This thing looks amazing and today were going to go ahead and unbox it and do a review for you all right. Everyone uh welcome back to the channel if you’re nouveau, ici i’m l to the w im disabled, veteran, an avid car enthusiast and we drink a lot of coffee. We do everything cars, coffee life on here every now, and then vendors like to send me some products to go ahead and give you an honest review. They know that me, as an army veteran, are going to give you a full honest review of the product if it’s junk i’m going to tell you it’s indésirable, s’il’s really good i’Je vais vous le faire savoir, Il’s good and it’s, a good buy, Je’m actually Kind of surprised, the the last review i did of one of the camera drones a little bit harsh on it. But it was an honest review and yet here they still sent me another product to review. Alors, laissez’s go over here to the workbench and do a little unboxing show you what this is all about. All right as normal. I have not opened this box it’scellés. I have no idea how everything looks or feels in here. Do this real time all right. So i guess i open that up upside down, donc il’s wrapped in plastic here. So first thing we got. Is this little cardboard box and that’s, one really big battery wow and, Bien sûr, the normal warning stickers that they always send.

You got a screwdriver and a usb charger minus anything to plug into the wall, so you need something that you can plug the usb port into and a thing to. Let you know to call if you have any problems and then we have a small instructions. Musique. D'accord, this looks like its gon na probably use four aaa’s, Bien sûr, with the all these products i test, i always have a screw and im gon na put it here on my magnet, donc je don’t lose it and yeah one two three. So we need four aaa’s, but the panel does slide in and lock it is in there pretty good. I do appreciate the screw. I actually started thinking when i was younger and had remote control cars. You would bump the handle or drop it in something and the damn batteries would shoot out so its nice that they add that especially these are designed for younger kids that could drop these things all right. Here we go and again we need a screwdriver. Je suppose que’s bon it’s kind of a heavy battery and it does come with a batch, so we got two batteries that’s génial. J’aime ça.. I do appreciate the extra run time and here actually looks like this screw is designed to stay in place. Que’S agréable, J’aime ça, mais il’s not falling out. You always have that problem with the remote controls. They always fall out. So we have okay.

So we have a trim tab. It looks like right here to adjust. It looks like a double a uh double a arms. Non,’s, like a mcpherson, strut type suspension, là’s a a arm here, là’s a upper arm here, là’s some tie rods. d'accord, Et alors’s the tires all right, um one thing im noticing right here that when this tires come up, they are hitting the fenders that’s. A little concerning there should be some kind of travel stop to prevent that front and rear. Does that so its just a basic, not even like a shock absorber its just a spring but it’s cool. Tu sais, Il’s a suspension, euh .e uh, d'accord! So up here we have some headlights here that should work feels it’a eu un bon poids. Oh, and actually this does look like it would be a legit spare lets go ahead and take it out and see. So if you do break a tire or something this should bolt on, i would think yeah. d'accord, Et voilà. Oui, il’s got a hex head in here um, these are just soft tires or soft rubber tires. Vous pouvez les voir’re flat. They should be good for street or dirt. d'accord, i could see kind of looks like the back of the motor. There really cant see much theres a driver in here i’M, not sure if you can see that a little guy driving the car and that you really cant see too much of the insides and im not going to unscrew.

This whole thing to open that up, but feels pretty strong. Actually i mean when you squeeze it, il ne’t feel cheap, euh ça’s a little bit of play in these arms, mais euh nous’ll give it the benefit of doubt until we test it all right. Um there we go im going to put the spare tire on i’m gon na charge. These batteries up and uh well see you outside for some testing all right. We got the uh rc car here charged up. I do want to say um, i think the screw here is a little bit of a pain because youre going to be taking the battery in and out a lot and have to use it and i’M. Not really a big fan of the selector switch to adjust. The trim being underneath, i see it hitting stuff, but i really think it should be kind of like on the quadcopters and that trimmed on the remote but other than that be kind of. Like my only complaint, i was playing around with this a little bit inside the house on the hardwood and it was pretty cool. It was drifting and stuff like that and that’s. The one thing i wanted to show you here, euh .e uh, so look we got. It is truly all wheel drive, but if you notice, when we turn the steering wheel, Il’s all or nothing, là’s, Non, comme euh, fine movements, this thing so working it inside the house is a little bit tricky because because its all the way left or all the Way right, so i just kind of want to point that out, but you know the price point of this thing was about like 69 Dollars, so you know take it with a grain of salt means for the for the price.

