Maintenant, même si nous avons déjà vu cette voiture avec un nom de marque différent, Je pense que nous avons trouvé cette voiture intéressante. Nous avons donc pensé que nous nous sommes bien ad, essayez-le et testez-le sur la boîte, Theres, presque aucun signe de détails anglais, except for the age rating being six years and older. Neither less lets go ahead and go inside okay, Cool. This definitely looks real cool. Do we get english instructions, though hmm ah yeah? d'accord, we do yeah well bits of english text, hey Hey Hey. What does that mean not include not include what decent instructionsmaybe ah probably right anyway, lets take the car out. Oh look at the length from that now this car measures – 42 centimètres de long. Regarde ça. It has one two three, Quatre, Cinq, six seven eight eight rubber axles located around each one of the wheels. Now we are supplied with a little screwdriver lets see what battery we get. Ah, we get a 7.4 Volts 1200 milliamp power battery. It does attach to the stunt car, just like so using a wired connection, hang on a minute hang on so does this mean ive? Basically got to unscrew and take off that lid attach the battery connect it to a supplied usb. If youve got one yep, this usb charge, Câble, so weve got to do this basically, each time we want to charge it ah thats a bit of a bummer, its a shame that they really didnt just include a usb port or something like that.

C’est ça, basically built into the side of the car already yeah, eh bien. We are also provided with another single pin usb charge. Câble. It does connect to that little watch remote control. Now this remote control, i do think its made for a right hand, person yep. It does fasten onto your hand just like this clip it into place and place that finger sensor fairly, secure, open that middle finger. d'accord, so weve got a velcro, strap all right, thats now in place, and we will be testing this control out real shortly, but to control the vehicle. We are also given a very basic forward and back left and right, joystick remote control. Now you will need two double a batteries to power it which will be provided by yourself, but to the top of the controller. We have the power on switch a one hand, performance mode button, as well as a music switch button. I must say the joysticks dont feel very durable. It is extremely basic and light, but it does have that 2.4 gigahertz signal lets turn that stunt card on via that side switch to the side of the car and it actually has an alarm unlock sound, so uh thats, pretty cool whats, also smooth with a capital Smooth is that there is some rgb color lighting that sits right behind those transparent wheels lets turn the lights off, ah cozy, so this stunt car is indeed a four wheel drive vehicle.

It has a very powerful motor within it which should make this car fly, and it will also hit speeds of up to 20 kilomètres par heure. Woo hoo might jump on it, go to work with all the petrol swords and stuff like that. Donc de toute façon, lets turn. It on and lets try the hand gesture remote control out now. Fondamentalement, when you turn this on, if your hand is not flat, this car will surprise you. It did do it to me until they had a hard time jesus now. The car should automatically go into pairing mode and hook up to the watch. So if your hand is lay flat, you can simply move your hand forward to make the tire go forward. Keep your hands left or right to make it drift, throw left or right and move your hand backwards. You guessed it to go backwards, but whats also cool is, if you raise your hand up, youll robotically go into off road mode, yeah fantastic for those hills and ditches. It will basically go over any type of surface. Alors oui, youve got various different stunts, but for even better control. Why not use that provided joy pad this rc stunt car really does pull a lot of power. His body will twist turn bend. Do amazing 360 rotations go off road with confidence on various different surfaces, and you also have a relatively good distance with that remote control too, reaching up to 150 meters with no interference whatsoever allowing multiple rc cars to be controlled within the vicinity of where youre, using Your little rc car overall, what you get with this car, is a completely sturdy high stability stunt mobile, which will provide you all your kids, with plenty of fun having up to 40 minutes use with one single charge which is about enough time before.

Bien, your kids get a bit bored other than that it will take between three to four hours to recharge the battery from flat and then after that, go again me personally. I had some real good fun taking this out and aboutand i am somewhat surprised with regards to the boxi must admit you should never judge a book by its cover and yes, i most definitely can recommend it, but i see stone cab enthusiasts. I am going to give it a 8 hors de 10 Aujourd’hui, as mentioned, i do wish it had better access to actually charge the vehicle via that car itself and not basically take the batteries out each and every time. Une autre chose est: when youve had good use of this vehicle. Now and again, you will fairly get mixed up where the front of the car is so yeah. It is uh kind of a mix up now and again, but it is fairly quick to get back on track now. This is a fantastic product and i will leave a bite now. Link in the video description down below this particular car today will set you back around 36 pounds thats around 49 in u.s dollars and im sure in a run up to christmas. It should be an ultimate stress, relief gadget for anyone. Thats spent a bit too much time indoors this year anyway, if you have liked what youve seen or why not go get yours, and while youre in that video description, Gars, please make sure to smash a like on this video.

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