En fait, there are a few of any differences between the two. We were impressed when we tested the RDX a year ago, but it was brand new. Then considering its one of the best selling small luxury SUVs in the market. We figured it was important to figure out if our opinion holds up a year later, so stick around and well unpack more of what we like and dislike about the RDX, including figuring out which one of the RDX are the best value Music Music. One year later, the design of the RDX still feels fresh and compared to Acuras old, beat styling. This one looks like it will be, an instant classic. The logo is too big, but the broad, propre, grill and rakish headlights look good in this upper character line which swoops from the windshield to the rear hatch, makes up for the comically large acura badge. Applause that sharp styling carries into the cabin which has this bold red leather its instantly eye catching, which is probably why were seeing it more often on new luxury cars. Je’M glad we’Re, looking at mostly red upholstered seats and just a hint of red in the rest of the cabin its not overwhelming the seats themselves, are very comfortable it’s, not hard to find a comfortable driving position. The rear seats provide plenty of head and legroom, even for someone my size. franchement, the RDX pushes the limits of what constitutes a compact SUV. Not only does it have plenty of room for passengers, but it also packs ample rear cargo space, Il’s easily accessible, the load floors at a good height, and you have cubbies down here with a hidden compartment below the cargo floor.

So what do I not like? Bien, most of what’s, going on over here youve got conventional climate controls, which are good, but the good ends there. The vivid widescreen infotainment system should in theory, be great, mais il’s operated via this touchpad down by the shifter. This is similar to the less remote touch. Trackpad but Acura has added more complexity with the separate scroller for the right third of the screen. The RDX comes with apple carplay, ce qui est agréable, but that system is optimized for a touchscreen. This controller is designed to map directly to the infotainment screen. So if you touch the top left corner of the pad, it clicks on whatever is in the top left corner of the screen, but it still negates the simplicity of car play. Consider BMW in its I Drive system, BMW basically introduced infotainment to the industry and the fact that its adopted a touchscreen in recent years speaks volumes. Perhaps youre like me and think a touchscreen would have solved everything here or maybe you think remotely operated. Infotainment is the way to go wherever you land leave a comment below and let us know what you think above the base spec RDX. There are effectively three packages that operate as trim levels, including technology, a spec in advance, but CarGurus recommends the base RDX because it comes so well equipped. It comes with standard features like the 10.5 inch touchscreen, how moonroof leather heated front seats, Bluetooth, connectivity, pomme, carplay and a whole host of driver assistance features ensure our ace spec came with some visual upgrades, ventilated seats, this massive panoramic moonroof and a fantastic 16 Haut-parleur, Els Audio system, but the base RDX, is where the value lives.

Si vous’D, like a more detailed breakdown of each package of the RDX check out my written review via the link in the description below no matter which level of the RDX you select, it comes with the same engine it’s a 2 liter turbocharged, four cylinder that makes 272 horsepower sent through a 10 vitesse transmission automatique. The power can be sent in the front, wheels or available super handling. Toutes les roues motrices. You can use the steering wheel, mounted paddle shifters on our a spec test model, but I didnt really bother to use manual mode. Place, Je’ve tested the drive mode dial, which provides comfort, snow sport and sport plus drive modes its almost comical how much of the this dial takes up below it? You have separate buttons for park neutral and drive, and then this weird pull tab for reverse automakers claim these shifters and dials save space, because the center console area is so valuable, but look at how much unused spaces in this center console and one upside to all. This unused space, then it makes it easier to find the cancel button for the auto stop star system. Je ne sais pas’t really like these systems, even if they do save fuel in the long term, speaking of which the RDX uses premium fuel in our all wheel, drive a spec test model returns an EPA estimated 22 miles per gallon city 27. Highway 24, combined even with stop start turned off and a week of combined city and highway driving observed fuel economy of just over 22 mpg plus Im sure my observed fuel economy would have been better if I didnt leave it in sport mode, the entire time the Rdx provides great acceleration with almost no turbo lag.

The tennspeed Auto manages power well and easily gets you up to speed when you want to pass people on the highway just as crucial. The handling is great, both around town and on the highway, where you can take big sweeping turns at considerable speed. Our test model came with features like forward collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and Lane Keeping Assist combined. The last two features and you have a car that nearly drives itself, provided you keep a hand on the wheel base MSRP for the 2020 Acura RDX is thirty, seven thousand six hundred dollars, which is two hundred dollars more than last year. Our all wheel, drive effect test model started at forty five thousand eight hundred dollars, and while that pricing is typical for the segment, the base price is fantastic. Considering what you get if the infotainment was bad, I would not have recommended this car and I have recommended it to many shoppers over the past six months now, là’s, no denying that the infotainment could still use some work and in some cases, depending on the person ItS even led me to steer them towards the bmw x3 instead, but the RDX is still a capable spacious, luxury, crossover and its still a great value, thanks for watching subscribe to see more videos like our review on the BMW x3. If you think Im over blowing the infotainment or if you think it could be an actual deal breaker, let us know in the comments and to read my full review in the 2020 Acura RDX go to cargurus.