So i want to try it out here in the driveway and the straight away in that and see how it does on the pavement and then well go on the back and we’ll. Try it out in the Applause dirt Applause that was pretty much fun. Cette chose’s pretty quick um a little hard to steer, like i said with the all or nothing kind of steering, but yeah i mean you can have fun like. J'ai dit, the price point is 69. Si vous’re interested check uh my amazon store links down below, but so far its a blast so now were going to try it out here and some dirt go ahead and see how it looks: Applaudissements, Applaudissements i’m va à euh. What to me is like a very important test: Je’m gon na have the vehicle come straight at me. Pleine vitesse, Je’m gon na turn the transmitter off to simulate it going out of range and we’re gon na voir. If it goes on its own or does it shut off Applause? Bien, it shut off. It did get stuck in some bushes, alors laissez’s le faire. Par ici, nous’re going to make it go away from us turn it off and it stopped on its own good good. I like that feature. I really do like that feature. It really sucks. When you go chase your rc car down the road let’s, do it again and all right all right, donc nous’re gon na try it out here in the grass which it does okay, it definitely slows it down and i think the batteries about had it on this.

So let me go change it and well see if it uh it wasnt any better. All right so its definitely a lot faster than the grass with the fresh battery, not as fast as the german shepherd. Hé, c’est, Hé d’accord, hey i’m stuck come on! Toutes roues! Drive Applause, Applaudissements, D'accord, so to sum it up, would i recommend this product? Absolutely man, Je’Ve, had a blast. Je’Ve had a smile on my face: Il’s amusant, chasing the dog dog chasing it. Like i play with a little bit in the house. Je l’ai fait’t videotape that part, but it was great fun in the house as well, not as easy to steer, as i would hope, mais e uh .. Let me go over to pros and the cons with you a little bit um, mais je don’t comme – and i mentioned before the little screw gets a little repetitive, taking that out to change out the batteries. Je ne sais pas’t care too much for the steer trim here and i dont like too much the all or nothing um steering. We also mentioned before that. The tires kind of hit these wheel wells and uh. It is a little bit bouncy riding, mais en même temps, si nous’re going to look at the price point of 69 Il’s shipped free with prime really cant complain too bad it’s il’s. A really fun toy to have do also do wish it kind of had a little bit more ground clearance.

You see it kind of struggled out there, which i really dont blame it too much there, but like here in the grass, où il’s deeper kind of struggles. It definitely slows down a lot in the grass but kind of have thick grass back here. You know the dogs keep it well fertilized, but out there in the street and all that its pretty fast it’s amusant. Comme je l’ai dit, you got ta look at the price point, c’est’t a several hundred dollar uh toy, ainsi 69. It is great fun. It feels very well made. I mean like squeeze it and uh yeah, so i think i dont think you can have any problem with this. Je ne sais pas’t pense qu’il’s gon na break or anything like that. I said pros very well made excellent price. Vous obtenez deux piles. That would be one. Other thing, Je dirais, is a con that i would like to see this size battery does not charge very quickly on a usb connection, là’s, like a five volt connection, i had this pack on charge for three hours and it still wasnt fully charged so charging The batteries are extremely slow. That would be my only other kind of negative but, like i said you got ta look at it for 69. You can take a lot of negative for that price point. Alors e uh ., oui l’homme. J’adore cette chose. Je’M gon na use this thing a lot im gon na chase the dog all over the place.

J’aime ça.. Je, Comme, Je pense, Il’s a good product. You know the little bit of downfalls it has to it. Comme je l’ai dit, you got to look at the price 69, c’est’t one of like my more professional rc cars that have a lot more power, torque and stuff like that, but they were way more money. The remote controls for those were more money than than this. With a remote control, so there you have thats my honest review. Hopefully you enjoyed it like shares comments appreciate. Hopefully you subscribe. We do camping, we do cars, we cars, coffee life on this channel, so hopefully well see on the next one.