Youll see my hands occasionally im using a insta360 go to camera, and i am gon na show you this nice new machine from fms its their new fj cruiser 1 18. Music. So so we are going to talk about it. Details pros cons, running video. I hired a new videographer to uh, get some good footage of the car and then at the end, if you hang on to the end im gon na, compare it briefly to these two: pretty cool machines, all right so lets get with it throttle show you the Modulation in a second and the lights can be controlled by the transmitter, the running mode, but you have to be in position b on the transmitter right here so from here. You hit this button. Low beam, high beam high beam with flashers emergency lights. I dont know why you would want that and then signal lights only and completely off. Okay. So obviously you want to be in high beam and they will have the signal lights when operating so here it is so something really cool, not too noisy, but the modulation is excellent and its got a little bit of torque even at low speed, which is not Something you find all the time: okay and then steering is nice and fast and you can adjust the throw trim a bunch of stuff here, but obviously you just want max max steering max throttle all the time. But the key here is note.

The modulation very smooth, deliberate and controlled with very little play on the wheels, so the basics are good okay, so we will do a couple just desktop things, strengths and weaknesses and hit the trail. So so the strength is the steering is nice. Modulation is nice and, as you can see, i am getting over these bumps and its not jumping out of control could be better but pretty darn Music good. So that is the key strength, beautiful body for sure and a pretty nice package 100 about 184 bucks with two batteries, so so thats the strength, the weaknesses you know. I say this with a lot of um small vehicles. Suspension is undamped um its a tall order for them, but i think at this scale, what is it 1 18th. The panda is able to achieve damp suspension. This, i think, would benefit greatly from damp suspension. Okay, another con is the the sliders theyre, really steps for more small caller type vehicles, and they do get in the way, but one could just cut this if it. If it is annoying, you like it, does me, because i think itll perform a lot better. All right, another weakness is this one, you know the mess of wires here is not not awesome because it does get in the way. Every time i close it its like almost closed all right and then lets see the final weakness. I would say the manual its very weak Applause first halfs in chinese and then the next half is very hard to read for old eyes like myself, but it is.

You know it comes in a very nice case like this very high quality foam. Then a box and a very cool weakness, uh strength – is that its licensed you know toyota fj, cruiser 118 scaler, thats cool, so fms also sold as eachine. All right so enjoy the running, video all right, heres, the running video. We have eric the videographer and he says i should talk to give context to what you are seeing. The sun is running around too so youll hear him every once in a while. Oh and youll see me on the video. I could not escape the camera. After all, so heres, the first climb super steep and its fairly composed so right there. It already tells you that you can have several attempts at a top obstacle, its not good, its, not unstable or out of control right. There first crash got it out of the way and then almost vertical, but you hook right through the front tire and it was able to do it so thats, very impressive for a hard body scaler we move on. This is a very narrow shoot too narrow. For this vehicle, so we have to hug left, which is the steeper rock. So that is the problem for this vehicle. It goes up like that, so on other vehicles, we can hug right avoid more like steps that rock on the left. But then this body gets hung up. When you go on the right, we gave it some attempts, but the body was just getting hung up, heres, something pretty steep side, hilling and then just the driver area.

There. We didnt see the right front tire dipping and that upset it, especially with undamped suspension when it flips. It goes without warning, because it will tilt the balance quickly and then its off right here is a tough one because of the sliders. The sliders are actually what i call mall crawler steps good for your feet to grab onto, but it is its caught up in rocks and right there pretty good move here. You can see the articulation of this vehicle. It looks pretty cool because even a lot more than the 124th scale, it looks kind of real and we are in this hobby for quite a bit of that, you know lights when you back up. This is a this is a steep one, especially because this vehicle is a little too wide for this and then sliders again getting up right. There, sliders ill call them steps, but the steps are pretty easy to cut and youll have a pretty clean slider. So you do this couple times when you power through bad things happen. So, as you can see, we flipped the machine over for you guys on its first run its only then that you understand what the vehicle is capable of, that bumper is really cool. It never was an issue, never called attention to itself. I always say when a part is not noticed in a test run its done its job theyre super cool to the modulation, very realistic Applause and our camera guy is amazing because he does not have a gimbal.

He is hand holding the camera. I think his hand is stabilized right there. We do some descending theres, an element rc hard body right there, and here we do a little bit of dirt before we close this off stock tires completely unmodified first modification well, do is put some heavier wheels, one more time, maybe especially in the front, get that Nose down get the center of gravity in our favor next thing is, is damp the shocks somehow and the way you damp shocks is you put some some kind of grease or heavy fluid in the shocks that wont leak out quickly right there descending articulation pretty cool The motor is able to control this heavy vehicle. Fj cruiser modified a vehicle. That really is a tacoma and toyota gave up on, but it is pretty darn good and theres the engine finally ill do a comparison with a couple vehicles: scx 24 right here, uh, obviously bigger 124 scale. 1 18 scale both of them are on depth. This is heavily modified, so thats the size difference. This is they perform pretty similar. This is a very light body, but this is more a crawler and this is more a scalar, but this i think we can has potential but thats a size difference. The other key thing to compare it to is the fms land cruiser land cruiser. This is one of my favorite vehicles, so cool opening hood as well. Servo is forward mounted here.

This is quite a performer. This is higher, obviously a little bit more body roll. The width is, i would say, the same this. This is a little longer, but very similar, nice interior on both of them. You can barely see the interior here, though small windows, but this is about 174, with two batteries: 184 with two batteries all right. The last thing well compare to is this willys jeep from fms as well beautiful vehicle, probably my favorite vehicle from them. Opening hood has a two speed transmission, i believe and then a steering wheel that turns very very scale and the trick up the sleeve.