What we do is provide unbiased information and reviews on products such as these specializing in crawlers RC cars consider subscribing and if you need any of these click on our links and in any purchase within the next 30 days, we’ll help support the channel. So you’ve been crawling messing around. You probably have this, and this is why we have this in a shootout not because it’s competitive, but to give you a point of reference on where you are now and what you could be gaining or losing. If you go to these lower cost options, so comes with most tracks: STR x4 slashes and whatnot, but also it’s, very similar to what comes to your red cap, your axial and your element RC. So these are the top dogs from Asia. Basically, they are competing against each other fighting with features and price point and that’s. I think that’s, why they’re so cheap 80 bucks 75 bucks for six channels, so what we’ll do is we will compare them in different arenas, different categories and declare a winner for each one and and and finally have an overall winner in the end. So, overall description: this is your fly sky GT. 5. You know we have the 5 sky gt3 a 40.00 one, very heavy, very full featured. We, I think only for channel this. One has six channels amazing, fit and finish: ergonomics flip up antenna, smooth control, surfaces and it’s got a nice screen. Lcd screen some mood lighting for you and some lightning holes.

Rubberized grips different services and materials, so pretty impressive little radio from flight sky don’t. Let that brand, although cheesy sounding fool, you it’s a quality product, and here is the radio link RC 60s, a mouthful of model name to remember, it’s, a much bigger radio turn it on. The switches are not not as convenient a tiny one. Over there dot matrix display four button interface. The the wheel is it’s a little bit farther got a lot of switches here, six channels as well, and I stopped here antenna it doesn’t, go anywhere that’s about as much as it folds and six batteries here kind of a long throw on your throttle. And finally, we have your tracks sdq, I controller yeah, just a simple kind of a toy plastic, but very durable impact. Very impact resistant and a pretty nice form steering wheel kind of stiff, and this one the this, the the throttle, is it’s a little stiff as well and gets it gets greedy pretty quickly. So not a lot of knobs no screen. No, nothing! You just get a power switch, you got a little green light and it’s got a little bit little red thing here for channel number: three: okay, so that’s your arena. What we’ll do is we will go to challenge number one ergonomics, quality of materials and fit and finish probably the most important part of this shootout, because this is what you hold all day all afternoon, and this is your touch point dear RC car, so how it Feels how it weighs is everything right.

So the winner go right to it is the fly sky, GT 5 and the reason is, it looks: classy nice materials, science, finished panel block dull, finish flat block and real rubber. It comes with two of these, depending on the size of your grip. The throttle is so smooth, so you know so light action and same thing with the steering, not not the tightest here, but pretty darn smooth be and then your channel buttons. These are channel buttons here, maybe for your winch or whatnot, but the ones that you use a lot. I put here right here, little toggle and one here so nice little dis for right there, so Oh lighten as well. So this is one of the lightest. So clear winner, here, just head and shoulders above these other two. This one is not bad, but it’s just it’s something leading edge five years ago, so not really reading edge, it’s kind of the similar to the the low cost version of the an older version of the fly sky. So, a little bit big a little bit dated everything’s a little harder to reach. So when you are, when you are you can’t want hand it, you know it’s too far for your thumb, GoPro or taking a selfie. So the switch is. You know, there’s, no, switch that you could do with your thumb. Unfortunately, and then your antenna is in the way you know and there’s no way to get it out of the way.

Look at this thing boom it just disappears safe and sound. Most of the time you don’t need it anyway, right. You know you need line of sight few vehicle, so you don’t need a big, big old antenna. What else is going on a little bit heavier this one it’s just bad. It feels good. At least they gave you a little thumb rest, but you know this gets greedy. You see this gets. This gets tighter. I think this it’s kind of tight and then but this one you’re it. This is cool if you use it a lot, but if you’re not using it, you know it’s uh, it’s, actually better. If this was the resting position, then you can rest your thumb and then go that way for second gear or something huh, because every time you rest your thumb boom, you flip the switch so right there and there’s, just not a lot of user interface, knobs and Buttons for your trim, your end points and whatnot. So a distant last place, so the winner on fit finish. Ergonomics is the file size 85. The next category will judge it on is features. You know, who’s got the best. The most features the winner is. The radio link – this is mister, feature right here and I think that’s why they didn’t design the industrial design of the unit they’ve been focusing on features. So when you turn it on your little dot matrix for button, there’s 24 23 menu items, it has that many features it’s pretty crazy.

So this is the clear winner. It has gyro, meaning you can keep your car straight and that’s important for faster cars, not for crawlers, obviously channel mixing, that’s very impressive. You can slow down your servos, you could exit. You could put an exponential on your servos, but the mixing you know and the the dual rate everything is here: the ABS it’s it’s, just impressive on this thing, it’s a little harder to control. You know kind of and engineers and and an engineer’s dream you have so many settings, so it might be a little complicated for most, but as far as teachers are concerned, this is the game. This one is the second place winner, because you have 3 times 4. 12 options called menu options, and so the features are there it’s they just didn’t overload you with the features and the cool thing is. It has the the gyro as well stability control, meaning the receiver knows if it’s, if it’s, if it’s not going straight, so you can adjust it and it’s everything suggestible. So it also has what we call that Expo or anti lock braking. So it can pulse your servo, your brake servo, or your your ESC for braking and it’s completely adjustable as well just like as this one, and it has really good crawl modes. So the car mode is a way I form a channel mixing, and but here the the the mix is, the premix is already done for you.

