Here. This is my uh arma hybrid. I call it the italian us all right, so ive been uh busy putting together a brand new hybrid here. Winter has been kind of rough here in michigan, so i havent been doing really any driving just a lot of wrenching and while i was doing some diffs and servicing a bunch of my other armors, i realized i had a lot of spare parts and uh ive Had this v1 italian body is the very first success arm i got and i wanted to. I wanted to bring it back so ive had this idea for a hybrid for a while now so what i did is i took a creighton chassis and then i got some mojave arms and uh. I had some old. These are v1 shocks and then i had some old shocks from uh. My s work, zoox zeus. I s work zeus that i kept and uh theyre, not quite long enough. This thing, doesnt bottom out, so well see how that all works. It bottoms out in the front doesnt bottom out in the rear, so they might not last but uh ill have to figure out what to do at that point because its kind of hard to find the right length because of the mojave arms uh. The other thing that i did to get a little bit wider stance is ive got creighton hubs axles, and then these are pretty dang cool tires.

These are actually for um, the traxxas max. These are the uh 3.8 trencher lps and then, of course, these are the raid wheels, so theres a 17 millimeter hex with a half inch offset. So this gives it a pretty unique stance. Um, you know its in probably another inch inch and a half wider than a mojave and then, of course, with the creighton chassis um, you know would be to be shorter than your standard mojave chassis. So i dont know how this is gon na work. I think its gon na handle pretty good, but because im not sure this is. This is pretty much a stock truck um. You know, ive got stock. These are creighton v1 creighton towers all v1 through like three or four until they change to the the narrower ones. Um and then uh i had a set of typhon diffs, so we got type and diffs front and rear the center diff gon na be hard to see but thats a limitless diff and i was trying a little speed stuff with my typhon um that didnt really Work out the way i wanted to last summer, so im reusing that diff. I think i got a 15 tooth in here right now, so thats. Why im calling this a 4s italian because 6s? I think it would just overheat this motor. I got a stock stock motor and blx185 um. This is a a servo that i had my typhon.

This is that zeus case servo didnt really work great in my typhon im trying it here again. A lot of this is, you know, stuff. I had that im. Just putting together im really just gon na see how it goes if it doesnt work out. The way i want ill go to a shorter wheelbase chassis and i know thatll be good, because lots of people run the shorter wheelbase with mojave arms, so things that are new ive got an rpm wing. Mount ive got an rpm front, bumper, which i really like. Um, just stock braces, so its very stock truck right now and i just got ta drive it once the snow clears up a little bit and were just gon na see how it goes, but i really like how it turned out. I think it looks super cool. I love the wheels. I took a long time to figure out which tires and wheels i wanted. They had to be the right size, they couldnt be too big. They couldnt be truggy wheels. These, i think, are absolutely perfect. They just fit the look of this thing and then, of course, ive always really liked this v1 body. I just think its its, one of the coolest bodies they ever had, and i just really wanted to bring it back and uh. I just really wanted a winner project because ive been kind of bored not being able to get outside and and really drive trucks.

So um wanted to kind of introduce this and uh. Hopefully i can get a running video on this soon, uh and uh.