But before we go any further, revêtir’t forget if you want the very best deals on the UX or any of its rivals head to the watt car new car buying section on our website. So the first thing to mention is the cars name. Maintenant, il’s a brand new car it’s, not a replacement for anything it’s, not a model thats following on from something else: Il’s, not something that harks back to Lexus is tradition or heritage, ou quelque chose comme ça. Il’S (en), a brand new model on a new platform, alors ils’ve called it. The UX and Lexus said that the you in that stands for urban and the X or a cross stands for cross over so it’s. An urban crossover, hmm slick right having an X on the end, also makes it a recognizable part of Lexus is current SUV family, which includes the bigger NX and even bigger our X and our XL. As for its rivals, the UX is against premium family SUVs like the Volvo XC, 40 and BMW x1, as well as hybrid rivals like the Kia, Niro and MINI Countryman se. As for the interior, si vous’re looking for a typical high riding driving position in your SUV, the UX might not be for you because you sit noticeably lower to the ground than its rivals, while it might not be quite so high as others its still a fine Driving position with great visibility and lots of adjustability to get comfortable as for the rest of the interior, Il’s typical Lexus, with a truly excellent level of build quality, but as with other cars and its lineup, an infotainment system which is hugely frustrating to use.

Because of its complicated layout and ancient trackpad system in the UK, the UX is only available as a hybrid car. So that means it gets a brand new 2 litre petrol engine, and that is paired with an electric motor. It gets a battery as well so what’qui, like well like most hybrid cars, Il’s très impressionnant, at low speeds, around town, où, quand il’s just running on the battery power, Il’s very quiet and the acceleration is smooth and quick and responsive as well. But the car also gets a decent amount of power as well. So not only will it cope very easily and very comfortably with town speeds, but if you get it up to higher speeds, it does actually have a decent amount of power to go with the smoothness. As well so longer fast, the motorway journeys are actually pretty easy, but what we would say is that being a hybrid, il ne’t quite have the pulling power of the diesel engines that you get in its premium. Rivals like the XC 40 or the BMW x2. Now that engine is paired with a CVT gearbox that’s, a continuously variable transmission, qu’est-ce que c’est, is an automatic gearbox, donc il’s, not a manual. Vous ne le faites pas’t have to change gears yourself and theres only two pedals, and it basically means that it doesnt shift gears. Like you get on some other automatic gearboxes, the trouble with CVT gearbox is, Si, is that when you ask for a prolonged burst of acceleration, it sends the revs soaring and takes a very long time for it to settle down again.

No one has made a CVT that’s, quite as slick as a more traditional automatic lexus has worked on the CVT transmission for the UX and actually it’s, not quite so bad as it has been in other models. ainsi, bien qu’il’n’est pas parfait, you only really have a problem if you’Re, suddenly accelerating very hard and the instances that that happens are really not that common in everyday driving. This is an early Drive in the UX, which means that there are still quite a few things that to be announced by Lexus there’s. Non. Confirmation of pricing, par exemple,, with Lexus saying it’ll, be priced right among its premium rivals, c’est-à-dire’s going to start from around 30000 Livres. So the UX is a striking hybrid family SUV with a plush interior and offers decent performance around town.