I thank everyone who watched our first video and subscribe to our channel. It means a lot. Please continue to support in today’s video. We are going to take a look at two rc toys that i mentioned in my previous video for those who haven’t watched it. Please do so for mustang gt4 monster jam, so stay tuned and watch till the end first. Let’S. Take a look at four mustang: gt4: Music, fun, Music, huh, Music, foreign Music, my Music. The box includes the car controller water tank 6.4 volt lithium ion battery for a car, nine volt battery for controller extra set of fuels for drifting, one with the tread one without the tread it’s all included, so it’s ready to run out the box. Let me give you a quick demo of how to charge this battery. It only takes couple of hours to charge this battery once fully charged. It can run for a long time. In fact, the runtime of this car has impressed me a lot Music. This car got a cool feature, burn out effect and i’ll show you how it Music works. Music. My Music me: Music, hmm Applause, Music Applause, that’s cool isn’t, it it was bought in toy street singapore for 129 i’ll copy. The link in this video next is monster. Jam truck grave digger edition Music foreign, the box includes the truck and a controller it’s powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery is inbuilt with usb charging, while the controller takes two triple a batteries and they are all included in the box.

So it’s ready to run out the box. Let me give you a quick demo of how to charge Music charging time for this monster. Gym is usually longer, but the running time is less than an hour. It’S, a real wheel, drive Music, so Music performance is good and it’s fun. To use one interesting thing about this box is, it can be converted to a small ramp and the details are given in the box. So why unbox it please be careful and don’t damage. The box, like i did Music uh, Music, okay, Music Music, so this was bought in carousel, but you can get it from toysta.sg2 i’ll give both the links below alright. That concludes our today’s video. If you like to buy any of these toys, do check out the links below so which rc toy.