Fms one sixth scale chimney. So what im gon na do is im gon na unbox it im gon na show you what its all about im gon na show you what it could be and then were gon na go for test run. Music is uh and the best news of all it was 330 bucks. I think they lowered it to about 300 on their main site, but now its on sale for fathers day to july to 4th of july for 299 199 dollars so figured. I got ta revisit this thing. I was so jazzed me and randy were so jazzed when this came out, because this is the suzuki first generation chimney uh the the kind of the predecessor of the samurai and they really went all in fms super famous for little cars. But they went big on this on this big car no holds bar, they went super scale on it and its got this nice case boom boom, so its not oh dang, so the case will protect your investment when youre, storing it or when youre transporting it to The trail head so ill take two main items out the radio, so im so excited. So here is your rear, cage, ill show you how that works, and this is your windshield, so it has a lock here, so were just gon na put it on. Oh, look at that protect your so hard body means they have uh a real sturdy body.

Real, clear glass i put the the windshield up. You can break drive it down as well. One wind in your face. It has a hood that opens. Has a real nice hinge, you know not one of those chintzy hinges. It has something to keep the profit open, not exactly sure where that goes. But the esc is here esc, receiver and xd60, which is kind of cool servo, powerful, servo and headlights with period. Correct lenses, uh bumper super cool bumper, and it should have a switch okay. So the seats are so cool because they are made of like uh, vinyl or a rubber, and they actually compress they feel like seats. So when your driver sitting down uh its gon na compress them just like the real thing and then here theres something else going on here, uh this whole back opens but look how authentic this is. And if you see the real vehicle it looks just like it has shifter handbrake, dial snobs, it is so cool bottom boom. What is it uh leaf spring? Look at that leaf spring whats up um its got really nice gummy, big rubber, tires and then boom its just slow to the ground. So im going to show you a running video of this like this, it just rallies, it wont flip its. So you know, cg is super cool radio. Is nice uh its one of the better fms radios which uh, i believe its three channels, so you can do the lights so really top end stuff, so think about this now youre going to get this thing for 200 uh? How much is a a defender 500? How much is a scx 103 uh 400 and how is the rc4 wheel drive? This is the level of rc4 wheel, drive uh its like 500 550, so marty mcfly boom racing, so youre going to get fall off your money and if you want to crawl one thing really cool is you can modify this thing easily and i do have one This is my own personal one, and what all you really need to do is lift it uh.

This is what they used to do with the these chimneys. Is they lifted them and then boom? Oh, the colors are a little bit different, not sure why? So all we did is we lifted it and the way you lift it is you just move the spacer block from the top to the bottom, and then you adjust your your springs. I think we took out a few leaves and then boom. Look at that. Look at that flex so now look how high how much higher youre sitting! Oh, we lost. One mirror, has these really authentic mirrors and we have a driver so boom? How much more skill can you get huh and, like i said, on sale for 200 bucks uh, the link is only going to be at our description. Amazon is going to be like 350 350 bucks, but it its uh its, not a super high end performer, but for the realism uh it will it will it will. It will beep an rc4 wheel, drive for sure and all the parts are there. The esc is a little bit notchy so and not adjustable. So all you need to do is change that uh change, that to hobbywing 1080 a lot of adjustability or you know even that new isdt esc 25 bucks uh had some bugs in the beginning, but i think its mostly sorted out now and then boom there. You go so click on the link in the description and, if you already have this vehicle share your thoughts but its a cool cool project uh and were going to have, i think, a jamboree, a rally with all these vehicles.

In my in the mb scaler, you know that 1941 release cheap all right thanks your time, guys, Music, as lost as a loss, keep all your game eyes as the laws Music as a loss. Music.