You can either four wheels three wheel steer. You know for two wheels steer, go in the same direction or up or opposite direction, so pretty amazing as well. This one has no features. It has 10 car model memory, that’s it 10 car, 20 car 10 car. So clear winner is not clear winner, but it’s it in terms of best Bank features. This is the winner next category I’d like to jam on is the quality of this display and the ease of programming. You know much like your clock, radio or whatnot. If you, if you, if it’s too difficult you’re, not gon na program it right here, if you have to read the manual like memorize it nobody, so the winner is this one has a beautiful screen, but the menus options are on top 12 of them and you Have a jog wheel, very modern, you know it’s, not not touchscreen, but a jog wheel. Most people understand what very easy understand and you know I never had to read the mail, the this one, not too bad, but look at that that matrix for button display and like a lot of your chargers so and it’s a little bit cryptic. You know, but it has these features man telling you you can even tell how strong your signal is to your car, if you’re losing signal or not, or you could tell how much how much battery is left on your car. So this one, the quality of display, it’s an F it’s that bad, because you can’t do you don’t, have to trim knobs and you can’t do your end points from from here, which is just crazy, for you know for a 500 or taxes or 650 TR x6.

But you don’t have that, so I thought that what happened is eight years ago they introduced this DQ I and it had a plug for your phones. Your phone is right here, it’s just right there and you could program everything with your phone. So I go eight years ago, that’s pretty darn cool. Unfortunately, when that bus plug change, they dropped it, and so now there is no way to program it anymore. What they did is they said. Oh, you can buy a Bluetooth option for 40 and then you can use your phone again, so I actually have that it works. Okay, you know one one, one quarter of that. Those menu of those screens are usable because you can set endpoints and whatnot, but 40 bucks more already 150. This is thrown that in it’s such a crime that they, the model eight years ago, is way better than what they have today and if you go with uh, if you get a tax t rex for sport, it’s not tqi, I think it’s, just EQ there’s no End point adjustment at all. No end points a sense. This one you can program like rock radio, with your with your to advance here, but expect to pull your hair out. Okay, other features I would and what I’m talking about is battery compatibility. Is it compatible with light post lithium range idol alert that stuff a tie between these two they’re, very good, so both of them, you can put a lithium ion or lithium polymer battery inside instead of double ace, and you know what this R is.

They look like this they’re. A lot lighter a lot longer lasting than double ace and they have a jst connector. So both of these have jst connectors bug. Unplug. This one takes six batteries kind of a disadvantage. I heard it’s a little bit more power hungry than this one for batteries. For these two, this one has lipo cutoff, which is kind of cool because it beeps at you when you’re getting too low on your lithium battery, and this one does not have lipo cutoff. Luckily, you can see the voltage the whole time you’re using it, but it’s but it’s good to have an alarm and for it to shut off automatically. So you don’t forget this. One has idle alert, meaning if you leave it on for five minutes: it’s gon na start beeping to save the battery can’t. Tell you how many times I’ve left this on, because you can’t even see the light and come back later, it’s dead, so good ones. A couple other features on this: this one has a 600 meter range. If you don’t know what 600 is it’s pretty darn, far it’s farther than most crawlers go or her most xmax ESCO six football fields, basically, six soccer fields more technically so very far range and it has a clean signal and what else does it have? It has a more granular signal, so a little more, a little more granularity, more points off of data, so but not really useful in a lot of applications.

So a tie for both next category is receivers, receiver, compatibility and hug the cost of receivers. So this one 22 receivers, this one 18 receivers, they’re a little cheaper. If you don’t want the gyro become a box less. This one has 30 receivers, so pretty close closer now, 20 bucks a little edge to this one, but the receiver – and this is its kind of big, a little funky and has these two big antenna wires. So call that call that a draw and think about you know you want to there’s your idle alert when you change over all your vehicles to the one controller, you probably need another five receivers, so it could be a big investment right. So twenty bucks is not bad so overall winner, what you guys think the winner same price, little more features, but really beasts has the most usable features that you’re gon na feel every day, meaning how it feels how it programs and what features you actually use. So this one for crawlers for sure you know this is what you want, because all the advantages of this are not applicable to crawlers. You know that long range that that channel mixing and whatnot, so this one is the choice of Champions, fly sky gt5. So if you have a fast car, xmax arma arma infraction something cool, you can go for this because you can use some of the features and that nice, clean, fast signal with long range might come in handy with this one.

You know 600 meters is a little too far, but what that means at 300 meters, it’s gon na be locked on solid. You can also see the strength of your signal. The what’s called it the the battery level of your of your car, so cool features here, and you know when you’re going like 80 miles an hour, the stakes are a little higher, so you can go for this one for fast cars, but fast cars. This will worked it. The great news is for half the price of this. You get something that’s twice as valuable, and you know when I first reinterred crawling two years ago I was a little bummed. You know all those spectrum, radios and Futaba radios. I grew up with were 300 500 receivers were like 80 bucks, and I said man it’s gon na cost a lot, but the good news is, you know the the Asian companies have really stepped it up since they’re competing with each other and they’ve come up with Some really good quality products for under a hundred bucks. Everything included 6 channel so consider ourselves lucky that we have these options available. Alright, so thanks a ton and hope you are have a good start to the summer.