So you can see what is it uh, Musique? Musique? You should go to Music, d'accord. What we got here now: Music land or the rocks center rocky to just put it back again, yeah and just start forming into a tank. So again it uses these like cardboard, Oui. Réellement, one direction left and right and its going to be like alignments. I think they use and these ones the actual tank itself charges, so it has a battery inside so it charges. Donc, nous ne’t need to worry about that one and the actual remote it’s, a very nice idea, euh .e uh, normally nowadays theyre putting a screw, but this one they dont put a screw. Ils’Ve got a clip kind of thing. You just push it out, push it in sorry and slide the the cover open and it takes three three double a batteries. Three double ac, Je pense que c’est’s totally yeah. C’est incroyable. Three double a batteries. Aussi, you just take this again slightly through the glues and when it comes to the end. Just like you put this and it goes off and you got ta power off on and off switch that’s, another good thing, because uh normally remote when you leave it in it, just uh drain the battery. So this is good. Donc, de cette façon, there are so many property on these ones. We already done some foul right, donc il’s, a five good one. Je peux’t i wont fold this one it’s, not very expensive and uh it’s.

Je pense que c’est’s autour 20 pounds in you, know england currency. You can continue one of each so now before even we start, while we were doing the review, you could see james started to switch on this and flipped it into like a tanker upside down and hes playing with his remote and hes already started too yeah. He wanted to ride it. d'accord, laisser’s see and hes still on a specifier flick. Is that young, but he was this okay. Do you want to say something about this tank yeah tell me: what is it it’s, just water? You need water, Oui, d'accord. What else is that monster? d'accord, Musique, only that fast that’s il! Maintenant, when you put it like this, you could see it gon na move, lentement, revêtir’t drop it from the table. d'accord, d'accord! Well done see the surface weve got a small table, donc il’s very smooth. d'accord, laisser’s use more. I think you need to switch it on. Oui, Bon. Have you store these? Oh, let me charge this. Oh, Oui, d'accord, cela’s, the next right, one yeah it actually works i’M, Pas sûr, no only transforms on water. There is a blue button down. You found it theres a blue button and it’s il’s possible as well. Oui, another one where you put the finger. It never presses its hard for it hard yeah, l2 key. So this is pressed from the bottom. If you use your pointing finger so thats nice yeah, so we never tried that we just gon na do some lines.

All these are done. Que’S this, since i this is. This is where the mistake i dream silly, never bought in two different colors. I should have got two different colors Music, oh Musique. I get it. I get it i’M. The star wars, man i’M, just gon na get it out of control, fell off the table. d'accord, let me get it. Let me get it. d'accord, come on into your turn. Come on you do it. Oh, oh Applaudissements, Allez: oh Musique, previously, Applaudissements, Musique! d'accord, let me put something small for us to see whether its gon na climb over here yeah, d'accord, laisser’s, voir’s gon na just go. Come on come on, laisser’s see james come on come on, think we could oh around for something then yeah. It would be nice, donc il’s, Belle, d'accord, now guys what we’nous allons le faire’re going to go downstairs and show you on the floor, how fast and how good hi guys we back here on the floor now come on Music wow, Oh mon dieu: Applaudissements, Musique, Musique: Wow, Musique, Musique, oh Musique, Musique, Musique, hey Applaudissements, Musique, hey Music Music, which is less Music Music, Musique, something other than so. The ebay one is cheaper, there was more and they got different colors as well. Je’Ll put the link or the product code for this. One either uh down in my description: if anyone wants to buy it, you can buy it from them.

However um anyone else, revêtir’t me tromper, Il’s, not paid promotion or anything. I bought it from this guy. At some point i just searching for the uh kickstart rp tours managed to find this one. It was nice, so i bought it. Alors je’ll put the links. Si vous en avez besoin, you can find it and enjoy it actually. Il’S (en). A very good thing, especially in this drop down time, did you guys enjoy this yep Music outside or just probably must have gone into the bin or something like. So i could just uh go to the diy shop tomorrow and get one of these and put that on and try and do it. Si je peux’t go tomorrow, then it has been on a different day, donc i’ll still post this video, though then we will do a part, two yeah with the water one yeah so its for me, Il’s a thumbs up for the airhawk, Très, Très, very good value For money, what do you think thumbs up or thumbs down thumbs up thumbs up? What do you think thumbs up or thumbs down thumbs up yeah thumbs up for our vlog thumbs up? Si vous les gars, like this video, please like share, subscribe and share with your friends and, Surtout, notification buttons, then only you will receive all the notification whenever we put any video, what is it don’t oublier de s’abonner, subscribe Music. Thank you for watching Music, too and its very cold outside for us, donc il’s, always in the videos.

We will be doing auto videos soon after sound comes out. Yeah see you guys again next time.

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