Qu’est-ce que c’est bien bien étaient si excités, mieux fermer, tous les rideaux que je ne fais pas face avec vous je ne fais pas encore de revue de visage. Ok permet de déballer cette musique d’accord, mais il y a de la musique. Vous venez de venir avec le contrôleur yeet. Ils voulaient mon téléphone une nuit pour vous. Attendre permet de voir Musique attendre. Qu'est-ce que c est? Qu'est-ce que c est? What is this now um, this side? Attendre: Theres, no tape. This is wait. Where did they put my stickers on it? C’est pour vous, Vous, you already have an m99 and n99s. This is not the same. I think theres a custom body for you, theres a lot of plastic lights on it, Gars, recycle dont, you dont dont, throw them away. Attendre. Where are the lights? They remove? The lights it doesnt matter, but look at this its looking, my dumbbell rc receiver. Regarde ça. Someone created a size box, yeah its a scam: 60 000 million wasted, Oui, d'accord, d'accord! d'accord, now we got um my car, maybe im gon na go put the body on wait and then theres. My dumb warranty here, my dog wan na see maybe maybe the receivers the same. We can use it yeah. I know right and im upgrading the receiver, its not functional yet yeah, because i need to get the motor and upgrade this for the battery just to go to the body and receiver and the servo yeah. We just really want um people to enjoy yeah enjoy us.

Hum, making the other the fly sky, um short, Musique. En même temps, we removed many things: les voitures, a lot of suspension. This is kind of broken, drops, broken sharks, waiting um as well. We havent really done anything um forgotten. What are these um like rubbish? Call again where this one yeah and then five thousand yeah, five thousand mah um using lipo uh for for drive, shaft um its not really interesting, but were running normal stock directions. Music and the blades are broken melt it. This car leaks a lot of from the old shocks yeah. This is the broken fan cover that goes on this, which i dont put it on this yeah, because youre gon na stop, and this is a direction and if you have any videos, this ones very good money. Skill and i ban the chelsea right hereyou you crashed and you ruined it. So now its like dead, Oui, Ouais euh, look see heres the straight part: Oh oui, you didnt know it was right here, Non, Non, its like theres a bomb here. This is the feather just stop them with this its not really a functional fan. I mean it still functions. It doesnt really help a lot now, so its pretty still pretty. We still have a lot of cars again. d'accord, look um in future videos, um upload it on another channel: Regarder: okay because heres what the street! But if you look carefully, it goes down and this time theyre like theyre like this.

Oh oui, this is the short one, its very weak, because the car is too powerful which doesnt fit in because its too short Applause. It only fits like this. Oui, but if you get a longer one, it will fit like this, but its just as bad. So it wont fit. Someone is straight um, its all planned, so dont dont, say almost dont say: armor is bad, so im so bad. d'accord! I like armor its nice and tracks, isnt good as well, im afraid, Attendre. Musique, Music yeah wait the sound heres the song and then you can drive on the floor, but look now its very terrible. You know what holy mackerel you just drive just give it a look: just slow man right record: d'accord, Oui, Pardon, d'accord, how are you stopping now its really noisy? Ah, okay lets just lets check out the car now car down the corner. It is a body opener. d'accord, why dont you go prepare the other stuff like what i dont know. You go check on your wrenching table. d'accord, we got stop tires. Bien sûr, we dont want to upgrade those plastic drive, shafts made it and, unlike the m’, you get get the nice look of designs. No stickers just got the stickers yeah. I already said that right then, not very nice just mentioned not all theyre like you. Just just bounce right and heres, where you open it, i got a secret Music. Whoa whoa take this out.

This is my light pole. Oh là, the cable, its a cable there. You go its a 2500mah 2s lipo. If you can see charge recovery chinese. This is this isnt really bad yeah. Let me read it for you. First see, you know what its really hard to look through. The camera is really small, improve your warning. This side table table from yesterday, yeah were trying to get it in here. Attendre. She had a screws on that car, Musique, Musique, um Music on the this here is red. You press this button and then this is the oh. You see which i took the stuff out already its the receiver since its been 12 Minutes, then connect to the lights which i took it out and, of course it doesnt work, so maybe ill use some other stuff, yeah yeah thatll be today for todays video.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fwvJ0hG86s