I just got this bad mini hero, euh et euh. This thing had been sold out almost everywhere, and people were charging like six. Comme 600 Dollars, je veux dire i’ve even seen it going for higher. Donc, je don’t even know how my wife scored one. This just kind of the experience opening out of the box. C’est ce que vous’re gon na get youve got your awesome car uh with the with the plastic on the shelf right now, euh .e uh, donc i’ll unpin that here in a bit, euh vous’ve got a really nice feeling. Radio youve got some tools, get one power cell here: the nickel metal hydride batteries. Vous’Ve got a charger um. Lla 12 volt dc plug it’s, not ideal, but work with that and youve got some decals registration card, uh a service manual and then youve got some neat little advertisements uh for some upgrade components. Uh come with it. Look really nice uh really nicely done. You also have a service manual and if its like the pdf, that i was looking at the other night, cette chose’s comme 40 pages and its like a quick start. Fortunately uh. It covers a lot of languages, at least two or three, that i know that i see that’s, pretty cool um and it won’t être 40 pages that ill have to read. I do want to give a comparison of just the initial experience like this is my very first true hobby grade um compared to an experience like this or the best gar 6.

. This is the brand new model of bezgar 6. and you get this thing as of right now, Il’s autour 95 À 100 dollars sur Amazon, and i have to say that you know just the initial experience right out of the box: euh ça’s somewhat comparable. This is a really glossy box, so if you have a kid and they they see that shiny, wrap uh, just like me, Je’M, comme oh, Mon dieu, that that actually looks great, so they do a great job with the artwork and all of that so like opening The box, through the bezgar brand new you’Ve, got two chargers that come with this power block that actually fits in your wall. Vous’Ve got two lipo batteries, whereas this is one nickel metal hydride battery youve got the batteries that come with the remote right now. Laisser’S (en). Take a look at the actual remote: this is the new model controller that theyve been sending out and then inside of that box you also get a lipo bag. Puis, when you take a look at the actual machine itself, i mean it too looks pretty impressive. Like it’s, Pas, i want to stack this on top, donc il’s, smaller, but and theyre both uh. Je crois 1 16 scale yeah. So you notice that you know theres not much size difference between the two. You know the revo is a much bigger, mais il’s il’s kind of a comparable product in a way take that with a grain of salt, because this is brushless.

This is so i mean like this is going to be, Je crois, Un ‘0 Moteur, Un 380 Moteur. Something to that that degree. C’est aussi 380, mais encore une fois’s, Brushless, better components, better service access, and then you take a look at this controller. I will admit this controllers. Ça fait du bien. It feels it feels really nice. Bien sûr, this is my first hobby grade rc, donc je don’t have too much to compare to um. Je ne sais pas’t have separate radios for these things, but for a ready to run product. This is this feels great, and it feels it does, admittedly feel better uh and it feels like its made of a better plastic than and better quality plastic than than this. This rc here the with the best car, but with all of that said, si vous ne le faites pas’T, have a lot of money. This thing is amazing. Je’Ve i mean i havent ran this particular truck, mais je’ve got a the older model of the besguard 6 that i have beat to death, and there has literally not been one single thing that has ever gone wrong with that truck like ever and ive jumped it. Je’Ve put it through water now one thing that intrigues me about the e revo is that youre getting opinion gear all right, so definitely definitely ah pinion gear for 50 mile per hour with dual battery packs, D'accord, cela’s génial, Lla 30 mile per hour plus promise Speeds that stock out of the box and then getting up to 50 Avec – Je pense, with that pinion gear and additional battery packs.

I do want to make note of something between the two models. This model in its older iteration, used to come with parts that were similar to this. You actually had a nice wrench. Comme ça, you can see you have some additional other tools for for this car also traxxas is coming supplied with some extra body clips, quel, if you run this thing through a lot of rough terrain, you you understand, like body club, the body clips come in Handy this model used to come with uh additional body clips, and this did not have it. The older model used to have a little pull tabs that were really really nice. Now theyve just got the very cheap cheaply supplied clips. If you run these things a lot you’ll, you do realize that youll want to tighten wheels different times. Maybe youll want to change out some wheels and you may, si vous’re nouveau dans le passe-temps, you may not have these tools that right there is a big plus, car vous savez, maybe spending a little bit extra money and getting a better product yeah. You can get these tools anywhere, mais il’s just nice to have them already embedded within the product, getting something like this in my hands. Oh mon dieu. It just feels it feels awesome. Oh l’homme, the tires its not like the other trucks. Je’Ve tested some of the cheap trucks it’s, a very quality feel that you’ll, if you end up grabbing one of these you’ll, understand everything, looks awesome i’M, not seeing any bounce.

