Look at this place. Some serious jumps here all right guys! Rappelez-vous! If you want to see this and more theres a lot more coming up. What do you need to do guys boys subscribe hit? The like turn on those notifications hit the share button comment down below message. Everyone lets get into this guys. We are going to be sending the cars today we have jacks facing exp. We have the x max i’M sûr qu’il y a’s gon na be some breakages Music Music. Oh come on caitlyn, Tu peux le faire: oh yay, a treble Music Applause, Musique, Musique, oh Musique, Applaudissements, Musique. It is frightening Applause, nice and jumped italian. donc, Vous’re gon na get back flipping, though Applause Music, Oh, oh que’s, a long one so time for a race guys full track. The contenders we have today are callums type italian jacks, Exp, now x, max aarons x map, Steve’s, typhon and keelans big rock running 3s. d'accord, guys pretty sure this could be carnage but comments down below who you think is going to win. Are you all ready, yeah yeah on your mark? Get set Music, aller Musique, Je’ve saved it Music? Oh oh oh, come on romp in the wind max comes in for the win oh x, max second x maxes in so quite clearly the x max is a king of this course round. Two now the x max has won that one first and second martins joined with his typhon this time.

I think he fancies himself faces his chance this time against the x max’s. Are we ready on your mark get set? Go i Music gon na win this one. Malheureusement, Il’s slow as slow as steadiness away here, kalin’s, italian and its gone as well. The boys want to try mega sand from there across there and land somewhere over there. Je’M, pas tout à fait sûr, où ils’re going to be landing, laisser’s see what they do thought Music. Oh Musique, Music goes to the end. Oh non, there is nice landing there’s, a nice little spot, ils’re landing in right in the right in the divot Music. Show time come on his wings off we’Re, going to wing this now radical. I see basketball holding up well. Music all nicely named that time, almost going as far as the other cars. Bien, that was bad scores on the doors. Can you break anything oh yeah front bumper front. Bumper Music is on there. Je pense que’s the only damage dont bump them out for a cheap fix, Musique. Bon. As note i think, cela’s, all oh, that would have fallen back okay guys. Hopefully you enjoyed that bmx session. Malheureusement, we got to go now so remember to subscribe, hit the like turn on those notifications.

https (en)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mYX-MQsPUY