On ne plaisante pas, c’est vraiment appelé de cette façon voir ici avant de me décider sur cette voiture. Je vous montre quelques séquences en cours d’exécution et après ce mal ayez raison, retour Musique, donc musique, donc musique, Applaudissements, Musique, Applaudissements de musique, Applaudissements de musique, donc musique, d'accord, évidemment la musique est plus rapide que la voiture, but it made a lot of fun to drive it. Donc, tout d’abord. First talking about the size, this should be a 1 Par 10 Échelle. If we believe the manufacturer here, we have a dto3 and you see besides the cockpit, we can believe it one by ten or you get a really big toy for not so many money. d'accord, what i found out the lift mechanism is nice. You should use it when the car is stopped, because the car intends to turn left when you lift the body up and turn right. If you go down to the street version. This is one thing. So if you change the height just stop the car change it and youre good to go the other issue i find out when you do this in high grass or with some other obstacles. The car or the lift mechanism intends to get stuck and it wont, go up or back down. Theres no chance just take the car, lift it up and immediately without using the button here on the transmitter, the Music lifting mechanism, the magic machine isnt, the fastest car, but for a toy grade its all right.

The car has no dampers. Most of the suspension comes from the tires. They are because they are new just a little bit hard and you saw it on the video that its uh bumping a lot around, mais c’est, d'accord, it has no issues to the driving ability and if the car flips over youre right to go thats one of The gags of this car, but keep in mind if youre going this way and it flips over it goes in the other direction after turning around. If you not put the stick on the transmitter in the other direction too, but keep in mind if the car is lift up, it only works in this version with this cockpit and if it flips around. It lies right here on this part of the body and doesnt move anymore, like a bug laying on his back. The running time is okay, with around 25 minutes thats what the manufacturers say and that what i have experienced. I think the car drives best on dust tracks or guns with grass, which is mode and not on that gravel track where i used it or this high natural grass, where the car i had driven this isnt the best way to drive it and please keep in Mind if you use the mechanism very often, you also put down the running time, because this takes a lot of the energy you have in your battery. En résumé, the magic machine is a nice fun machine for children who want to get into the hobby, especially the function with a lift mechanism is great.

So let me know what do you think about this car? If you got some questions, please write it down in the comments. Si vous aimez cette vidéo, please give a thumbs up, and i really appreciate if you subscribe to my channel this really helped me out. I thank you for watching and see you soon on.

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