I can be very disappointed because i dont get them here. Welcome back to the skill builders guild thanks again for watching today were taking a first look, run and review of the new fms chimney and youre saying to yourself what exactly is a chimney? Is it some sort of character from an animated movie? No, its one of these its this little guy right here. This is a suzuki chimney, and this is from fms fms uh through horizon hobby, sent me this tiny little 12 scale model of the suzuki chimney. Its pretty amazing, i have to admit i was pretty blown away when i saw this and for a couple of reasons, its an awesome. Looking hard body, it almost looks like a static model thats. How good this truck looks from all angles. I might add the front. The side, the back, the undercarriage it really is truly a pretty amazing model and theres a lot of details added to this, that you would not get in a lexan body or for that matter, in a lot of other hard bodies before we get too far into The actual truck itself, i should mention the other thing that i was a little bit surprised about and thats the packaging that this truck comes in. It comes in this cool pelican style case and theres a little. You know, cardboard outer cover thing that kind of details. Some of the details of this truck, but this itself is a pretty neat carrying case and uh, its actually emblazoned embossed with the suzuki chimney logo on there uh it actually, you know, opens like a regular everyday pelican case, theres like a little tab on the top.

Here, open that up and thats, where your truck would be, which is pretty neat great carrying case uh, carries everything you need really um im, not usually one to hang on to packaging or boxes for that matter. But with this i can see myself hanging on to that that kind of makes a lot of sense, very cool, all right back to the truck itself, because thats – really, why were here? This is not the scale box guild. This is a 1 12 scale. Suzuki chimney its pretty accurate to the real deal. I dont get these in north america, which is a real disappointment, because this is a pretty amazing vehicle. We rented a suzuki chimney when we were in costa rica, and let me tell you there are a lot of washed out roads on the way to the place that we were staying at and it was pretty handy to have a little 4×4 just like this one. Its got a 187 millimeter wheelbase um 16 millimeters of ground clearance, so its not going to be a rock crawler by any means, but it will be a really excellent trail truck and i think its going to look amazing in video. If im honest just because of the amount of detail in this crazy good hard body, there really isnt a bad angle for the chimney, in my opinion, its almost like its like an everyday mans g wagon, its kind of got those kind of proportions.

And i i really really like it. I ive always been a fan of the jimny full interior, all the doors open, the hood opens and theres. Actually, even on this model, there is an engine, a little tiny molded engine there to cover up some of the more electronic details, but enough to kind of give you the idea of whats going on there, which is pretty neat um the grille instead of a sticker. This is all real mesh. As you can see there, you can see my fingers really detailed light kit, uh wipers mirrors, full interior lets, go and take a look at some of the back details here. Metal emblems, metal hinges, this rear brake light. This lights up. They really did an amazing job, look at the wheels and tires theres, even a fake brake disc in there that spins with the wheel and the caliper stays put, which is always a nice touch, um its actually pretty realistic too. Its got front and rear radius, arms, uh scale, axles, um, coils and shocks. Just like the real deal and look at this really detailed undercarriage its got everything there, its pretty amazing. They really went all out with the details on this. Even down to the stock dunlop tires theyre really. This is like as scale accurate, a model as you can get. In my opinion, its pretty amazing lets take a look at that full interior. By going through the back, they do take a little bit more force to get into, and out of i, in fact, i dont have the fingernails to get into the side doors, so i have to kind of push at them from inside.

For now, which is sort of annoying, but it is what it is there we go um you can see. There is a wire that goes in there and thats for that brake light, which is pretty cool. Even the glass has the ice melting uh lines in it. Its pretty crazy detailed, this interior is modular, so you can actually pull the seats up if you want theres a whole like extra section for storage, underneath here, like its as accurate to the real deal as it possibly could get. I like having them in the down position, offer a little bit more storage capacity, seats that telescope backwards and forwards its pretty crazy. The driver hes not included uh, that is a stan lee six inch driver and for twelfth scale. Six inches is about accurate thatd, be about a six foot tall man uh he fit in there with a tiny bit of surgery, hes missing the shin and foot, but youd never know when the door is closed. It does offer a pretty decent amount of room for a driver and uh. You know for something like this. I think you just need to have a driver in there. What is it that stan lee said with great power? Comes great responsibility, im sure he feels that way about this truck and fms in general. If this is what they can offer, hopefully they live up to the responsibility and offer more down the road its the best way.

I could tie in that character. Otherwise, uh you know the mirrors tilt in theres actual glass behind them too, so they are reflective, which is pretty neat um wipers um there is an antenna on the top here and nice detail about this antenna is that it is rubberized, so you wont break it Off when you roll the truck over, inevitably like all of fmss models lately there is a really nice light kit included this one has a few different modes: theres your daytime sort of, i guess headlights, then youve got a high beam. Then youve got sort of a. I dont know this sort of be like a caution or warning system where all the blinkers are flashing and youve got your lower, uh fog lamps on as well then theres, another one where its just fog, lamps and then off. So all in all many different functions. But if we go through this again, you will see that the turn signals are a thing that still exists here. I dont know if theres a mode that changes having them on or off theres got to be a way to do it, something i will definitely investigate. It always seems to confound me. There should be a way to turn those off, but i havent found it yet. On the back uh, you will see here reverse lights as well, which is pretty neat. I like that. A lot lets go back into this mode, thats sort of your drl mode and should be brake lights, yep exactly staying with reverse there, so really nicely full function.

