothing to this one. All you got is just one trim right here and that’s it. You know. You’Re steering your on and off switch right here then forward and back, and it does take uh. I believe this one takes three or four double a’s see. If i can get this guy open, it’s, pretty tough. Here there we go three double a’s, so that you’ll have to get yourself so but that’s. Basically it you guys all right that wraps up the video appreciate everybody watching fly hall and eachine direct. Thank you so much for sending out the truck for a review.