So quick shout out thanks to uh, william and fly sky for helping me get out of a few things that i needed, and this is going to be a first look at the tiny little gmr fly sky yeah receiver. Now this one, you have four servo ports and a port for the uh gyro and then you’ve got a bind button now let’s see. If i can get this in focus, so that’s, the actual pin out of it so you’ve got a little status. Led voltage range is 3.5 to 9 range, 50 meters, thereabouts and four channels and the gyro. So one of the things that i were questioning with this was seems, though i’m gon na want to use this in the scx24, and obviously these are micro servo plugs, but along in the packet with it, you get four of these pre wired. So all you’ve got to do is wire those into your server or cut your servo wires and wire. These on black and red will be self explanatory. The white one could be yellow on some servos and some servos for some reason use three black wires yeah. It looks cool but it’s a bit annoying when you’re trying to rewire stuff, but these are what you get for your four servos. The gyros do tend to come with that plug on them anyway, or the ones supplied for these micro receivers. Let’S see if we can get a look at back of it, so this is your antenna.

Don’T get chopping it off and if i can get it to focus i’m, not sure if we can see the actual pin out on it. It’S gon na be a bit awkward with these lights shining but yeah quite a tidy, a nice lightweight receiver, and they also sent me the skin kit, which i think looks cool af, really impressed with that. It literally covers the entire thing um that were a lot easier to put on than what i expected, but even the uh, even the underneath of the mb4. So uh thanks fly sky and thanks william for helping me uh get hold of this and what i’m gon na be doing over the next week or two uh i’m gon na be showing you how you upgrade this to get it connected to the mb4. On the 2.0.