My name is steve patrado, and this is steves rc thanks for tuning in i know, Il’s’est fait un certain temps, since i post anything but uh its just been crazy at the end of the year, getting ready for the holidays, making sure verizons set up for the 2021 Year, working on marketing budgets and all that fun stuff, but today i come to you with a very exciting product. I just received it the new axial a17 betty, the scx24 b17 betty. This was a limited edition, run that the axial team put together uh as kind of an homage to their 15 years as a as a brand, so guys um one cool fact. I know many of you know that i worked for horizon uh, given all my apparel ive got on today, but i had to purchase this at the same price. You have to purchase this at so because we are giving some of the money from this to charity. Horizon doesnt allow us as employees no matter if im um, you know at the lowest ranks or the president. You cannot purchase one of these at a uh employee discount, like we can many of our other products, so this just came to my door believe it or not. It was shipped to me just like it would be shipped to you guys. This right here guys is number and you can look right through the window and see this is number 6054 hors de 9999.

Si vous ne le faites pas’t know what the is look it up, uh the axial b17. Look it up online. You can see the original the the version that this kind of came from and why its now an stx24 there’s, even a great video, that the axial guys put together ill put the link in the description below for you guys to check that out. So some of the neat things with this one guys is: it is serialized on the frame, rail and i’ll, give you some shots of that uh as well as it comes with a a axial, 15th anniversary, uh coin inside the box. Alors, laissez’s go ahead and get to the unboxing and opening, et puis nous’re gon na take this out and give you guys a little action here right on the channel thanks for tuning in make sure to like and subscribe, i put out videos occasionally so uh thanks For tuning in lets check it out all right. First things first guys make sure to grab your favorite kitchen knife uh, parce que que’s how you open up boxes when youre not married. So for those of you guys that are laughing at this right now that are married. Get the hobby knife out of your hobby shop that isnt going to affect your wifes knives, but for me i don’t avoir à s’inquiéter de cela. Alors, laissez’s go ahead and crack this thing open. I know you probably have seen this if youve looked at other videos online youve seen this out of the box already guys, but i wanted to show you kind of the unboxing experience.

I thought it was really neat that they branded made a little garage for this, and a lot of guys are really into this stuff and keep this kind of thing, but obviously i just cracked open this limited edition version. J’adore ça. Look at that garage. You got the garage door, Lla 15 year on the wall. You got the little bench with the wrenches and everything back there. Some spray bottles, a little cabinet electrical cable on the wall, ressemble à euh. Bien, look at that even an axialfest badlands poster is on the wall, which is really cool and a restroom there on the side, euh .e uh, so guys the some of the neat things i noticed right away. This is a beautiful two tone: silver green. These are obviously stickers and this gas can is actually kind of a matte finish and it looks like they painted that and masked that on the outside, Et alors’s plutôt sympa, just a nice little touch of detail. Là, nous’ll go ahead and set that aside. Donc, je’m going to have to use my awesome knife to cut that open and in the box here guys is our limited edition coin, as well as our manual, alors laissez’s go ahead and rip that open all right again, favorite kitchen knifeand i think i should Have sharpened this before i tried to do this with one hand: Ouais que’s, pas gon, na work, stand by ta, Dah, d'accord, so got that all out of the box, Gars.

Oh l’homme, Je’d open more packaging set that aside the manual very nice cover on this but standard manual, les gars, nous’ve got our legal and compliance information dont need that this right here guys is something we began, including in a lot of our products. So if you get a product and you want to register it, nous’re also going to send you a sticker set, so you can go on the site to that. Horizontal.Com register tell us where you bought the product. That kind of thing give us your information and we will send you a really cool sticker set for your brand of choice, so go ahead and check that out, cela’ll be included in packages going forward youre going to get your double a’s vous’re going to get a Allen, wrench and youre going to get some of these parts. Vous’Re gon na get looks like an axle, a body clip and some of the rods that are for the suspension, Bras, Et alors’s that guys. Let me go ahead and open up this coin. nous’Ll jump right guys, so this is the coin you get in the box. It is actually inside of a plastic protection case kind of like you would do for um a very expensive coin. So this has uh the axial 15 year logo on there year after year. As well as the scx oops, i popped the case open no it’s, no longer sealed the scx 24 b17 betty limited edition back to that so very cool.

