This is a ford raptor, diecast car diecast, and today we are going to review and i’m going to show you all the features of this car. It has quite a few hidden features and an amazing toy here. So today we are going to review the story here. This is a ford, raptor and it’s, a metal diecast car, so let’s go ahead and review it so guys. First off some of the features that this car have is its doors can open and close, and it has sounds and lights so you can see it when i open the door, you can see the lights going on. So that is one thing, so you can see the lights, both the doors open up i’m, very detailed car. This is very detailing. Is there a lot of detailing? Is there in this uh the lights go on and off, then the sound when you open the door very realistic sounds like normally when you open a car like unlock a car. Similar sounds here and very realistic. The headlights go on the headlights, go on the inside music system, lights up, it’s, a very realistic and amazing car uh. So you can see all very detailed car designer and i’m going to show it to you all more in detail right now, so let’s go and check it out like i’m, just going to show you all the detailing here. So, first of all, you can see the four branding right in the front like the real photograph.

Raptor has a ford written on its grill. Then it has led lights here. Headlights are led and lights here right, the original fault grill. You can see then right on top of the hole they have ford f. 150. F, 150 raptor liquid lifted. Here you can see this. This f150 adapter written on it, okay and i’m, showing you all the car for the size right now. So here are the wheels there is a 6.2 meter engine written. There are those, and i mean the raptor branding right like the original car. They are after a ted right here as well. The back side of the car. You see the back of the car. Again, you can see the f 150 branding right here. Music, see the tail lights here on the back of the car, so this is a pickup truck from fault, so there is a there is. This is a space where you can keep your stuff, and this is a extra okay. This is the ford raptor it’s made out of metal, so it is completely made out of metal here now. Let’S look at as soon there’s a music system there very detailed on the inside as well. There’S a gear box, there’s a music system shown seats. Now let’s go on the other side. Let’S see this dairy Applause Music. You can see from here Music according to the features of this car, the doors open and closed – and you see another thing: it’s a pullback car, so i pull it right.

It hidden features. Now the best part is when you press the hood down the lights and the sound start sound of the car like driving and braking. Do you need to play the hotel Applause so very detailed, sound and lights here, and those open and close with light and sound effects, cheers guys? This is the fault after diecast now let’s, look at the downside below here is the place where the batteries go in. So there are three uh button cells that go into this. It requires three button cells for the light and the sounds to work it’s, a 1 by 32 scaled model of the f 150 adapter it’s, a main china product i’m, very much detailed car, a good starting price, uh good starting product at a very a nice price. Also so the price of this ford, raptor Music diecast model, uh 1 by 32 scale model, is rupees 799 on amazon, from where i purchased it. So the link to the product is in the description below. If you are about to go ahead and purchase it, yeah we’ll purchase it from there, so it’s a 1 by 32 scale model like it’s as big as the palm of my hand. So, just for illustration, just showing it to you it’s as big as the palm of my hand, so it’s, not a small car it’s, a 1 by 32 scale, model it’s as big as the power of my hand. So when i ordered it, i was expecting it to be a small car, but it really turned out quite big, so really happy about this.

Overall, i like the product it’s, quite nice. It has realistic, sounds and lights it’s a pullback product as well play with it’s an amazing collector’s model to keep so yeah again. The price of this product is rupees, 799 it’s available on amazon and the link to the product is in my description below. So let me go and go ahead and purchase it from that again: Music um! These are the various features of this car it’s, an amazing amazing product at the prior 7.99.