The first section being as if you had no remote lost your remote and your starting from scratch. Et alors, Bien sûr, is the worst case scenario. Now I have the main module this one here, dans ma main, is a model rs80 to be okay. Il ne’t matière. If this is your exact one, but close enough Im sure Bulldog is pretty, you know straightforward across their lines, most of their systems look very much the same. Regarde ça. They actually give you an 800 number to call which is hard to read Im showing that camera, but if you need it anyway, what the heck eight hundred eight seven, eight eight thousand seven. But what do you need them for you got me so Im sure you got your remotes there and you bought them from me because I got the best deals on them now. Laisser’S just get back to it. Maintenant, if you have no remotes, all gone, no remotes, so what you need to do is you need to do. quoi’S called a master reset on your system and how you do this? Is you get in your vehicle? Sit down your seat. Take your brake hold it down and don’T. Let go keep holding it. Then you have to take your key cycle. It like this on off on off on off on off on off, so you got five times, Vous’Re, turning it on and off five times. À ce moment-là, release the brake take the key out of the ignition get underneath your dash.

You should already have this, this main brain modulehandy unplug, all your harnesses from here, so you got this secondary harness this plug over here. All your powers disconnect all that stuff leave it alone for about a half a minute or a minute, or so what this is going to do is going to tell the brain once you plug it back in it’s, going to start looking for a new RF code, Automatically so once you plug all the stuff back into the brain, the units going to click three times and the lights will blink most likely on depending on the model. d'accord, once that happens, Vous’re going to get in there say if you only have one remote just hit any button on that transmitter hold it until it confirms by clicking back at you now, Vous’ve learned over most successfully okay, but in this case were going to use Two to make it a little bit more difficult for me and more helpful for you, because you may have two three or even four remotes for your system, so I want to do a thorough job and cover all this stuff. So we already know that we programmed this one here successfully now lets move on to adding a transmitter. d'accord. Donc, ce que vous’re va faire? There is youre going to press and hold the break and hold down button, one on the working remote for approximately five seconds or until the parking lights.

Flash one time release button. One on this remote and press any button on the new remote. The parking lights will flash three times and the new secondary remote will be learned, and you would repeat that if you had a third or a fourth transmitter thats all there is to it it’s, not a very complicated thing, at least when you have the information available To you its much more helpful and thankfully Im sure people are going to be thankful, because this company got bought out by the worst company there is, which is Viper, and God knows their tech support is non existent. ainsi, thank God that people like me share this information, Car, when bulldog sold to them, the whole thing went downhill, Il’s, pas la même chose, and just another note on the remotes that I’M, using just for your own reference this one here. The two button is a TX 2 BD. Tx is 4 Émetteur. 2 is for the amount of buttons BDS 4 Bulldog. This four button that Im utilizing here is on the bottom. It says C 705 and above it it has a really long numbers J 3. The hell is that say: Je peux’t see it J 3 s: 0. 0. 4 s CH oo.