We blew the motor on it, donc nous’ve got a new one. Coming though that’s bonne nouvelle. ainsi, instead we had room for another big car, another big car that hasnt been out for a while. We brought out with us the outcast 8s. Last time this car was out was when we did the outcast aes versus the traxxas x. Max video ill put a link in the description above where you can see that one, mais il a’t been out since then, can we fix up the shocks? nous’Ve actually got the m2c shock charge on there weve gone with lighter oil. We thought wed bring it out and see how that performs today see if we get any breakages, mais si vous aimez, we do please remember to subscribe, hit the like comment down below and turn on. The notifications give us a thumbs up. Si vous aimez ce que nous’re doing and uh dislike, si vous ne le faites pas’t like what we’refaire, is he going to the moon hes going to the moon going to the moon? Martin says its going to the moon Music? Oh Musique, so we have the battle of the outcast state. S (en)’S we’ve got a hardcore. Rs8S and weve got kevs eight s because hes been a little bit modified, bien qu’il’s running under kv, nous’re running stock stock stock, who will win Music? S actually is handling this track beautifully. Spin in the air handles really well actually on this track, Je’M. A bit shocked at that being very honest with you, a été’t think it would handle like that.

Ah, here comes hes chasing down a little buggy now hes gon na hes gon na eat. The buggy ive got a nice little drift up. The inside hes hanging like a breeze. Oh il’s, offering oh kevs gone out. Oh getting mullet now getting chased down that little buggy poor little buggy, oh i’M, going in this weather is horrible, Il’s horrible Music in the lead again Music. So how come youre once? Did you mind? Il’S a driver, kid Music. Je pense qu’ils’re swapping over the kids. Maintenant, driving out im blaming the servo and calendar surviving kids Music, partout, just winning with our one. Maintenant, oh d’accord, i think keswan could be having a problem with the series Music galas having all sorts of trouble. Kev wrong, Oui, grand garçon, oh que’s, broken! Oh ça’s fait! Oh, Oh, mon Dieu! What happened broke it? Who broke it broke it nevermind shots. What are the shocks doing quick check the shots out? Je pense qu’ils’Re, D'accord, ils’re straight it’s, still straight shots are still straight that ones just right. I think they are straight it’s. Just actually its not shattered this time now. Is it nice just gone there yeah see if anyones got a spare one here we get that fixed up and there we go were all fixed up ready to go. We have the battle of the big boys, three crate and eight s’s, and exploiting s and callum with the outcast eight.

Oui, qui’s gon na win callum on your marks. Préparez-vous, go ripped up. The inside, oh martin, is after him cheating, oh a bit of dirty playing going on there. Oh ça’s pas cher, Oh, Oh, there goes the exp, oh que’s, cela’s divine. That is quick, Continuer. d'accord, i think caleb comes in for a default win there. Oh ça’qui’s divine intervention. That is one word round two. Tu es prêt? Relax get set, go gallon, whips up the inside all the exp. Oh regarde ça. That is certainly dirty playing going on here. Il’S going out callums going back up now, obamas trying to take the shortcut. Martin looks on the lead. Is it one or two laps, calum theyre playing dirty mate, Il’s bumper cars marks, se mettre en place, allez y aller, Aller, Aller, Oh! Vraiment’s carnage theyre off for another round, Il’s absolute, the big boy, bullying sessions, Je’m right he’s, trying to cut oh take them on the inside, though nicely done its oh inside i cant get a second on that one. You ready relax, se mettre en place, go nice off to a good start. Oh oui, Applaudissements! Oh sadly, guys the servos gone on the outcast date. Oui, Et alors’s il. That is the end for today, mais nous’ve actually enjoyed driving. That today have you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it enjoyed it. It actually surprised us a bit. Peut-être que nous’ve been a bit unkind to the outcast 8s. Do you think yeah? I think we might need to bring it out a bit more yeah.

If you want to see more of this outcast 8s coming out a bit more now, please remember to subscribe, hit the like button below turn on those notifications guys and give us a thumbs up if you like what were doing just like, si vous ne le faites pas’t know what WeRe doing stay safe, Gars, nous’ll see you next video remember to check out some of these other videos.

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