Light kit, i think that alone is one of the best selling features. One thing that you probably didnt know about this model that i was pretty surprised about, that the steering wheel turns with the wheels and im not sure if you can see that or not well see. If we can get a close up on that here, we go yup very, very cool. I think that is a pretty neat feature, something i havent seen at this scale and something you dont actually see in many scales, if im honest, so that is a pretty nice little bonus feature. The transmitter is fine, its not amazing, but it is pretty decent. Its got a good, solid weight to it, the plastic wheel, isnt the best, but all the things you need are on there and the ability to adjust everything from the radio just like the 18th scales. So if you have any questions about how to set it up, i go over some of the details in that video, which i will link right up here now that weve talked about most of the exterior details and how this truck looks as it comes out of The box, which is pretty spectacular if you ask me, lets talk a little bit about some of the features of the chassis. It is a metal construction chassis, a ladder frame chassis, just like you might expect in the full size truck uh. It goes the full length of the chassis, of course, great looking scale pumpkins on these axles, which i think really look amazing.

It is all plastic um, but you know at this scale im willing to forgive that there are metal drive shafts, which is a nice touch. Uh your steering servos on the proper side, which is really awesome for uh. You know left hand drive anyway. Everything is hidden. You dont see much of the electronics anywhere. There is a steering servo up front here. There is also a second servo for the shifting transmission. So you get a first gear and a second gear, of course. The second gear is a little bit taller. You do lose a ton of torque in that second gear. So its really only going to be good on the trails i found it did not really hook up very well as soon as it got any sort of obstacle in its way it just kind of bottomed right out, couldnt really deal with it in second gear. So, first gear, your crawling gear is definitely going to be the one youre probably going to be using the most, not a ton of speed out of this vehicle, Music thats, of course, first gear. Second, gear obviously does give you a ton more speed and a decent drag break too, like i said, though, you arent going to get a ton of torque in that second gear, so performance is definitely going to suffer in an off road sort of situation. Nice strong steering servo, though plenty of throw on that. I will say, though, that this engine does feel significantly underpowered for the size and weight of the vehicle, so not a ton of speed or torque available at any time in any gear, so thats, something i would love to see an upgrade for and in fact im Going to see if a furitek brushless system will fit in this truck at some point in the future, because i do feel that it could use a little help there, um yeah, based on the wheel and hub system.

I think you are going to be locked into their specific wheel and tire combination uh its going to require some clever thinking to find something thats going to fit. I believe, because that is a pretty specific wheel and tire combo uh, with a very specific hub. It is a pin hub on the back um, which mates up with the axle shaft, which looks pretty narrow. But there is no way that i can see of getting an aftermarket wheel and tire on there unless they make it specifically to this sort of design and its not exactly easy to get them on and off either. It would have been nice to see something. A little more standard in that regard, so we did have some options. Fms did go for absolute realism here, so, unfortunately, thats a setback that i think were gon na have to live with, but it is a pretty nice looking combo. Are you willing to compromise on performance to gain a lot in the scale accuracy department are looks of the vehicle just as or more important to you than the actual driving dynamics. Let me know in the comments down below you know. I love reading through your feedback and i try to answer as many of them as i can, and if youre enjoying this video hit the like button, if you dont, enjoy it hit the dislike button subscribe. If you havent already and ring that notification bell, so you get updates any time theres a new video from the scale builders guild.

Overall, i think fms did an amazing job on this vehicle. I like that they made it 12 scale. So a lot of those six inch drivers are gon na fit just fine. This turning steering wheel and the scale accuracy of the vehicle overall make it a real winner. In my book i like that its small id like to thank fms and horizon hobby for sending this along, so i could do this miniature review because it is a small truck. I think its got some potential for sure it just needs a better motor. I think straight out of the box thats, the biggest upgrade that i could see myself making in this in this vehicle id also love to see a more universal style of axle, so we could fit different wheels and tires on there, something that could be. You know upgraded beyond this factory all terrain tire. I just dont think that thats gon na be enough performance for most people uh but looks wise. You really cant beat it. I i honestly, i thought that land cruiser that they did uh in 18th scale was pretty darn amazing. This takes the cake, it is really spectacular. I love all the work that went into making this truck, and i hope that fms continues down this road and takes some of my suggestions seriously in their next iteration, whatever it might be. The 300 milliamp hour lipo battery that is included with this truck, does offer a pretty decent run time.

I was pretty surprised at how long that lasted, and i think it probably has to do with the amount of reduction thats built into the transmission. All in all, i am pretty impressed with the fms 112 scale, suzuki jimny. I love that its a licensed product too, seeing the actual badges makes for a really rewarding experience, because you know that they actually took the time to make the vehicle look right. So to have all those features have all this scale accuracy have all this weight and gorgeous interior its almost like its a static model, thats been sort of upsized and rcified and thats pretty cool. I really like it. I think its a lot of fun. Is it a rock crawler? No, does everything need to be? No, of course not. A good trail truck puts as big a smile on my face as a good crawler so get out there enjoy the hobby and uh, hopefully well see on the trails. I think thats going to do it for this review. Thank you.