So maybe every now and then you just want the rear wheels to drive. So what you do is you take off the rear, drive shaft cover and you take the uj off the end of the gearbox with this screw here and basically, when you take the uj off, there are two little flat spots like its a circle, and you got Two little flat spots get like a drill bit or something and around those edges out. Donc, de cette façon, when you put the shaft back in it will just be uh. Il’Ll just be spinning on there and whenever you put the screw in is when you can lock in the front wheels when you want to, but i already did it off camera so im going to show you how it works. ainsi, hey you can remove the body. Shell and you can get to it from in here or you can just take the cover off and when youre out riding you can just screw in or unscrew the screws, alors vous n’avez pas’t have to keep messing about with taking the body off every time you want To you know lock in the front wheels or not and to me it looks cooler without the cover, because you can actually see the shafts moving see right now the wheels are driving so get your standard, one millimeter hex tool and that screw there is take this Screw out here, and so that way we take the screw out front, wheels are disconnected it’s, still just driving a little bit but its just riding on there.

If you want to put it back on, all you got to do is just put the screw in line the shaft up screw it in and boom. You got four wheel drive buddy, donc vous’re probably like. Why am i doing this it’s? Because i aint nothing else to do the aliens will never have the technology of the slash bubba. Quatre, D'accord. So i got my battery charged up here. Uh first were gon na do four wheel drive and do a couple tests and then well remove the screw and just have it rear wheel, drive and see what the differences are now guys in two wheel drive the diff is open, donc il’s really only gon na, Be like a one wheel, drive et il’s. Like i see this all the time in, comme vous le savez, trucks and stuff, like they’ll, dis-le’s, a four wheel drive truck well, it has open front and rear discs like a ranger and s10. They got open front and rear discs, Il’s like what that defeats. The whole purpose of four wheel drive it’s, really only two wheel drive and also some two wheel drive trucks. Some of them have like an open, Arrière, diff and it’s l’aiment’s. A truck its gon na go off road. Why havent opened infinite at least put some kind of limited slip or lock in differential? I mean my truck is a two wheel drive and it has a locking differential it’s, a truck y’tout cela’s made to go off road? Why have a single traction rear end? I mean that doesnt make any sense to me and guys just so.

You know this actually got my most popular video at the time of filming this. It got like 1.8 k views which thats like one of the worst videos i ever filmed but later on. The future i’M, probablement gon na, say this is the worst weve ever filmed, but whatever so were gon na do a little test now, Musique, first izzy hill climb test, non, Oui, and it makes it nice and slow, controlled crawl. Next is tokyo drifting, oh dear donut, donut nice. How is he off roading, not really that great Music oopsie Music? What about two wheel drive slowly makes its way up Music, Facile, Ish, Ah, aucune chance, no chance at all. The tokyo. Drifting is pretty uncontrollable. Now the off roading Music whats happening Music. Ah, the open differential completely unusable all right. ainsi, comme vous pouvez le voir, two wheel drive is not very good at most things. Pour une raison quelconque, Il’s amusant, tout comme vous le savez, taking the front drive, should have to loose and just having it at rear, wheels just sitting there having a bunch of wheels spin. I mean oh there’s, something fun about it. J’espère donc que vous avez aimé cette vidé o.

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