It is all about for tonight with the remote control. 80K. All terrain cart with drift. Look a try me button, that’s, right lights and sounds on the ATK and, of course, rubberized wheels for traction. Don’T worry squirrel. We won’t run you over too many times on the back of this fancily angular Doc’s. We have a drawn in game image of the 80k rolling about how’s your driving and drift address down all the way to his default style. I believe drift journey into the unknown and find your way to victory, also available a bus drone which I have not seen and a quad crusher. I have seen that okay, then we’ll let’s unbox, the 80k find some riders and go for a ride. Music Music. Did they seriously really need to screw in the 80k into the cardboard? On the back of the box, it was like going back to shop class 101 on that one, but there it is the mighty 80k all set for travels that’s right. We need batteries here. Three double a and two triple a drift I’m, not just paying you to hold that stop sign back there get on the batteries. Okay, while drift is busy let’s spin, the car around a bit looks good from all around up wait. Do we need to remove that? Yellow arrow sticker on the hood – ah, I actually kind of like it now should have left it, but there on the front of the hood, is our sound effect button.

Give it a press. We have a TK vehicle noises of light up pipes on the sides and a nice little emergency warning. The ATK looks loaded with room for travel. I love mini vehicles with plenty of spots for action figures. If needed, you can remove this roof, so it may be a little easier to place figures inside it’s really quite versatile. Well, where is drift with the batteries? We need to get the batteries going, there’s the double A’s I’m. Looking for the triples hang on okay drift, while we wait, we will install the doubles Music. So, if you’re dumbfounded that I didn’t think that there are batteries inside even when the vehicle was already making, try me noises raise your hand. Well, I will say that the batteries were for try me only and it’s. Possibly they are weaker than a normal brand, and I want my 80k to really fly so I’m gon na place my own batteries in and while we are underneath the 80k let’s get it switched to officially on it’s making some new sounds already yeah. The batteries included were pretty light: I’m. Okay, switching those out, maybe I’ll, hold off on the triple A’s that are inside the remote. I found the triple A’s for the remote. Oh thanks drift, but I think I decided to go with what is included with the box. Here, huh yeah, usually remote batteries last longer than the batteries going to use the mechanical nature’s of the cart we’ll just hold on to them for later, Oh squirrels.

Well, I think we’re already near time for drive. Oh let’s really quick place. This golf bag in the back of the cart kind of a neat little spot to store extra weapons, maybe a rolled up dollar bill or something I don’t know: okay, drift hop into the driver’s seat and let’s see. If we can start this thing up, I’ve been waiting all day for you to say that what okay drift is ready to go I’ve got his hands, gripped onto the steering wheel, pretty good there’s, also a floorboard peg for his foot, but it seems like it keeps Popping off but it’s there I think, I’ll hold on okay on that steering wheel. Now we can place back down the cover of the 80 K and I think we’re all set for our first voyage. Oh yeah, right, alright, well, I’m. Pretty sure the 80 K is switched to on so now I suppose does this need to be switched on anywhere there we go on and now here we go. What happens? Hmm, nothing okay, there’s, just a little more to just having them both on to get them to go. You need to do this within 30 seconds to get them to link, so let’s switch off now switch the cart back on switch the remote back on within 30 seconds, and it should pair to each other. Oh the lights. Solid that’s got to be a good thing. Drift that kind of hurt whoa.

This thing is really fast. It’S like watching Austin Powers Drive something stop it. Oh sorry, Landry, oh we’re gon na need more space, not bad at all. We’Re just going to need a little more table room house drift, doing triage trooper. He took a bad hit, but he’ll be okay. Glad to have you here, triage trooper, okay, drift pop back into the driver’s seat. If you can, you know, maybe if we work together this time we won’t have such a bad accident. Well, let’s find a few more figures to load in the back of the box says DJ yonder on for a ride, I’m sure he’ll provide some good Tunes. You can see the figures feet will peg on to the back pegs. However, I would have liked to have seen a better grab bar. He is so gon na go flying off the side yeah I hate to overextend there kung fu grip, but it looks like DJ. Yonder can hold on to the bars of the ATK. The box also has ruckus along for the ride, so let’s also place him on the back. You might be able to use a little mini flagpole as a grip that leaves one more seat for shotgun. Let’S. Try out dark bomber, alright, well, let’s go for an official Drive now, hopefully we won’t get hurt. I think the remote has already been unpaired, so we’re gon na have to turn everything off again and gopher spin it’s, a giant swirl, Music Applause, Music Applause.

That cart goes really fast, Music, Oh into the rap, but have we eaten in shots before Music Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music by Music Applause? What what happened to you guys? Did you hit a fence or something a golden retriever? What is that all about where’s ruckus boy? Did you guys go on an adventure? Well, I would say overall, the 80k performs rather squirrely. If you’re good at RC, you can drive it around pretty well, but it doesn’t always follow a straight line very well. So there’s a little bit of adjusting here and there we do have a steering alignment lever underneath the 80k. If you need to get a more solid steer, but for the most part I found it pretty squirrely just find a nice smooth pad to work with and drive around and have some fun. I also would add that I wish this roof would hold a little stronger. It pops off pretty quickly but it’s no deal killer overall, a pretty fun vehicle to play with well drift. Where are you going next I’m going Mini Putt Putt? Oh miniature golf sounds fun. Applause, the fortnight Atka all terrain, art, remote control, with drift figure included, arrives on store shelves fall. 2019 runs approximately forty dollars if you’re looking for a vehicle that holds it. Lots of jazz wares or inch of figures to drive about town and all around the 80k is a fun vehicle to play just make sure if you’re driving out in the wild don’t hit fences, pea, shooters and golden retrievers.