You know like it it just it plants itself. Oil filled shocks now. This is plastic feels plastic, um granite is thick plastic, mais il’s plastique. I would have preferred metal and i would prefer metal on frankly, all these parts, because a lot of the cheaper rc’s, Euh i’ve replaced things with metal or theyve came stock with metal that i dont like you know. It may offer some additional flex and be and lighter weight components will, of course make this thing be faster with that said, i like a little durability. Look at the flex on these shocks. Je veux dire que’s, awesome anyway, euh il’ll, never look this good again. C'est ça’s gorgeous its gorgeous, as is, i do have to mention a big knock on the uh on the traxxas it’s il’s, a pain in the ass for sure uh. So right out of the box, you know you get this charger and it’s a 12 volt plug, que je don’t at first i was thinking it’s, not that big of a deal because ive got some um ive got this little black and decker unit, uh that i Can plug right into, but that only works of course is. If this thing is fully charged so um working on getting that thing charged, then i have to wait on it and um, and then i thought about running my car for 45 minutes and im like this sucks. Il devrait’t be like this. You should be able to plug this thing into a wall or plug it into a usb and charge this damn battery all right um.

So fortunately i had this thing laying around, but most people arent going to have a 12 volt ac, adapter it’s, just theyre not going to have that so theyre going to be dealing with the same kind of thing like all right. I want to take this thing out to my car and charge this damn thing up and youre going to be running 45 minutes worth of gas, just uh just to charge a uh. You know a piece of crap battery in reality when compared to just even standard lipos, you know a guard unit. A cheap bezel unit gives you a believe. This is a one amp charger, just usb um balance charger, si vous savez, Il’s a nice balanced charger, Il’s pas cher, but it does the job they give you two batteries. In addition to that, euh .e uh, you fill out the warranty card and they give you another battery. You know they give you another actually another set, so you get four batteries, four batteries, whereas you get one of these so um. I know that there are probably going to be a lot of advantages to running this truck, but it is pretty damn disappointing when i have to go through this process. You know right out of the gate, and i know that some of the more expensive models they dont even give you a battery and they dont even give you a charger and all that thats considered a separate component, but your average consumer just getting into this hobby.

You know they want to be able to jump jump in it, they want to jump right in and they dont need this kind of to stop them. This thing is beautiful again christmas morning, donc i’m going to go out and run this thing in a little bit of a light dusting of snow on its maiden voyage, D'accord, Il’s christmas morning about 15 degrees outside e revo maiden voyage. Here we go whirly little thing definitely has powers: Musique, Musique. Vous savez que je’m just going to run the battery out on this thing. Laisser’S get over here in some asphalt, not much asphalt. Whoa, Oh oui, damn yeah, Et alors’qui’s got some speed. Applaudissements, a pretty good christmas that’s à coup sûr. ainsi, just my t, my take on things uh. This is you know, as far as the ability to go through grass. Jusqu’à présent,, this thing is a little just a little bit better than like bezgar products. Honnêtement, like besguard. One best garb especially besguard, six it’s, comme elle’s comparable, but where this thing absolutely smokes and i’M, just speaking from simply my experience, uh the speed on asphalt – Oh mon dieu, cela’s, like uh that is like having the wl toys uh one four, Quatre: Zéro: zéro un! If the one, if that rc and the besguard six had a baby, this would be. This would be the child, because this thing is got some crazy speed, just right out of the box and i’m i’m going very slow right now, just so to control it.

But again i dont have a speed meter on it for right now for its first trip, but this thing is ridiculous: on asphalt, crazy speeds and then it rips in the grass so youre going to have a ton of fun. With this i have im going to have a ton of fun. Avec cette chose, i love it uh i cant wait to throw in some faster some more powerful batteries, maybe pair some up in a series thats insane um uh in the grass, though you can have just as much fun with um honestly at besguard, six like in In all reality, you get on the asphalt and its like youve got the wl toys over here. Those two uh vehicles had previously been my favorite. This thing is like having it all in one awesome. Well guys for it to be performing like it is 15 degree weather got some snow happening i’M, definitely impressed with it. Il’S awesome uh. Ah i got it sucked look. I got it stuck in the grass i shouldnt have ever let it stop come on. Allez! Guy youve got the power, laisser’s go all right, so batteries are given out yeah batterys weak. D’accord i’m done merry christmas. Guys hope you all had a happy holiday guys. I just wanted to show you this with the snow. J’ai probablement gagné’t be running it in the snow anymore. It it still ran still did great. The only reason why i had to stop was the battery, but uh look at that.

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