Bienvenue de retour sur la chaîne aujourd’hui, nous allions jeter un coup d’œil rapide au défenseur du land rover tamiya 90 cco2, c’est vraiment cool qu’ils étendent les options de carrosserie sur la plate-forme cco2, c’est amusant de construire son plaisir d’aller. Trailing with and a little birdie told me that the ford bronco is on its way here. So if you want to see that make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell, so you dont miss it, but right now lets check out this defender isnt. This thing pretty cool, i love the cc01 defender and thats why i had to have the cco2 defender in my collection, Weve, already reviewed the cco2 mercedes benz g500, that you see back there, and this is pretty much the same thing. So what im going to do is ill put a card up above so you can see all the details about this chassis. I go into a great detail in my other video, but for this video here were just going to go over some features, really quick and were going to start off with the body. This is a full build up kit, and that means youre going to have to paint the body youre going to have to paint some details. Youre gon na have to mask this thing. en haut. Youre gon na have to cut all the decals out and apply it, but its all part of the fun modeling experience and youre left with this really cool d90.

Corps d’apparence. Now i painted this one up, just like the box art, you can see it back there in the tamiya light blue there. It is ps3 and i need some more black. I got ta order, some more black after this video im always running out of that, but this looks really good. With the light blue, i did like my silver paint job on my cco one as well, but uh its just a great looking body. Globale. Now they do give you the led light set with this body, which is really nice uh. It gives you tail lights and headlights check out the spare outback. All these decals for the tail lights now quick little tip about the getting the decals on these tail lights, youre going to want to use like a hairdryer to warm them up and then push them down. A couple of my friends are always asking me: how do i get the decals to sit so well and in a little bit of heat? Is your friend when it comes to decal work? Uh lets see. I also love the guards around the windshield up on the roof here. Uh went with the two tone instead of the also i did all silver on that one, but i had to do the two tone on here, because it looks so good. We got white up top and the windows they do, give you some decals, you could tint it. I actually tinted it with some of tamiya spray, but went the extra step and put the window tint on there as well.

The only thing is which was really odd: they dont give you the window tint for these two windows. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. But luckily i did spray that window tint now one other change here from the outside of the body that they carried over or the the styling, je devrais dire, is the black wheels. So we had silver wheels on the cc01 cc02, gets these nice black wheels and gives it a really trick. Look i like the uh, the mirrors and everything they even give you some decals to put on the back of those. But let me just pull this body off, so you can see the led lights, Theres, the module underneath and you just got to wire those. They even give you some little tabs to go and secure the wires down, so they dont flop around. But here is the cco2 chassis. Now this is a pretty neat compact chassis, its not your standard 110 taille de l’échelle, you cant go out and you know buy some proline bodies and stuff to fit on here. To me it has their own size, but all their bodies are kind of well, i shouldnt say all their bodies. A bunch of their bodies are interchangeable, so you can get the the g500. You can get the bronco and you go put it on this defender, chassis or the cc02 chassis. If you ever get tired of this body all right now, the chassis itself pretty interesting.

We got plastic frame rails in the center, but the extensions are metal, theyre still metal, but your battery sits back here. Uh the servo actually has two mounting options. You could also flip it vertically. If you want to uh. Tu sais, i guess its just personal preference. La seule chose est, there is still bump steer on this and there was bump steer on the uh the g500, its just part of the way they designed it uh, but that is kind of one of the little downsides to this particular chassis. But moving on here you know we got tall body mounts, so you go swap out bodies. If you want to again, you have these cva oil filled shocks on here, a little bit of stick in those but well see how it works after i go trailing for a little bit, go and break them in, but the suspension feels good on here. Let me flip it over, so you can see more of the suspension. We have four link in the front and rear kind of these trailing arms on the bottom and just links up top all plastic, Bien sûr, and lets move on to the axles. Now pretty cool. Looking axle uh whats really interesting about these, is it has an open, diff or you could build it with a locker in it and the the gears themselves. They are a cast metal. We do have the bushings like we see in ultimate kits throughout this, et bien sûr, there are bearing options out there from tamiya and the driveshafts inside the axles are metal all the way out to the wheel, axles themselves and then in the center.

We have these telescoping drive, Arbres, so pretty simple, drivetrain setup so far the transmission and the setter is loaded up with gears. They are plastic gears and same. You know bushings inside the transmission as well bolted to it is the included 540 mobuchi motor and lets see. What else did i miss here here? Is your steering assembly up front just so you could check that out, and this kit also comes with the hobbywing 1060 contrôleur de vitesse. A lot of people are excited to see the speed controller in some of tomias new kits same with me here, really like that speed controller for a ready to run model, and then this little pigtail right here setup is for the led light system that i already Showed you guys i just went and threw a basic spectrum radio system in here i got a 60 20 servo up front and i will run a spectrum. Dx3 radio system and ill just find some probably a max amps battery to throw in there. But beyond that uh weve got your basic block tires for traction kind of wish that they would get rid of these get something a little bit more grippy to to go in their kits. Espérons, that will come soon, but fun kit to build up overall dont really have any tips to give you other than make sure you follow. The instructions really close and your build will go really well all right lets head outside and have some fun with the defender.

90., Musique, Musique, Applaudissements de musique, Musique, Musique – là – it is drivers, the defender, 90 cco2 – and i stopped here on the trail just to talk about the performance a little bit rather than going back to the studio and uh been having a pretty good time with this thing. Here on the trails kind of forgot, how the cco2 drives its a pretty rigid, pas une tonne de suspension, articulation and uh the slow crawl. Even with this new speed controller isnt, the smoothest, it really wants to be punched, its more like a backyard basher type of setup. Its got a lot of power here. Let me just give it a quick rip, so you guys could see how fast this thing goes. Watch this it just takes off, ce qui est assez cool, but uh steering is good uh, it steers a little bit more in one direction than the other, and actually, i think i got a little bit of an issue with the servo saver uh, which im going to Just delete anyway, nobody uses a servo saver in a crawler anymore or even a scale truck like this, but pretty neat little rig now the rear of the body wiggles a lot, and i noted that in my cc01 review of the defender, i think just twerks. More than a tick tock wannabe star, it definitely needs some bracing out back, mais e uh .. The body does look pretty good. I like the led lights on here and uh these tires.

These tires definitely need to get switched up. If you want to do any sort of crawling thats kind of why im in this dirt spot here, because if i just touch any leaves or rock it just spins and im catching a lot of debris here there we go got rid of that. But i mean its a fun build. C’est assez rapide, so if youre looking for something to kind of rip around in the backyard with this, this could be it especially if youre, a defender, a land rover defender 90 fan its a cool looking little truck. All right lets just go back to the studio, Réel, quick and wrap up the review. So i spent a little bit more time on the trails, then came back home and wound up driving this thing a lot more in my front yard and in my driveway and i had a lot more fun with it there. This is a great build up and basher type of machine out on the trails. The tires just dont have a lot of traction, pas une tonne de suspension, articulation and with the short wheelbase. Il a obtenu, hung up on a lot of roots, but just outside having fun. In my front yard, c’était super. This things got a lot of speed. It gets a little tipsy when youre, cornering and thats, where i really had the most fun with it. So if youre just looking to have a fun machine or something that you could build up and and really enjoy the look of because you like land rover defenders, this is a great kit.

I wouldnt steer you away from it, but uh if youre really looking for something that will just be awesome off road, it would probably need a lot of work and im actually not done with this. I i did have fun with it and im going to have some more fun with it actually im going to go ahead and put the tracks on the tomato tracks. Je vous ai montré.

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