We will be looking at a completion of all this years videos in 2020. I made fewer videos than in 2019 because i started another youtube channel called this. An arsei master like bishops rc scale crawlers in english. On that channel i make vlog videos in finnish reviews, comparisons and tips for beginners, but next year im going to make more driving videos in this channel where we will see more hard, bodied drugs and even more scale realistic videos than this year then that’s faux. Now those 20 20 videos Music, donc musique, donc musique, Musique, Applaudissements de musique, Musique, donc musique, Musique, Musique, donc Applaudissements de musique, Musique, Musique, donc Applaudissements, Musique, Musique, do Music Applause, Applaudissements de musique, Musique, Musique, Applaudissements, Musique, Musique, Applaudissements, Musique, donc musique, Applaudissements, Musique, donc Applaudissements de musique, Musique, Applaudissements, Musique, Musique, Musique, Musique, oh Musique, euh .e uh, Musique, and yet i wan na thank all viewers and subscribers this year my videos have been watched quite insanely many times and there have been tons of new subscribers. Alors merci, teri makashi, so happy and awesome new rc year 2021.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtDr5LXzAnI