Là i’m gon na leave it inside that case, but it does look like you can take it out. If you prefer so very cool there, all right guys lets get into the truck lets pull out the radio somehow with one hand one of these days, Je’ll hire an actual videographer there. Tout va bien, so we got our radio in here guys im gon na go ahead and fire this up, pull the truck out of the box and lets get to driving all right guys. I have the b17 betty all charged up using the inbox micro usb charger that comes with it very easy to use. Stick it into a usb outlet or your computer, and then the battery just kind of goes in here. So a simple easy to pull off body clip youve got the body that rotates to the back, which i really love, and then we have the guts. So we have our dynamite reaction battery in here and we have our multi receiver slash esc system here. Our battery simply plugs directly into that there’s, a little spline right here on the edge and thats just going to plug right in click that into the truck and were going to go ahead and turn on our ax4 axial radio that comes with it. Bloop keep in mind guys this radio has a couple of adjustments here. Vous’Ve got your kind of your steering trim and that sort of thing there so well set that aside and, Bien sûr, le camion’s not on yet because it does have an on off switch, and i believe that on off switch is right over here.

Oui, it is there we go. We got our led lights popping on now. You guys can see how bright those are so really really nice uh touch. There makes the front of that truck. Look really mean really appreciate that that styling there so lets go ahead and throw the body clip on and take this over to the couch where were gon na do some in home, parce qu’il’s freezing cold snowing outside were gon na do some in home 24 Échelle. Course, quel, D'ailleurs, i recommend highly because your entire house can become a 24 scale b17 or the jeep or the deadbolt uh, whichever one you prefer, but i mean look at the suspension on this thing. Look at that all right, Gars, laisser’s, go see it actually working because i know thats why you’revoir cette vidéo. Bien, Mesdames et messieurs, we are here at mount dog toy couch yeah. I should have came up with a better name, but guys i just wanted to show you a very fun and interesting way to play with your dogs toys. Clearly i have far too many dog toys for mr woodford here, mais il’s graciously allowed me to borrow all of his toys today and wreck my entire couch. So he may be pulling toys off the course as we are going, mais les gars. I thought it would be kind of cool to show how easy it is to set up a course uh in your own home.

You know christmas morning or whenever you feel like it um and have fun with these scx24. So here we go im driving one handed today. This radio really really allows it to be done easily, as i film and woodfords going to be marshalling for me here and hopefully not eating my transmitter. So here we go first thing. I noticed right off the bat um. This transmitter gives you so much control for leave it hes trying to take the toy already as we climb up the stuffed puppy here. Those rock lizard tires are really gripping nicely hearing that suspension flex and the oh. There goes a part of the course uh here we go up the ducky valley. Next to the t rex, head we’Re, gon na use the t rex head to pivot the rear end of the truck. If i can here ever so slightly perfectly done and climbing up here onto the pillow now we have a choice to go over the river treat or the wrench treat im going to try to do both at the same time as we slowly creep to the next Piece of the course and im just kind of going slow for you guys, so you can see the suspension travel as we climb up over the rope tug toy and into the sharks mouth here and trying to avoid getting laughed at by the duck. The polka dotted duck in the background. This is the probably the most fun course to commentate that i can think of, et puis nous’re gon na be climbing over and around the turkey, the whale and the beehive.

This video is not sponsored by barkbox, although this is all super chewer stuff that i got in the mail all this year as we climb over and around the turkey toy, see that rear suspension flexing out and the truck almost tipping over here. This is where we need to be very careful as to not tip over so im going to steer into the roll to avoid that and then back away from there. So that worked out very well climbing up into cheetah and pink elephant pass climbing up our steep couch pillow here watching that front right tire pull off the ground. This is probably the maximum angle that we can get out of this scx 24 up and over onto the onto the dog cage and around the turkey with no face. Oh l’homme, les gars euh. C’est très amusant. I mean i know were not out here in this fancy course and theres no uh, you know fancy rocks and dirt, but giving you an idea of the real case use you know in your own living room as we come back down the steep pillow pass here. Coming over the cheetah and the stick im going to take a different direction, Cette heure, tourner à droite, hard right into turkey and whale we bumped the turkey out of the way with those big rock lizard tires lets go over the turkey were going to go off to The right this time, but the whole time guys im in control and again all using one hand.

This thing just has such good control over these big obstacles for this scx 24, as we slowly get over the rope here, pivoting around see that suspension just digging in getting us up and over what we need to get over here over by robot and up to The candy cane, as we climb over the candy cane we’re gon na, go up and over the s, shaped tug toy and over the ducky wing and back down exiting the course here, almost rolling over turning into that roll to flatten ourselves out and then back down To the base of the couchand i crash well guysoh woodford, i think we did. d'accord, thanks for helping marshall, les gars qui’s the b17 betty from axial. Encore, this is limited edition, so i believe they are fully sold out on the website and you can only probably get these at your local retailer so check out your horizon hobby local retailerand hopefully you can find one of these and just as a quick tip When youre in the store, you can look through and look through the window and see the serial number.

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