An albatross um got this from Tower hobbies during the winter savings sale for 40 bucks, and you get plain. Nice flies and charger takes battery someone to the parks and one can charge up to 250 milliamps, and then you get this little battery it’s only a hundred and 30 milliamps capacity. But I don’t like those because there’s not not enough power for me and then in this charger my dad has a Parkson mosquito and it came with the charger that you have to hook up to a DC power supply. So with this take his Mosquito battery it’s 250 milli amp, and it pops right in here so it’s a nice use. However, this charger won’t charge ‘if light micro batteries, thunder power, micro batteries or turnigy micro batteries, because they don’t the little tabs like right. These little tabs right here they won’t fit into the charger. So with that in mind, I just use my parts and chargers for this. I don’t even use this battery. I use the 160s, so I went ahead and change the velcro out, so it will be it’ll hold the batteries that I use a little better. I just took some Park. Sun Velcro put a little epoxy in and POC seat it down in there, and I also hollowed out the battery compartment a little bit. So you can get your bigger batteries in there easier and then I just did some. You know some physical modifications just painted this black, because it’s easier to see for me gave it a little wheel hub just wheel nuts, whatever you call them, give the give the engine a little like brush of black to give it kind of a weathered look.

Then I put some exhaust on I put the machine guns on and gave the machine guns a little bit of a black in front of them and painted my pilot figure and then painted the bottom of the skid black right here and I broke my rudder. So I just painted that because I didn’t want to buy decals because I think it’s a ripoff and then I also epoxy these in pretty good cuz. Whenever I would pick up the plane, you have to be very gentle, or these will pop off the bottom wing. I didn’t realize it and I was flying with it once and almost caused a wreck, but luckily I got it in so um yeah. So I really like this plane and I bought it when it came within any link and I don’t think it does anymore. I put my any link on here. You get your any link, adapter for spectrum and yeah. I really love this plane. The only complaint I have is that motor boxes, the motor is pretty loud, but I think than that. I really love the plane um. So that’s. All and I highly recommend this plane – I’m intermediate to advanced I’d call myself and I just love flying this plane in the front yard flies it’s got a nice glide slope, real nice to land on paved driveways. That just kind of you know scoots along and the skid slows it down pretty good on the landings, so I mean the only improvement I would have is maybe make a possible aileron option for this, make one with ailerons or have a little kit that flies in And makes where you can put your inhaler ons in or something like that, because just be nice, you don’t have the bank and yank for it, but other than that great plane, great value, yeah, so I’d highly recommend this plane.

I really like the thing.