Six wheeled trucks have been around for a long time, but the selection in the rc world has always been limited to relatively large 1 10 scale vehicles. However, with the growing popularity of small scale, rc crawlers, the first 1 18th scale, 6×6 is now available from fms. In this case, 1 18th scale is actually a bit of a misnomer in the rc. World. Scale usually refers to the general size of the model itself, regardless of the actual size of the real thing, so, for instance, most one tenth scale. Rc cars are about the same size, even if they’re models of real vehicles of very different sizes. In this case, this is about the same size as most other 118 scale crawlers, but since real 6×6 trucks are so large, this actually scales out closer to 1 to 24.. So this would look good next to, for instance, an axial scx 24, but it’s gon na look pretty small next to other 118 scale trucks, while the atlas isn’t, based on a specific real truck. It has the overall look of many large off road vehicles with elements taken from a number of different types of trucks. The exhaust stacks suggest a big rig. The rear, cage and spare tire make it look like a purpose built rock crawler and the cab is based on a 1945 dodge power wagon it’s. A neat look even though it’s not a perfect scale model mechanically. The atlas is similar to other small rc crawlers, with the obvious addition of an extra axle.

All six wheels are driven from one motor with telescoping plastic driveshafts. It has three link suspension on the front axle and four link on both rear axles. The wheels are genuine bead locks with small phillips screws on the back. The steering servo is mounted to the chassis. The shocks are sprung nicely and while they’re, not oil filled, they don’t need to be on a truck. This small, the backbone of the truck, is a pair of metal frame rails, which are very thick and sturdy. The roll cage is plastic, but doesn’t feel flimsy at all. The overall construction is very nice and there are only a few subtle signs that it’s built to a relatively low price point: the truck retails for 275 canadian. There are two color schemes available, this red and a light. Bluish gray, the cab is made of lexan painted from the inside as usual, with a matte finish on the outside. The grille is hard plastic. The windows are transparent, with clear stickers applied over them for the trim. This body has a very interesting mounting system, it’s hinged at the front and can swing up about 45 degrees for access to the battery small rare earth magnets at the back. Hold it closed and opening air simply requires a firm, tug upwards. This arrangement eliminates any visible body clips and it does a good job of holding the cab in place. The battery is a small 600 milliamp hour, 2 cell lipo it’s held in place by two small rubber straps, one of which was broken when i opened the box on this model.

These are honestly my biggest complaint about this truck i’ve seen the system on other small rc crawlers as well, and while it’s not the worst thing in the world, it is kind of annoying. On the plus side, the toolbox behind the cab is exactly the right size to carry a spare battery, not that you’ll need one. I drove it for 40 minutes and only used about half the battery a full charge should last at least an hour. This vehicle also has working headlights and tail lights. The headlights are bright enough to actually help you see in the dark. The downside is that the casings have holes in the side and rear, so the light escapes in several directions not just out the front which doesn’t look very realistic. If it bothers you, this could easily be fixed with some black paint. All right enough of that let’s see how it drives since it’s a crawler. This is obviously not the fastest thing in the world, but it keeps up with a slow walking pace where it really shines, of course, is on the rocks. I was skeptical at first of how much difference the third axle would actually make, but compared to a four wheeled mini crawler, it’s night and day. This thing has all the traction you could ever want and can easily scale a slope that’s almost too steep to walk up the turning radius, isn’t amazing, but it’s not too bad. Given the length of the truck, the motor is a slight weak point: it’s awfully small and while the torque is adequate, it does slow down under load and get quite warm to the touch after driving for a while.

This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but it’s something to keep an eye on Music, so, Music, Music, foreign Applause, all right, Music, Music Applause, uh, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music. All in all, this is a spectacular little truck and i was very impressed with its performance. Its climbing ability is astonishing for such a small scale vehicle, and the extra axle makes a world of difference. If you’re looking for a capable and affordable rock crawler in a small package, it doesn’t get much better than the fms atlas 6×6. Music. To get your 6×6 visit us at bc, shaver hobbies or online at bchobbies.